December 18-24

Deep inhale. Exhale. This week holds 5 pivotal back-to-back astrological events. Not to be #LeoRising dramatic, but I’m exhausted just thinking about them! A few could be energetically likened to a life-reset and others completely life defining. Despite different arrangements and intensities between the planets and signs, the theme among all five is consistently and very Capricorn - a new beginning dawns. To understand the most accurately where this beginning will occur in your experiences, try your hardest to reflect back to 3 years ago on December 23rd 2014 up until the present moment. Locate a theme and/or story that has developed slowly, rather difficulty, but meaningfully since then. With that story in mind, identity on Monday the intentions that will help you advance this story in the most loving, joyful, and forgiving direction. They’re connected because on Tuesday, Saturn (Planet of Discipline, Responsibility, and Integrity) enters its comfort zone of Capricorn until March 2020. If you were born between February 13th 1988 - February 6th 1991, your Saturn Return begins. If so, your conscious contact with how the Universe wants you to understand authentic adulthood will occur. Just two days later on Thursday's Winter Solstice, Capricorn Season begins. I hope you all enjoyed your Sagittarius ruled holiday celebrations because the party will start to wind down on Thursday night. When Mercury Retrograde ends on Friday - rejoice! - you’ll be able to lean on Mercury’s magic momentum to harness the energy you need to pick up on whatever loose ends and/or projects from the last month that need your attention and the forward direction. Last but never least, Venus (Planet of Love, Values, and Finances) enters Capricorn on Sunday and reminds us to honor the responsibilities required to sustain love, financial freedom, and our sense of true belonging.

Aries: Throughout the last Sagittarius ruled month textured and slowed down significantly by the current Mercury Retrograde, December pushed the zodiac’s brave Rams to reconsider and refine the philosophies that inspire their righteous action forward. Yes, generally speaking your action-oriented sign is allowed within reason to move quickly without a whole lot of analysis paralysis. But since the Universe’s goal for each and every one of us is self-actualization and most of us learn through difficult experiences  - Aries was challenged to slow down, think before acting, and harnessing their impulse control.  Hopefully you’ve learned big-picture strategies that will support your future goals. With this new understanding of your past and present beliefs, you’ll be called to look to the future under Monday’s New Moon in Sagittarius and declare intentions that inspire a continuation of this learning since December 2014. Perhaps you’ll want to further your education, embark on an international adventure, and/or publish your writing. Do it. By the end of this busy week, three heavy hitters - the Sun, Saturn, and Venus - will move into almighty Capricorn. This month your career efforts will be energized, beautified, and integrity-checked. Especially while Venus in Capricorn over the next 3.5 weeks will strengthen your relationships with female colleagues and/or inspire romantic connections at the office. If you’re feeling psychological resistance in work majority of the time, consider that the only sign you need to change your professional path.

Taurus: December rained Truth bombs from the sky, didn't it.. Under the Sagittarius horizons and electrified by Mercury Retrograde, the Universe presented the mythological bulls with conversations, relationships, and many experiences aligned with the Gospel Truth. You’re much closer to understanding your relationship with intimacy, how you handle power struggles, the way you “share” resources and energy, the practice of authenticity, and tantric sexuality. Heavy stuff! With these experiences behind you now but firmly in your intellectual grasp, Monday’s New Moon in Sagittarius is asking Taurus - “What do you want to do about it and with whom now?” Think of goals/intentions you’ll want to achieve from what this month and since December 2014 helped you understand. Because when Mercury goes direct on Friday, the Universe will put the pedal to the metal. Speaking of understanding, when the Sun, Saturn, and Venus enter Capricorn this week, your relationship to the big-picture will experience harmonization, transformation, and reality-checking.
This will prove immensely compelling for Taurus energy. Reason being, your energetic tenaciousness can focus on one thing at a time without mercy. Which is a powerful energy to harness when you’re working on making dreams come true. But the Universe wants you to see beyond one thing intensely at one time. So as long as you stay psychologically flexible throughout the month, you’ll let Capricorn energy work it’s power to help you build a foundational belief system that guides to your highest personal and interpersonal wellbeing.

Gemini: You could easily associate the mythological arrow of Sagittarius to Cupid’s because the last month and even Mercury Retrograde allowed you to review, release, and experience L-O-V-E in powerful ways, Gemini. Either with healthy closure from the past or a continuation of preexisting romantic efforts, Geminis understand what their half looks and feels like within the context of romantic partnership in deeply meaningful ways. Monday’s New Moon in Sagittarius wants you to identify the highest, most loving relationship outcomes that align best with December’s new romantic beliefs. Even if it means something as simple as admitting to yourself “I’m ready for serious commitment.” Which, don’t believe what Sunday School Astrology says - Geminis can do partnership. Remember that when Mercury goes direct in your relationship house on Friday and manifests your romantic beliefs quickly. Because you’ll probably need to tell someone the deepest stories of your heart. Or, perhaps you’ll need to admit to yourself “I’m not in love with my partner anymore.” Now’s the time to keep it disastrously which  is why the Sun, Saturn, and Venus are entering your realness, intimacy, and bonding sector. This will demand the Geminis in the room to stay upfront and as militaristically strict as possible in your devoted action on these efforts.  

Cancer: Self-care and Cancer go together now like hand in hand, crab claw in crab claw. How timely! Our galaxy’s center star the Sun and December’s Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius have asked the Moonchildren to prioritize and review their regiments on self- care, organization, inner peace, and personal structure proactively. I suspect flare ups in health related and maybe interpersonal relationship matters provided the inspiration to get it done quickly.  Monday’s New Moon in Sagittarius wants you to locate the learning from your self-care practices and declare intentions to step it up. You can’t fill from an empty cup, Cancer. And whatever you set in motion on your self-care will pushed to manifestation by the Universe when Mercury goes direct on Friday. Green, light, go! When the Sun, Saturn, and Venus join in almighty Capricorn by the end of the week, your relationship to romantic relationships will be beautified, experienced, and significantly tested by the Universe. If you’re craving the commitment your emotionally secure sign needs, consider this month the beginning of relationship bootcamp. It’s about to get serious. So if you show up to these experiences knowing your “side” of the street, then your romantic competency will fly off the charts and the Universe will reward you with the heart-centered experiences your Moonlit soul craves.

Leo: It’s showtime, Leo! Throughout December, the powerful Sun and the electricity of Mercury Retrograde both in fire sign Sagittarius set fire to your creative capabilities, romantic endeavors, and propensity for risk taking. Without a doubt, you’ve developed something really powerful that the world stage really needs to see. Be it a creative project, an entrepreneurial endeavor, or even a blossoming relationship. Monday’s New Moon in Sagittarius wants you to lay claim to this new endeavor with the Universe and locate intentions that allow it to shine brightly in showtime. Because when Friday arrives, Mercury Retrograde ends and the stage lights go on. If you’re nervous about the organizational or structural work that’s required to walk on stage and own it, don’t be. By the end of the week, the Sun, Saturn, and Venus join in disciplined Capricorn this week which will give you the focused consciousness to direct your personal responsibility on the small details to make your big picture goal manifest. You got it, Leo. For maximum results, you’ll want to get a bit more royally loyal to routine, ritual, and consistency because the Universe wants you to develop a daily strategy that supports your new project to its glory.

Virgo: Someone put the Mother in Mother Teresa last month and it was you, Virgo. Throughout December, the bright Sun and even the energy of Mercury Retrograde too collided in full force to give you powerful experiences and conversations that help you review your relationship and behavior around home, lineage, emotional security, and mother figures. The last month was more sensitive than usual. Though whether with your blood or chosen family, you are understanding all the responsibilities required to sustain this sacred family network. So Monday’s New Moon in Sagittarius will ask you to declare intentions on where you want to go next in these matters of the home and heart. Because when Mercury Retrograde ends on Friday, your ruling planet will push you to actualize and speak on the lessons you’ve learned regarding your relationship with emotional security and home. And you’ll want to have your strongest emotional foundation on lockdown because the Sun, Saturn, and Venus will align in Capricorn by the end of this week which has the potential to beautify and strengthen your romantic and creative pursuits. If you have the context for emotional security established by then, you’ll be unstoppable in whatever you put your Mercury mind to.

Libra: Aren’t you Miss Popular, Libra! Despite Mercury Retrograde snafus and miscommunication throughout the holidays and December, you stayed active and optimistic throughout a whirlwind of a month. The Universe pushed you out and about, socializing meaningfully, learning more about your interests through people and your own research, making new friends, and chatting it up with your signature Venus grace. Monday’s New Moon in Sagittarius will ask you to finalize intentions that allow you to manifest a continuation of your social gifts and strengthen your communication styles. Because when Mercury goes direct on Friday, the rubber meets the road. And all experiences having to do with your mental, communicative, and social prowess will get their Mercury magic back. But if you’re hoping for a social sabbatical - because yes, you too deserve some introverted alone time, Libra! - you need wait no more because by the end of this week, the Sun, Saturn, and Venus make will get very Capricorn cozy in the area of your astrology that fortifies home, emotional security, and mother figures. Don’t be surprised if beautification and integrity-checking come knocking on your front door because it will help you carefully redecorate and fortify your emotional foundation.

Scorpio: If I gave you a homework assignment and asked you to write an essay on how you define “security” Scorpio, what words would you write? In the radiant heat of the Sagittarius Sun electrified by the pulse of Mercury Retrograde too, your tight attachment to beliefs and experiences on how you understand personal and financial security was the Universe’s focus throughout December. So under the New Moon in Sagittarius on Monday, you’ll want to attach yourself to intentions that promote an inner Scorpio security free from external dependence on financial circumstances. The fact of the matter is, you were not born to forever be at the effect of uncertainty. So meditate on intentions that help you own your personal agency and security to the best of your capabilities so you’re more grounded throughout the uncertain experiences of life. If you don’t even know how to intellectually begin on releasing attachment to circumstance dependent security, don’t worry. Mercury Retrograde ends on Friday and you’ll get the mental magic back to learn more on these topics through independent research or simply speaking with trusted confidants. Continue to make your personal growth the bottom line because the Sun, Saturn, and Venus will join in mighty Capricorn at the end of the week and help fortify your mental pursuit into your personal development and growth.

Sagittarius: Sweet Sagittarius, rejoice! Since December 23rd 2014, it’s been one AFGO (another fucking growth opportunity) after the other since Drill Sergeant Saturn entered Sagittarius. Your entire personality structure was integrity and efficiency checked by the Universe for the last 3 years. This bootcamp ends on Tuesday. Graduation is on Tuesday!  The Sun still shines for you Sagittarius while you enjoy the last week of your golden month until Thursday when Capricorn Season commences. In a range of experiences both this month and since December ‘14, you’ve learned a great deal about your identity, your gifts, blind spots, and goals behind birthday candles, gifts, holiday lights, and even Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius. On Friday, Mercury goes direct and it’ll feel like every cell in your body is alive again. You’ve worked hard to improve. I know this or you wouldn’t be reading my site. Both I and the Universe are proud of you.  So use the New Moon in Sagittarius on Monday to locate your highest, most service-oriented intentions to make manifest over the next 6 months. Put fear, anxiety, and insecurity aside and identity the highest outcomes in their absence that promote the reality of your maximum joy. When the Sun, Saturn, and Venus leave Sagittarius for Capricorn by the end of this week, you’ll be asked to graciously, dynamically, and firmly assimilate this month’s learning into future decisions to support your success.

Capricorn: Enjoy your last few days of December slumber before Thursday because Capricorn Season begins on December 21st at 11:28am EST and 3 planets will move into your sign! Until then, maximize the rest of this week’s permissible social solitude for your Saturn ruled soul if possible. Monday’s New Moon in Sagittarius will commandeer Capricorns to select their highest intentions for spiritual healing, the gift of closure, and proactive practical strategies for inner wellness. You’re hardly a sign in denial to growth opportunities - thank God, that’s why I love you! - so identify what parts of your personality and habits you’d like to surrender as your intentions on Monday. That way, you can begin the month of Capricorn Season with full emotional and mental availability. Especially when Mercury Retrograde ends on Friday giving the parts to help your your personal growth the necessary Mercury momentum to manifest. By the second half of the week, the Sun, Saturn, and Venus will all collide in Capricorn. This is pivotal for you. The next month and two and half years will provide massive personal restructuring and growth which I know you can rise to the occasion of. With these alignment, your lifeforce, your personal-growth processes, and romantic and financial contexts will be lifted to wonderful possibilities.

Aquarius: Look up at the sky and give a gratitude kiss to the Universe for being an air sign. You need no reminder that the nature of the collaboration determines the outcome with your presentiment for social awareness and adaptability. With the Sun and Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius throughout December, this reviewing period helped you deeply understand the energy of meaningful friendship, mutual collaboration, and the network of collective dynamics, you’ve  helped champion many outcomes. The New Moon in Sagittarius on Monday wants you to keep your perspectives optimistic and focused on identify your highest expression within a friendship and/or network. Because when Mercury Retrograde ends on Friday, whatever thoughts you’re bringing into the New Moon will be pushed forward to self actualization once Mercury gets it mojo back. Keep your most meaningful friends closeby because by the end of the week, the Sun, Saturn, and Venus join in Capricorn and your inquiry into sabbatical, closure, and healing begins. You’ll need soul family close. Because along with people who hold your best intentions at heart, the Universe promises you emotional beautification, discipline, and the power to get your inner work done so you can become the person you’re capable of.

Pisces: I’m ecstatic to finally reveal to my favorite fishes in the zodiac, your career dreams are en route to you as we speak. Phew! That’s a relief. With the Sun and Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius throughout December helping you mentally understand the vision and details of your highest career expression and purpose but dramatically slowing down the progress of its execution, I’m sure you’ve felt like a helpless goldfish swimming in the opposite direction of the tide. Those days are behind you and the resistance ends this week! Monday’s New Moon in Sagittarius wants you to get specific and locate the intentions for your highest professional outcomes where you can use your gifts to be of service. Because when Mercury Retrograde ends and moves direct on Friday, it’ll use your intentions today to manifest the goals you’re imagining for your career. Push insecurity, self-doubt, and fear aside. You deserve to live a life of success and purpose but you must decide first that you’re worthy. Do it. By the end of the week, it’s likely that when the Sun, Saturn, and Venus all enter Capricorn your theories and practice on friendship and the responsibilities required to be a genuine friend will help you socially and professionally. Consider the connections between the two for maximum efficiency in both worlds. How you show up for friends will influence how the Universe shows up for your career execution.