July 10-16th

Smash the Plutonian Patriarchy! 



An Overview

This Monday, the will-powered Sun in Cancer directly opposes intense and destructive Pluto in Capricorn. Our thoughts will be redirected to notice outdated Capricorn ruled systems - like hierarchy, patriarchy, elitism, etc - and other ideas keeping identities on the margin. Tensions are running very high for obvious political reasons. The energy pattern could feel destructive and confrontational. If faced with a stand-off, my gentle recommendation would be to put down the defense, put down the armor, and consider introducing new energy patterns into the dynamic. Make like the Cancer Sun and midwife new, more loving alternative realities that could find the solutions to the problems in the middle of the Cancer and Capricorn opposition.

The week prior introduced new sign transits for Venus in Gemini and Mercury in Leo. We're out of earthy edens and watery depths and into the heavens and beautiful fire circles. The Venus and Mercury energy is asking us to maximize what you're SAYING and what you're DOING in relationship. Now that we're moving beyond the Capricorn Full Moon, this is not the time sloppiness or irresponsibility when it comes to our social circles. Since we're in the post full moon phases, the rest of the week is cosmically calm. Process what the last lunar week has brought up for you and begin strategizing ways to do something it aligned with your highest thoughts on the issue.




Aries: Take a deep breathe and disarm the guns going off in your head on Monday July 10th, Mars ruled rams. With a confrontational opposition hitting your home, mother figures, and female companions and your career, father figures, and male companions, you'll want to count to ten before you say anything you regret. In love, however your strong willed sign isn't one to hold back the words of your heart and you'll be urged this week more than usual to share your story. With Venus blessing your communications and Mercury blessing your star-quality and romance, you'll feel more optimistic and fearless. On Saturday, the moon in Aries will give you a cosmic homecoming to help you return to center. Use this time of inner reflection well.

 Taurus: You're blessed with the ability to stay focused on very specific ideas and can tenaciously tunnel vision to achieve a goal. On Monday July 10th, the Universe will level you up with some mental flexibility. The energy locates the themes of this transition with some intense, destructive qualities; so just let it happen. It's okay not to know everything. Venus, the planet of romance and glamour lights up your income zone until 7/31. So use the abundance carefully but with joy. The planet of communication inspires outspoken dialogue with motherly figures and real estate agents. If you're looking for new spaces or new families, now is the time to do it. Good luck!

Gemini: Your lighthearted sign hardly stays in one place long enough to lay claim to your value systems. There's a beautiful dilettantism to your personality. On Monday July 10th, there's an oppositional energy into your zones of material and spiritual values inspiring deep reflection on what, where, and who you value. But you have to stay a bit longer to flesh out those values. Venus now in Gemini will give you the blessings of beautiful Love Goddess for the next three weeks so revel in the charisma, attention, and adoration. And how fortunate that with Mercury in your outspoken zone, there's no processing delay between what's going on experientially and how you're communicating it to the people who hang on your every word. 

Cancer: feeling the post full moon glow in your relationship sector. The mother of full circle moments provided a romantic checkpoint of sorts and we hope the realizations/transitions assisted you in a meaningful way. On Monday July 10th, more cosmic activity on this topic of 'self versus relationship' will come your way. The themes here point to transformation/endings, if I'm being 100% honest. So lovingly let go of whatever ideas and behavior - or even people - you're clinging to that keep you and/or your partners in pain. Give yourself the gift of new start and fresh space to be the best version of yourself.

 Leo: If you're going through hell, Leo - Keep going. You're in the most difficult month of the year with many circumstances coming up for you that need to be addressed. You can do it. Lean on spirituality, mindfulness, and physical exercise. Venus, planet of love and beauty, lights up your social circle in a positive way. Reconnect with friends and your social group to uplift your spirits. Share your struggles with people who have earned the right to hear it and watch empathy work its magic. Any friends in the friend zone that you wouldn't mind getting closer to? Give it a try! You might be surprised. Mercury is in Leo and it's time to make like Madonna and express yourself. You don't have to do it perfectly, just say it and do it.

 Virgo: Your sign shines when you're of service and helping others succeed. But what happens when you're the one in the spotlight succeeding? A cosmic confrontation in your house of friendship collective versus individual power may shine a light on those who are more comfortable watching you support them instead of them clapping for your success. No one is an island but you have no time for that nonsense. So let them go. Venus, planet of romance and beauty, shines its cosmic light on your life purpose so you'll be pushed into the spotlight with your gifts and abilities in beautiful ways. Your ruling planet, messenger Mercury is touring your spiritual, metaphysical zones. Listen to what the Universe is speaking to you. Get a dream journal and free hand whatever messages comes through.

 Libra: Two places in your life where you'd want to get it right the most - home, family, mother figures + work, purpose, father figures - will be affected by a perfect storm of oppositional confrontation. The message points to a complete surrender of judgment, blame, and anger. Forgiveness doesn't condone their behavior but it does set you free from the effects of the conflict. Give yourself the gift of a letting go of contempt. Venus, planet of beauty and romance, will light up your higher educational, big picture, philosophy zone so consider ways to increase your intellectual pursuits of relationship. There's so much data out there to help you make informed decisions; give it a try! And maybe you can learn from your friends while chatty Messenger planet Mercury is in your zone of group connectivity and friendship. Your sign does well with one on one but July is all about the collective. Enjoy the girl gang!

 Scorpio: The ability for Scorpio to focus on linear thinking is a true gift. Nothing stands in your way when you're convicted. But because this earthly experience is about lessons learned, an oppositional energy in your zones of intellect, communication, and philosophy on July 10th will put your convictions to the test. Here's a helpful key. If you think with love and your experiences are of joy - then you're correct. If you think with fear and your experiences are painful, then you need a mental makeover. Venus, the planet of romance and success will be blessing your sexuality, merger, and mysticism zone. See what those worlds are speaking to you and observe any kind of trends. Messenger planet Mercury is in your zone of career and public image so use the gift of the the gab to achieve whatever professional goals you're looking for. Speak your intentions to the people who have a say.

 Sagittarius: Sagittarius' comfort zone is one forever in motion; always exploring and imagining new horizons. An oppositional energy pattern on July 10th in your zone of value systems will inspire you to perhaps permanently lay claim to values. How do you define words like: connection, intimacy, trust, relationship, etc? With Venus in your relationship zone, for months  of July, it'll help to know where you stand if relationship possibilities come up for you. And with Mercury in your blunt, big picture, outspoken zone - straight talk will lead to straight understanding.

 Capricorn: Your notoriously independent sign might be feeling the urge to merge like never before. A shake up in your zones of self identification v relationship could inspire you to ask yourself to sign up for Rumi's mission of "Let us not seek love but seek to remove all the barriers you hold against it's coming". Identify what behavior prevents you from fully connecting, commit to working on it, and the partnership you seek will be yours. With planet Venus in your house of wellness, interior rest, and health - the theme is heal your mind, heal your love life. But you have to go deep while Mercury is in the zone of subconscious, mysterious themes. Your pragmatic sign prefers outstanding proof; but imagine nothing is a coincidence. And consider what the Universe has been trying to tell you throughout the invisible ethers all this time.

 Aquarius: On Earth as it is Heaven, Aquarius. Religious dogma, notwithstanding - a cosmic shake up in your zone of earthy service and practical application next to your heavenly spiritual sector will take your self development to new heights. Inspiring radical alignment and integrity of "How am I serving my people based on my gifts and abilities?" Heavy work, I know - but while the Goddess of Love tours your romance and courage zone, your heart will be full of love and song lyrics to soften the work that needs to be done. With Mercury in your partnership, romantic zone, you'll be inclined to have the "talk". Ask your suitors what their best case scenario for your relationship is, make sure you're on board with the vision, and see how you're both working towards making that happen.

 Pisces: If you had it your way, Pisces; you'd stay behind the scenes forever building everyone else up and selflessly making every other person's dream come true. But since this earthly human experience is about lessons learned, you can't stay in comfort forever - and you're being asked to sit on the throne of your own life. You deserve joy. You deserve glory. You deserve your self-actualization. But you must let the cosmic spotlight shine within you. It won't take away anyone's ability to shine away. In fact, your demonstration will give other people permission to step into their love and divinity.  Thinking of moving? Venus in your zone of home and mother figures will bless you with divine real restate luck. Don't hesitate! Listen to your mind and body, too. Messenger Mercury in your zone of interior wellness will inspire deep communion between mind, body, and spirit. Whatever comes up for you is valid. So run - or really - swim with it.