July 2nd-9th

I know it's summertime...

and the livin’ is oh so easy and we have Independence Day Parties on our mind - but the first week of July has an astrology of work and responsibility in the forecast. Late June into early July, has us all reckoning with Pluto energy in our work lives. Was there a thematic or symbolic death at the office? Most of us are still reeling from major professional restructuring so it’s probably in our best interest to exercise impulse control and silently observe while Mercury is in Cancer opposite the Plutonian energy. Use this energy to process the transition not immediately speaking on it. On July 2nd, the red warrior planet of conflict, sexuality, and action Mars - who's currently with his Cancerian soldiers - will also oppose Pluto. Again, let us exercise vocal and behavior impulse control. Although intensely dark places, and people!, have a seductive charm - must we really throw ourselves in harm’s way? Not this time.

Gemini energy flies in from the Heavens in the nick of time on July 4th and joins with Venus - the ever so beautiful planet of love, values, aesthetics, and romance. Venus in Gemini will ask us all to incorporate a more mental, a little less emotional/sexual energy, into our romantic pursuits. “Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind. And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.” is Shakespeare’s way of reminding us all - without articulation, high minded language and mental chemistry, we’re not building the best partnership foundations. Write letters to your beloveds!

You’ll need the right words during the Mercury square Uranus transit the same day. There will be fireworks in the night sky and in the conversations on Independence Day. Count to 3 before responding? While Mercury is in Cancer until July 5th, we’re being asked to process. When Mercury moves into Leo on July 5th, we are being asked to express what we’ve process. Your words might not immediately make sense to who’s supposed to hear them while surreal, fantastical Neptune and excessively big picture Jupiter transits occur until Saturday blurring the practical lines of reality. All that matters is you’re impeccable with your observation, description, and wording. Keep your thoughts high and your eyes focused on the specifics of your external reality. I

On Sunday July 9th, a full moon in Capricorn breaks up the Neptune and Jupiter party with a stern reality check. All things Capricorn get a bad-wrap because this full moon will ask us to get serious, get disciplined, responsible, and accountable. This Capricorn Full Moon will kiss Pluto’s themes so revisit what has been removed from your life and express radical responsibility for some level up in the Universe. It’s a perfect time to clean the inner house, reduce, and cut back.