December 4-10th

Week one of Mercury Retrograde’s 3 week story begins now and the Messenger Planet is the star of Monday through Friday’s horoscope. As I’m sure you’ve read, Mercury RX inspires panic among the ignorant. As one born into a Mercury RX - when my Mother went into labor with my twin sister and I, my Father was nowhere to be found, and the car died in the driveway! - I promise it’s not as terrorizing as fear mongers like to make us believe.

Theories, experiences, and our best practices on consciousness and communication will be put to the test on Tuesday when Mercury and Daddy Saturn conjoin. So will our relationship and boundaries to commerce, technology, and transportation. If stuff comes up and/or confusion, error happens, your best option is cease and desist. Surrender. I find that Mercury RXs are reminders that we can’t control anything and the stories we make up in our heads are 99% incorrect. This is good news. Because it allows us to work with the powers that can control everything and show us the truth instead.

Hold on to Tuesday’s experiences and lessons throughout the week because it’ll help you make sense of the primary focus the Universe would have you learn. Ask yourself the following questions before your brain makes up conspiracy that reduces ambiguity of what just happened. 1) What am I feeling? 2) What do I know for sure? 3) Could I be mistaken?

If interpersonal conflict arrives, exercise your best emotional impulse control. If you’re feeling the need to attack or defend, take a breathe and walk away until you’re not. Put down the sword and amor. Frame the questions you’ll ask your opponent with,  “Help me understand ...” and “Can you tell me more about why...” to find a small faction of understanding and then the transformation of the conflict can occur.

Speaking of conflict, Warrior Planet Mars finishes a two month treaty tour in Libra and rejoins his Scorpio soldiers on Saturday. Because Scorpio is a Mars bailiwick, there will be little time between when we want to pop the fuck off and when we do pop the fuck off. Again, not the best idea. I’m a firm believe that resolution cold be found on the other side of conflict but not when Mercury is RX. We need to focus the Mars in Scorpio energy to passionately act and behave on our personal Truths. Of the pursuit of our highest most authentic expressions. It’ll be a brave move and you might piss people off along the way but don’t go looking or engaging with unnecessary fights. Keep your head high above the battlefield and the Universe will lift you beyond the war.

On Sunday, two transits could shake us up and confuse. Remember what I said about Mercury RX’s activity earlier in the week? Well, we all grow and heal one “ah-ha!” moment at a time. On Sunday’s Mercury trine to electric Uranus, you could have the moment or conversation you need to see where you missed the mark earlier in the week and how you can embed the learning into your future decision making. Stay as conscious and aware as possible for this effort. That same day, Venus in Sagittarius will square Neptune in Pisces. Too much mutable energy could blur the boundary lines between the current moment and expectations. I’m all for lifting intentions to the highest but we can’t do anything unless we see and accept the current expedience EXACTLY as it is. So pay attention to the facts, to the experience, and listen carefully to the Truth.

 Aries: You might have to hit the breaks a bit, Aries! I know, I know. Movingly slowly isn’t exactly your favorite speed but with Mercury now retrograde in your zone of philosophy, travel, high-minded communication and the way you think about the future, you’re receiving the Universe’s permission to move in these areas very slowly and cautiously. How many times does modernity say “Take your time!”. Hardly ever! So don’t be afraid to ponder, to wander, to say “I don’t know. I’ll tell you when I get there’.” Additionally, what the following three and a half weeks want to help you understand this Mercury RX is how you can think and act more carefully in alignment with the specifics of your goals. Rams like to charge first, ask questions later. This week will inspire the opposite. Try deep reflections on, “What am I thinking? Are these thoughts helping me?” Warrior Planet Mars leaves your the confines of your romantic partnership sector thus Saturday after a 2 month stay for your sexuality, truth telling, and transformation zone and you’ll feel like even more like an Aries sheep in heat. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. So experiment with healthy sexual activities and spice it up by introducing new toys or roles in the bedroom.

 Taurus: Experiencing a “death”, Taurus? Mercury is now retrograde in your experiences that will involve a reclaiming of what you feel has died. Perhaps even the reclamation of your personal power? You’ll want to review and consider ways to take back some feeling, thought, or circumstance that you feel was lost in a defeat. Or in loss, period. We so easily give away our peace of mind to the lowest bidder because they didn’t behave exactly the way we wanted to them. Why? Make an effort over the next 3.5 weeks to own your calm despite the behavior of others. Make your personal power less circumstance dependent and you’ll free yourself from such unnecessary suffering. And since we’re on n the topic of other behavior, God of War, passionate Mars enters Scorpio - your partnership, romance, and love sector this Saturday for a two months stay. After a stint in your health, wellness and nutrition sector since last October, Mars in Scorpio will inspire you to feel a bit more vulnerable and apt for warfare to those you love most. Do try to work with conflict transformation where resolution and understanding is on the other side of the initial anger. Work with Mars in Scorpio energy well by working on the impulse control between you and your leap to being on the edge of rage when you’re uncomfortable in romantic relationships. And your partners will appreciate it.

 Gemini: You’re not going to like what I’m about to tell you but remember this, Gemini - 94% of communication is nonverbal. While Mercury is retrograde in your partnership and romantic experiences for the next 3.5 weeks, you’ll have to step out of the 6% Communication you like to live in and  pay attention to unspoken communication like body language, tone, and cues especially in romantic relationships. I know you live in words spoken but it’s important to learn how to hear people on the silent level they’re speaking from, too. Don’t be surprised if during this particular Mercury RX, you might disclose your feelings to a possible partner or find yourself hearing the emotions from someone else. Either way, I suspect romantic feelings could be spoken or listened to. When Mars enters Scorpio on Saturday, your work load is about to get more active and your “To-Do” list a lot longer for the next two months. You’ve enjoyed working with the Scorpio Season energy of personal admin, work, health, and mental strategies to keep your peace of mind safe. With Mars in Scorpio until the end of January, you should be prepared proactively to effectively time manage at work and other daily responsibilities so you can deliver on your expectations and promises.

 Cancer: Don’t believe everything you’re hearing from the people in white doctor coats. Ask yourself- is there a new, complementary way to look at an old health concern? Over the next 3.5 weeks, your nutrition and wellbeing is top priority this month but since Mercury is retrograde in this area so you might receive wrong intel from a well meaning health professional about a diagnosis. So given your intuitive sensibility, go within and self-research on holistic, complementary medicine for your highest health-related outcomes. And always, always check in with your “gut” see how it feels when it hears certain information because when you properly listen to your body you can’t go wrong. Use this RX energy well to help you promote your highest physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing because when Mars enters Scorpio on Saturday for a two month stay, your passion and mojo will be off the charts. You’ll want to have your body on 100% for this winter story. Mars in Scorpio will inspire emotional exposure, romance, you pursuing your divine power and owning it like never before. So you’ll want to put your mental and emotional healthiest to experience all the romance, play, and pleasure the Universe has in store for you.

 Leo: She’s so Lucky, she’s a star...! Lucky you, Leo - all the Universe wants you to complete as spiritual homework during Mercury fuckin’ retrograde of all transits over the next 3.5 weeks… is to experience more of life’s joy and increase your creative talents by pursuing your pleasure. Not bad! Your horoscope could be a lot worse. What’s not often discussed is how the Leo grind is unrivaled. But you need to schedule some time this December to let joy take you in its arms again so you remember why you’re working so hard on this grind to begin with. Experiences of life are meant to be both pleasurable and taken seriously. You have had the serious part on lockdown over the last few months so go have fun now. It’s the Universe’s orders! When Mars enters Scorpio on Saturday for a two month stay until January 2018, you may want to include your family and/or mother figures in your itinerary throughout this social activity because this transit will motivate inspired action around celebrating your royal family and your devotion to home. It could also arouse emotional currents you never knew you had. And the reflex to fight it out. When you’re hijacked by emotion, get curious about it not confrontational.

 Virgo: The Holidays have a funny way of bringing up our family “stuff” don’t they? Dysfunction, denial, illness, shame, etc. On top of that inevitability, Mercury is retrograde for the next 3.5 weeks in your familial, home, and maternal experiences which will call forth new thoughts and emotions from the past family “stuff”. Since this energy can be worked with well, you can use it to share the shame in order to be healed. Use it to transform the family network and elevate it to places it’s never been before. With a brilliant brain like yours, you can facilitate it. Remember, perfectionism is your go-to defense mechanism - especially in a shame shit storm - but this Mercury retrograde wants you to accept the imperfections in your family first so than you can be a force for good later. But first - radical acceptance is required. Everyone has family trauma, Virgo. You’re not alone. When Mars joins Scorpio on Saturday, you’ll start learning how to act on even more ways to intellectual serve and problem solve beautifully. Which Virgos do so well. Consider Mars in Scorpio a cosmic boost. Be be careful not to self-identify with your beliefs too loyally and take it personally if someone disagrees with you. Stay curious, not confrontational, while you’re still in this student mode.

 Libra: I don’t want to imbalance your delicate scale placement Libra but did you know that quantum physicists argue there are an infinite amount of outcomes to any decision we make? INFINITE. How unbelievable is that?! Anyway, with Mercury retrograde in your zone of consciousness, communication, and the way your mind experiences an experience for the next 3.5 weeks, it’s extremely likely that you’ll be collecting inaccurate data and connecting dots that aren’t there. So with an infinite amount of outcomes to any decision or internal story you write in your own head, simply ask “Could I be mistaken?” before you’re off to the races and saying something you’ll later regret. You probably are mistaken and that’s completely okay. It’s not up to you to decide which one of the infinite outcomes are best during the retrograde. Just surrender and let the Universe reveal it to you instead. On Saturday, Mars enters Scorpio after a long stay in Libra. Over the last 2 months you’ve felt more inclined to passionate pursue what inspires you unapologetically. As a sign hardwired to put their needs last often, I’m sure you’re feeling more in touch with your motivations and dreams. Now that Mars is in Scorpio, you’ll want to passionately search for personal security and a tight value system that will guide your behavior.

 Scorpio: Tossing and turning over financial woes? Guess what, Scorpio. Creativity gets the coin. I’m sure you’re worried about financial security - which is a demon we all face at night! - so Mercury retrograde will inspire a careful and creative reconsideration of strategies to increase cash flow in the bank of Scorpio for the next 3.5 weeks. I’m sure a sign as resourceful and survivalist as you can imagine and implement many ways to keep your financial security protected. Trust that. You got this. So get a creative plan finalized by Saturday when Mars enters Scorpio until January 2018 and gives you the push to make your dreams manifest. I’m telling you, Scorpio - the next year will Be landmark if worked with well. So we need you at full salute and full attention because these window opportunities won’t stick around forever. But when they stop at your station, I will push you on myself. Mars in Scorpio will give you the God of War’s power to pursue your passions and purpose without apology, permission, or fear. This Mars in Scorpio transit happens every other year and it will restart the way you chase your dreams. Beware the temptation to steamroll! Just stay focused and secure in your power and the Universe will have no choice but to give it to you.

 Sagittarius: The skies shine for you, Sagittarius! Happy Birthday Season! Whatever you do, don’t let the Mercury retrograde drama stop you from owning this month in power and in glory. Will the retrograde ahead ask you to slow down, re-think, and recalibrate? Absolutely. Does it have to be a birthday buzz kill? Nope! If worked with well, the very best months of your life could be built from this foolproof foundation of self-awareness. I shared the mantra from A Course in Miracles that reads “I will be still and listen to the truth.” because wonderful times lay ahead of you in can be still and listen to the truth during the Mercury RX. Some practical ways to do just that is consider a professional consult with a therapist, life coach, or even spiritual seeker who can help you finalize the plan of listening to this truth with clarity and integrity. When Mars enter Scorpio this Saturday until late-January 2018, let your subconscious and spiritual wisdom be your guide for the Winter while you navigate this delicate process of radical self-transformation by leaning on the mystical, the unseen, and the esoteric. Bring a dream journal with you everywhere. Write down the thoughts, emotions, and dreams that come to you for clues as to what the Universe is trying to tell you.

 Capricorn: Who you gonna call, Capricorn? Ghostbusters! Full disclosure, Seagoats because I love you all so much -  this Mercury retrograde will reveal shadow figures and ghosts from the past that want to creep up on you when you’re not paying attention for the next 3.5 weeks. What’s a disciplined and intelligent Seagoat to do? First, you’ll need to sit with the edge. Don’t numb, deny, run from or ignore the ghosts. Say little. Forgive much. Meditate. Exercise. Surrender. Begin Again. You can do it, child of Saturn. This is your month of spiritual boot camp. But now that you know it, you can show up to this assignment prepared and ready to fight. When Mars lights up Scorpio on Saturday until January 2018, I imagine your closest friendships and loyal community will provide the soft place for you to fall and will help you on this healing work. If you’re not afraid to let them see you vulnerable. Trust me, people want to see your tender spot. And use this Mars in Scorpio energy in the highest by knowing from experience that you keep what you give. What I mean by that is if you give healing to your friends, then of course the Universe gives it back to you.

 Aquarius: Your phone’s lighting up, you’re booked and busy Aquarius. Given your sign’s immense social popularity, I’m sure many images of friends and contacts come into your mind’s eye at any given moment because you have to follow up to a text, call, email. Over the next 3.5 weeks, Mercury retrograde will touch your friendship and community experiences inspiring you to get in touch and reunite with friends from your past. So if you think of one that you have a rich history with “out of the blue”, don’t delay. Reach out and reconnect. It’s always so lovely to join with people who have richly shared history, right? That kind of textured conversation with people who have been with us since the beginning is beautiful. And who knows what professional opportunity could come out of it because Mars entering Scorpio this Saturday will set fire to your career and professional ascension. Which is the theme of the next year while Jupiter stays in Scorpio till November 2018. You’ll be lifted to even higher places at work and/or in public and given the motivation to handle that responsibility with charisma and power until January 2018. It could inspire a bit of petty quarreling at work and with male figures so do your best to get a lid on your emotional impulse control as to not destroy everything you’ve worked for.

 Pisces: Can you feel it? The ocean’s current is shifting, in a brand new direction, Pisces. The Universe knows you have career plans on mind and it’s self-organizing to make it happen while Mercury retrograde reverses the professional plan. But you know the drill, aquatic aficionado. You have to swim parallel to the shore or you’ll be sucked into the rip tide. In a practical sense,

what I want to remind you is that even if your external reality makes you think you’re not making moves because you’re swimming against the current, focus on the conviction that significant career progress and accomplishment takes time. But you have to adjust with the cosmic power. Which you could liken to the rip tide. And one day you’ll realize why your rise to meteoric career success didn’t happen overnight and I bet you’ll even give thanks to the entire process, I’m sure of it. When Mars joins Scorpio on Saturday, your optimism and big picture vision will be set aflame over the next two months which will help you navigate these rough waters with strong convictions of personal worthiness and faith in your professional plan.