December 25-31st

Merry end of Mercury Retrograde! And for the Christmas celebrators, an alignment between Venus and Saturn on Monday might offer a seriously romantic commitment under the mistletoe. As of now, the Sun, Venus, and Saturn are all in hardworking and focused Capricorn. Which is a triangular energy that is seeking to remind us all about the work required to sustain a loving connection and our own personal growth. So often we stand with our arms cross wondering when our partner(s) are going to give us what we want instead of asking ourselves “When was the last time I gave of myself?”

Capricorn’s favorite word “tradition” feels dangerous to queer identities. Understandably so. But in Capricorn’s quest to preserve tradition, the deepest question we need to ask ourselves is what traditions from the past serve the highest relationship outcomes in the present? Even if it’s something as simple as “ethics”. Contemporary relationship psychology let’s us get away with too much dysfunctional behavior like sloppy communication, self-preoccupied dates, ghosting, etc. Since spiritual seeking matures you theoretically, let us be grown ups around relationships and not afraid to emotionally process the work.

A passionate dance between Mars in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces on Thursday will invigorate and spiritualize your creative efforts. Pay close attention to dreams and visions as divine messages. And an electric Gemini Moon on New Years Eve is a gorgeous lunation to hold the duality of the holiday; out with the old and in with the new. Happy New Year to all my readers. I’m so thankful you’ve come on this ride. Stay with me in 2018 too. All my love.

 Aries: This holiday season, Aries, expect a gift of career success and commitment. Thanks to a female mentor or colleague and Monday’s horoscope your workplace will recognize the efforts you’re contributing. If I were you, I’d make a list of the projects you’ve worked on over the last 6 months so that when your supervisor calls you in, you’ll have all the intel to prove your excellence. And it’ll show how prepared you are! Speaking of prepared, it’s best to know that until January 20th the Universe’s focus for you is primarily professional. So I imagine this month will present a checkpoint at your career. If your work “works”, then know you’re exactly where you belong. If you’re met with resistance, it’s not exactly time to change your career but change your thoughts about work. More to come as the month develops. You’ll have a mindful - not mindless - New Year’s Eve. You’ll be in the mood to socialize intelligently and gather round with like minded friends who help you understand how far you’ve come and where you want to go next in 2018.

 Taurus: It’s time now. It’s time to kindly speak your Truth, Taurus. There’s something you genuinely need to say and there’s someone out there who genuinely needs to hear it. Monday’s horoscope between the Goddess of Love and the God of Integrity will ask you to own your emotionally charged message without apology. Then you’ll be asked to share it with whomever the energy is related to. Brace yourself, Bull, because honesty is uncomfortable and I know how much you love your personal comfort. But authenticity is necessary for a meaningful life. While the Sun, Venus, and Saturn tour this candid sharing aspect of your chart for the next month, you’ll have to come face to face with your theories and practices towards living a high-minded honest life. It’s not that Taurus is dishonest; it’s just they’d rather not deal with how uncomfortable and conflict oriented the Truth can be. If you’re feeling very vulnerable after this confession, the New Year’s Eve horoscope has indulgent luxury in your stars. Which the zodiac knows you do so well! Say goodbye to 2017 and ring in 2018 with a Salt Bath, a visit to the spa, or anything magic to help you appreciate life’s luxury and pleasure.

 Gemini: All you want for Christmas is Commitment, Gemini. And Monday’s horoscope provides the context for it! Early morning, a serious agreement facilitated by Venus and Saturn who are facilitating the beautification and construction of your experiences with intimacy could provide it. Monday will give you a push in either direction - serious commitment or gentle departure - in either direction for your romantic relationships. As always, of course....the commitment rests on how hard you’re both ready to work at the intimacy. And bond. So agree upon the mutual willingness before proceeding. The Sun, Venus, and Saturn is this intimacy craving sector of your chart will present you with profoundly meaningful experiences of serious connection. No casual hookups for you. Only relationships who can handle the realness. New Year’s Eve will be magical for the mythological Twins as it’s a Gemini Moon on the last day of 2017. Lucky us! So reflect on both #GEMINI - where you got it right and where you got it wrong throughout the year passed while holding high intentions on how you’ll conquer 2018.

 Cancer: Winter holidays are usually deliriously romantic and lucky Cancer is up first to receive romance from the Universe. Monday’s horoscope - thanks to Venus and Saturn in Capricorn - presents you with an opposites attract style chemistry and commitment. Keep one crab eye out and looking for available partners who approach life drastically differently than you. And in doing so, help you grow. Be willing to appreciate opposite love languages because the chemistry inspires both parties with the opportunity for maximum soul growth. Speaking of opposites, the Sun, Venus and Saturn in Capricorn will electrify, beautify, and Integrity check your relationship to relationships. This doesn’t have to be difficult you if you’re willing to stack up your beliefs next to your relationship experience. Your beliefs on romance theoretically should give you more loving experiences, right? Because we should all be thinking high thoughts of love. If your experiences give you pain, it’s time for a mental makeover. While the rest of the world wants to wildly party on New Year’s Eve, your horoscope supports what your homebody soul loves best - a cozy, warm, and quiet night in. Nothing wrong with that! Enjoy yourself.

 Leo: This holiday season, Leo, give yourself the gift of a  body cleanse. Monday’s horoscope with Venus and Saturn conjoining in Capricorn supports a disciplined and cosmic restart in your experiences with physical exercise, mental wellness, and nutrition. It’s hard not to indulge around the holidays but know this - you’ll be rewarded heavily if you don’t. What it will be, I don’t know. But a reward will be yours. Especially while the Sun, Venus, and Saturn electrify the Capricorn ruled health and wellness sector of your chart all month long inspiring disciplined and radically responsible energy for your nutritional efforts. Rejoin the gym, get a probiotic or even start a vitamin supplement plan. Something proactive needs to be done on the daily to maximize this energy available to you. As 2017 comes to its close, you’ll be feeling the socializing and friendly vibes under the transiting Gemini Moon. Connect with your closest friends who can celebrate last year’s progress and invite you to royally soar even higher throughout 2018.

 Virgo: Tic-toc, Virgo - it’s time to get very serious about pleasure. Paradoxical? Not really, Virgo, seeing as you’re a mutable earth sign and candle handle both the duty and joy of life in equal measure. Monday’s horoscope thanks to Venus and Saturn in Capricorn wants you to complement your penchant for hard work WITH a serious commitment to enjoying romance, creativity, and fun. For the Christmas observers it should be easy! And for the next month, while the Sun, Venus, and Saturn align in your creativity, joy, and romance zone. The month of ahead promises pleasure, owning your charisma and power, and the ability to produce something creative. The end of December will be one to remember and January too! For New Year’s Eve, your horoscope has a theme of the sacred masculine. Perhaps you’ll want to connect to the supportive men or father figures in your life who bring out the best in you. You’ll have mutually celebratory influences on each other and ring in 2018 beautifully through feminine and masculine balance.

 Libra: This holiday season, the hostess with the mostest is you Libra! I read on an Astrologer’s personal site that he always attends whatever party a Libra is hosting because he believed the Libra handpicked all the guests so specifically that he’s bound to have a wonderful social time because there was a strong social vetting process. I loved that! Even if you’re not inviting others to your home on Monday, your horoscope allows you to make everyone around you feel like family. Thanks to your ruling Planet Venus and friendly giant Saturn in tow. You’ll help everyone around you feel like they’re all seen, understood, and cherished. What’s better than that around the holidays? After the holidays, the family focus stays in your mind while the Sun, Venus, and Saturn tour through your relationship to hone. Once you have a tight bond with family after Monday, New Year’s Eve horoscope gives you the impulse to cross-culturally connect across diversity. Go somewhere “different” and release 2017 in the new and allow the joy of 2018 to come in through the excitement of wanderlust and excitement.

 Scorpio: Hardly a sign to happily engage in low level small talk, Scorpio loves the meaningful. Particularly around the holidays! You look for the mindful not the mindless. Monday’s horoscope will help you get serious in dialogue thanks to the Goddess of Love and the God of Seriousness. You’ll have to be the one to proactively invite those deep topics in to conversation. Ask a question like, “What’s life speaking to you today?” at holiday gatherings. Who cares if it looks weird? At least you’re going deep with others and inviting meaningful dialogue into powerful spaces. The next month will ask you to sharpen and discipline your relationship to vocal  communication and a high quality of dialogue. You’re a sign more comfortable with silence but the Universe wants you to elevate your speaking capabilities. It’ll help others understand and act in integrity around you. Have your Do Not Disturb sign ready for New Year’s Eve. The end of 2017 promises sexual healing and the experiences to act on erotic desire. I can’t imagine a better climax to the year.

 Sagittarius: What a whirlwind of a month, right? Happy Belated Birthday! Sagittarius Season and even the Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius helped you understand your thoughts, words, and personality deeply over the last month. Try to locate your best lessons because Monday’s horoscope - thanks to Venus and Saturn- wants Sagittarius to get serious about what your newfound values are acquired from last month and how you can embed them into future decision making. Think of how you define and experience strong values like imperfection, courage, authenticity, faith, and integrity to start. Because the next month will ask the centaurs among us to get very conscious about the who, what, where, when, and why of what matters in their life. So they can make the best decisions in their life from this value focused understanding. Your relationship to income, personal security, and purpose will go through an elevation phase too. And Your New Year’s Eve is bound to be romantic. Giving you an opposites attract energy on the last day of 2017. Enjoy the passionate kiss!

 Capricorn: Happy Birthday, Capricorn! The Universe shines for you. With so many heavy hitters in your sign like the Sun, Venus, and Saturn -  Monday’s horoscope is seriously romantic. If you’re a Christmas celebrator, I would say expect to declare or hear a declaration of loving commitment near the tree. Which, although you’re not happy to admit it - your sign needs to feel like commitment is on the table in order to know your love is safe. But since it can feel like a lofty word, make sure you and your partners identify what actions need to happen in order to sustain the commitment, emotional labor, and responsibility required by love. And the rest of the month will help provide beautiful experiences on romance, love, integrity, and willpower to frame your cosmic restart and the love stories you’re writing. To make way, know that New Year’s Eve has a Winter Cleanse energy to it. Consider a deep organization, cleansing, and psychological detox to make yourself the most available for both Capricorn Season and the new year ahead. Enjoy it all, Seagoat!

 Aquarius: Sweet, sweet surrender, Aquarius. Your month of closure, endings, and release has officially begun. Monday’s horoscope wants you to locate what areas of your life need to be consciously surrendered with honesty, tenderness, and discipline. Those energy patterns can all coexist in the same space. Think of bad habits that need to be let go. Maybe even stale relationships who passed their expiration date. Don’t bring low-level stuff into 2018. Especially while the Sun, Venus, and Saturn electrify your cosmic completions and inspire merciful endings. If closure is what you’re seeking, you’ll find it this month for sure. I hope I didn’t frighten you with all the heavy endings of Capricorn Season because pleasure, romance, joy, and charisma is on your New Year’s Eve itinerary. If you’re close to a special someone or even your friends, be proactive about sharing your feelings of gratitude and joy with others to bring in 2018 with the highest of emotional energy.

 Pisces: Are they are a friend, a lover, or both, Pisces? Which lane is it anyway? You love to blur the boundaries seeking commonality in all dynamics but Monday’s horoscope wants you to identify which category your current relationship dynamic is. With. Boundaries. Both friendship and love is always a wonderful relationship outcome. But it takes divine timing, work, mutual validation, and the willingness to give the emotional labor needs to be agreed upon in order for the gifts to come forward. If anyone can do it, it’s you Pisces. The next month, while the Sun, Saturn, and Venus are aligning in your community and friendship sector your platonic relationships could be more romantic, disciplined, and/or short circuited out if they don’t serve you anymore Family and New Year’s Eve align beautifully for you. Whether its chosen or even blood family, your horoscope for the last day of 2017 wants you to enjoy your loved ones and home sweet home.