June 2017 Horoscope

Image Via WeHeartIt

Image Via WeHeartIt

Virgo Marsha P. Johnson Image via WeHeartIt

Virgo Marsha P. Johnson
Image via WeHeartIt

On June 9th, a full moon in Sagittarius inspires us all to make like another Sagittarius siren Taylor Swift and - SPEAK NOW. So often we wait until what we want to say is finally considered perfect and polished and pretty, but doesn’t that hold us back from our own courage? Write the last words of the story and speak its completion. Speak your silence. Tell the whole story of your heart to someone who genuinely needs to hear it. Under the full moon light (Jupiter - the almighty benefic bestowing blessings and success) returns to forward motion in the sign of relationship focused Libra. Since February 6th, our partnerships might have felt like someone abruptly threw the emergency break on them. Now we’re moving fast with Jupiter’s blessings. Again, like all initial moments after the retrograde - remember when you learned since then and try not to make the same mistake twice.



June, holding Gemini and Cancer seasons, takes us on a journey through the heavens on the winged sandals of Mercury and the Moonlit oceans. The Universe is giving us the first air and water signs of the zodiac as the context to fly forward fast and develop emotional intelligence.

But before we’re lift off into Gemini wonderland, let us remember that June was chosen for LGBTQ Pride Month to commemorate the Stonewall Riots on June 28th 1969 in New York City. A night called upon by history, these riots of resistance serve as, not only the beginning of the sexual liberation and queer visibility in America and beyond but a powerful resonance of demonstration for us to remember that love can triumph over fear. Let us remember their example for the times in which we live.

April and May’17 penciled in 5 retrograde planets [Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto] so hopefully we’ve utilized the (re)trogrades to (re)turn inward and (re)evaluate what thought systems were no longer serving our highest good. Gemini Season is a powerful cosmic benchmark to apply what lessons learned - since it’s the first air sign season where intelligence and consciousness are true north stars of this season -  to our experiences so we may try again for more favorably alternative outcomes

On June 4th (Happy Birthday Angelina Jolie!) the headstrong warrior planet of action, motivation, and sexuality leaves the Gemini battalion and screams a battle cry with Cancer. Now before you let surface-level astrology calls a Mars in Cancer transit “passive-aggressive” and “confusing”, consider this - in every advanced mammalian species that survives and thrives, there is fierce behavior displayed on the adult female when she senses a threat to her children or home. I’ve never seen a passive-aggressive Momma Bear, have you? Given the political climate, it does feel like our home is under attack, right? Use this powerful, emotionally charged energy to cultivate the bonds of family and love to better sustain you for the resistance.

June 6th will remind us why June was named after Juno (The Goddess of Love & Marriage) because Venus joins one of her children Taurus and the romance, glamour, and harmony will take us all into her arms. That same day, another planetary parent reunites with one his children when Mercury (the trickster Daddy of Communication & Consciousness) welcomes Gemini back home. Vocal communication, and high-minded detail to the practice of saying the right words at the right time will be the bottom line of this three week long Mercury transit.

June 15th marks a small turning point to the previously benefic astrological energy. The Sun in Gemini and Saturn in Sagittarius opposition inspires two big picture signs to deal with the small details of responsibilities and learn to deal with authority figures. Speaking of mutable magic, Neptune - the planet of spirituality, fantasy, and unconscious - goes retrograde in Pisces on June 16th. Retrogrades unearth the shadow, right? So if Neptune is in Pisces, the unearthing is a call to pay attention to what we’ve projected, denied, ignored, and/or flat out lied about. Trust me, telling and owning the truth is so much easier than what you ego tries to convince you.

On June 21st, the Sun leaves Gemini and asks us to come down from flying in the skies for a beautiful swim in the ocean. Cancer Season beings on the Summer Solstice - June 21st - the second high point in the solar calendar of the year. Cancer Sun shines light on emotionality, families, housing, and even homeland security. That same day, a Sun and Mercury conjunction in Cancer not only redirects our focused willpower to Cancerian values (Sun) but our consciousness and dialogue, too (Mercury).

Lead with your heart. On June 25th, Mars in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces asks us to sit back and lead with our intuition. Action for the sake of action is not always action. Sometimes we need to make leaps in our consciousness first and foremost. Start with your mind and your heart. Your body will catch up.  This is gorgeous and beautiful transit for Pride as the unconditional love of Neptune in Pisces with the actions of Mars in Cancer will allow us to show up emotionally and experience the moment without armor. None of us need to be reminded how defensive and unnecessarily skeptical low-minded Cancer energy can be and with Mercury, Mars, and Pluto transits flaring this up from June 28th on - you’ll be pushed to act from your triggers and your wounds, but you might not want to. Try to keep your thoughts to yourself to avoid speaking from anger.