July 17-23rd

Rise & Roar

Image Via WeHeartIt

Image Via WeHeartIt

An Overview

After a cosmically calm week prior, this week’s astrology has T W O sign changes, F O U R planets in YASSSS KWEEN Leo, and Miss Love Goddess Venus stays very busy breaking down the walls “protecting” our hearts. First up on Monday, July 17th, Venus in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces. When the Love Goddess and the Neptune Illusion Master come together, the urge to keep your heart unconditionally open is strong. But with Venus in loquacious Gemini and Neptune in vocally transcendent Pisces, you’ll want to communicate your interpretations of reality to your partner(s) as best you can to make sure you’re close to experiencing the same one. I'm a Gemini and I've had enough romantic experiences with Pisces to know it never hurts to simply ask the right questions to avoid the pain of unmet expectations and breakdown in communications.  Have a foundation of mutual agreement between your narratives. I’m all for keeping your heart open. It's a delicate, romantic process that doesn’t have to be confusing, unspoken, or mysterious if you properly communicate.

The next day, July 18th, Venus joins in a beautiful trine with Jupiter in Libra. Assuming your interpretations of reality are similar (as predetermined by the Venus square Neptune transit the day prior) you’ll have a generously available orientation to your partners. And feeling super E X T R A.  I say - run with it. Show up as your whole, full, bad ass self. Loving yourself fearlessly is a political act of resistance. Do it. You’ll be looking to speak your silent emotions and blur the boundaries between you and your beloveds.  Enjoy those moments passionately because a Mercury in Leo trine Saturn in Sagittarius on Wednesday July 19th will keep your communication and beliefs under a more somber control. Healthy doses of practicality and moderation will have a powerful effect on sustaining joy and romanticism, remember. So let this transit work its magic.

Just when you think you’ve got it all under control, the Sun in Cancer squares Uranus in Aries which will inspire surprises, accidents, and never before considered circumstances on Thursday July 20th to fall into your orbit. No matter what happens, remember - the Universe is perfectly invested in your self-actualization. It wants you to rise to your maximum creative possibility. So rebound and recover from whatever surprise comes your with the conviction that there is a cosmically ordered Universe at work to help you become the person you’re capable of. That same day, Mars leaves the emotion ocean of Cancer for the Leo Kingdom where the God of War will stay for the next six weeks. Leo born will be strutting a bit more than usual while Mars reignites their behavior/actions and all signs will feel a renewed sense of confidence and glory. Be careful not to let it become egoic. All of us are special so then none of us are special, right?

On Saturday July 22nd, the Sun finishes its tour of Cancer for the year and begins Leo Season. The next month is the annual solar return for the Leo born among us and the next two years will have pivotal moments every six months during the Leo/Aquarius activation. I suspect that late July, most of August will locate the beginning of a major theme developing so pay attention to what’s starting now and monitor its progress carefully for the next two years. On July 23rd, a New Moon in Leo will ask us all to reimagine our worth, our value, gifts, abilities and divine power. Like Marianne Williamson says, “...there’s nothing enlightened about shrinking to make other people feel less small.” Stand tall with your glory, own your power, share your resources abundantly like the royal you are and watch the Universe put you on the throne of your own life.