July 24-30th

Lean Into Joy


Happy Leo Season! We’re beginning the magical month of fixed fire. The peak of the summer sun. While we’re on the subject of time, the next two years will have this royal energy shining over us all while the Leo/Aquarius activation continuous  in August. Every six months will carry two catalyzing themes where we’ll be called to harness our individual power in order to best serve the collective good. Circle the following dates for all the Type-A among us: August 7th (the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius) + August 21st (Solar Eclipse in Leo). We’ll talk about what the eclipses mean for each sign closer to their fruition.

Remember the twelve signs of the zodiac are a chronological inquiry into the evolution of the soul. Since June 21st, we were called to swim deeply in Cancer's emotion ocean. To flesh out our terms on emotional intelligence and security. Like discussed here, the why, how, and when we feel what we feel and with who. Now that the Sun and Mars is in Leo for the next month, we're drying off from the watery depths of  "I feel..." and we're burning up from the flames of the summer sun with "I will...".

Speaking of “I feel…”, Love Goddess Venus, currently flying on Gemini’s Wings, will face a stormy opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius on Monday July 24th. Venus is a planet that inspires romance, glamour, luxury and indulgence. Saturn is a planet that inspires boundaries, minimalism, restraint, and discipline. Imagining these planets talking to each other on opposite sides of the dinner table has a kind of Beauty And The Beast vibe to it. But when we really look, oppositional energy has the same midpoint in common. What I mean by that is, if you’re not building the context, container, and foundation (Saturn) to hold all that love (Venus), then what are you REALLY doing together? Saturn will ask - what’s the point of this relationship? Could this be the time to have “the talk” to your romantic partners? Perhaps. So long as you have the emotional musculature to handle it.

Chatty Kathy Messenger Planet Mercury switches signs on Tuesday July 25th out of her majesty Leo into Saint Virgo. Since Mercury is the Planetary Padre of Virgo, we’ll all feel the uplifting circumstances from Mercury’s homecoming. Our thoughtforms could be sharper than ever; and our words will have structure and detail to them if we allow this energy to work its Mercurial Magic. This is not the time for sloppy speech, hunties! Hold your thoughts and words very accountable. You get brownie points if you inspire others to do the same.

On Wednesday July 26th, the Sun forms a perfect conjunction with Mars in Leo which aligns our will (Sun) with our behavior (Mars). This is a biennial - meaning: occurring every other year - transit so fuse your fiery actions with your personal desires. This is not the time to say, do, or think the opposite of what we deeply want. Did you know that the most “terrifying” emotions for humans to lean into is - joy?

Wednesday onward carries the same theme of working towards aligning our thoughts, will, desire to to our behavior. This is not the time to actively sabotage your own joy, say the opposite of what you really want, or go out of your way to inflict emotional self harm. The Universe will not support it. Especially because the themes coming up for us now will be lifted to the overarching two year eclipse activation beginning in August.

Remember: you are worthy of love and belonging. You are valued. You are cherished. You matter. The Universe is waiting for you to sing your song. Now do it.