December 11-18

Get cozy with your cocoa, tea, and/or coffee peacefully this week because your weekly forecast doesn’t hold too many cosmic collisions.  Just a linear Sagittarius theme.  Other than Mars’ move to Scorpio last Saturday and Mercury still retrograde in Sagittarius until December 22nd, I suspect the Universe is offering us all a bit of calm before the peak of the December holidays next week. So use this stillness well by strengthening your inner peace or being proactive with overdue holiday errands. Or just staying within. Whatever you inner guidance tells you.

Up first is a minor Mercury/Sun conjunction in Sagittarius on Tuesday which will download insightful reflections on your past. Since most of us believe we cannot extend more love in the present because of love we were not given in the past, use the power of the Sun setting Mercury in Retrograde on fire to receive higher wisdom and understanding from your past issues so you can be even more tender, forgiving, and generous in the present. I know it’s difficult but it’s one of the highest paths of the spiritual seeker. Ask the Universe for a thought, emotion, feeling to help situations be interpreted and the shift in perceptions could occur.

Friday’s Mercury/Venus conjunction in Sagittarius will let the sweet talk flow like honey from prospective suitors’ mouths. Since Messenger Mercury is still retrograde, a little skepticism will go a long way with what you’re hearing or reading. If you have an honest sharing you’d like to express, Friday could be the day to do it delicately. And don’t be shocked if an ex creeps up as they like to rise from the dead during (retro)grades. Extreme cases notwithstanding, I don’t think it hurts to hear them out. You never know what kind of closure or continuation the Universe has in store for you.

A passionate trine between the Sun in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries con Saturday could explore and invoke alternative possibilities for you. If a chance encounter, experience, or event “stops at your station”, get on. What have you got to lose? When we surrender to the Universe’s curriculum for us to learn, it’s amazing to see how unbelievable, miraculous experiences can and will occur because we’re not blocking them with our need for control or certainty.

 Aries:  As the fire sign who proudly rules over the “Self”, identity, motivation, passion, and will – Aries is often allowed to be self-preoccupied within reason. Now that Mars is in your zone of intimacy, shared resources and transformation until the end of next January, you’ll be called to act on how well you share space, power, finances, and even finances. You got the ownership of the Self down pat. So how do you broker that Self in comparison to the needs/concerns of others? Mars in Scorpio will show you the way. This week’s horoscope allows you to revisit big-picture concerns and romantic experiences on this work towards self-transformation through interpersonal sharing. Tuesday’s Sun/Mercury conjunction will give you the insight to help you on this mission (not im)possible by helping you revisit past issues that could set you free. And Friday’s Mercury/Venus soiree could bring romantic suitors from international spaces to your bedroom. Don’t get too carried away with the sweet talk, ok? Enjoy yourself and your opportunity to learn more about other people from cultures and orientations that differ from your own this weekend.

 Taurus: It takes two, Taurus. Mars in Scorpio is setting your passionate partnership, romantic agreements, and serious commitments a flame until the end of January. A dutiful child of Venus – The Goddess of Love – you have a proactive propensity for partnership. And now Mars in Scorpio wants you to act on it. Be careful not to overwhelm lovers with your demands or expectations. Remember – work on understanding as much as you want to be understood. It’s about both/and. Tuesday’s Mercury/Sun conjunction will help you reclaim a sense of power lost. If you’ve felt like you were blindsided, you’ll get the pep in your step back. And you’ll want to carry that reclamation into the weekend what Tuesday’s theme gets beautified by the Venus/Mercury conjunction on Friday. Diplomatic words, apologies, or efforts to harmonize past conflicts could be on the weekend’s itinerary for you depending on willing you are to allow others to the opportunity to be “new” with you. People can and do change all the time, Taurus, and your resonance working as a Venus space of becoming could let it happen beautifully during this time of romance, love, and partnership.

 Gemini:  Gemini’s often contextualized as an active sign that keeps intellectually and social busy so let’s hope this is true while Mars lights your to-do list and agenda on fire until the end of January. The energy ahead promises many that require your attention. Think themes under self-care like organization, time management, workshops, doctor’s visits, etc. It’s the activity that looks like getting your ducks in a row. Whatever you need to be the baddest bitch in the zodiac, do it. Tuesday’s Sun/Mercury conjunction could give you much needed insight into an ex lover. Again, here them out extreme case notwithstanding. FYI - the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Sagittarius have past and present love experiences coming your way so hopefully you didn’t burn too many bridges? Especially on Friday’s Mercury/Venus conjunction in Sagittarius where romantic words of affirmation could flow from the heart eyed emoji of someone’s face. A little optimism textured with skepticism could save your ass Gemini.

 Cancer: What is the creative project that’s keeping you up at night, Cancer? There is project only you can produce with your natural talent and abilities. Mars in Scorpio will give you the motivation to do something about producing this work with confidence and tremendous security. It’ll also help you build on any kind of self-esteem and power you’d like to reclaim. But the key to this transit is taking inspired forward action which can be a struggle for your indirect orientation. Tuesday’s Mercury retrograde/Sun conjunction in Sagittarius  will help you reconsider new ways of complementary healing and strategies for your mental health and nutrition which needs to be in tip top shape for this new creative solo project of yours. And if you’re thinking about a possible makeover nutritionally or even aesthetically dare I say – try it this weekend? I know, I know, Mercury is retrograde but there’s a Mercury/Venus conjunction on Friday so this weekend could really beautify your self-care routine or perhaps inspire healing among your divine feminine friends. If you connect with Venus’ energy – femininity, beauty, the arts  - there is no doubt it will work its healing magic in your life.

 Leo: How’s your Buckingham Palace looking, your highness? Not to sound redundant but Royal Castle Leo will be key theme this year with Jupiter in Scorpio and now Mars in Scorpio until the end of January. If you’ve been itching to move, fix up your apartment, or do some DIY projects – now’s the time to get thinking about it. You’re also likely to fight with your family and/or mother figures a bit more so please keep your roaring to a minimum unless your family heals through conflict and you can offer contributive power to move your royal family in the right direction. On a lighter, more lovely note, a cheeky Mercury/Sun conjunction on Tuesday could bring an ex suitors from the past into your present periphery. Would it hurt to hear them out? I don’t think so. On the other side of the coin, you could strengthen your creative capabilities and pursuits. Especially over the weekend after Friday’s Venus/Mercury conjunction which will beautify, harmonize, and electrify your romantic pursuits, your playful passions, and your likelihood to lean into joy.

 Virgo: I can’t imagine you’re too far from your planner, calendar, or agenda so make sure you’re not double-booking as the recent Mars move into Scorpio is going to keep you booked and busy! Until late-January, you’ll feel even more curious and crave meaningful social/communicative experiences. You’ll enchant friends and strangers with your intellectual prowess; especially if you speak on what you’re learning and reading. Speaking of speaking, the Mercury/Sun conjunction on Tuesday will help you receive some kind of emotional clarification on family, home, and emotional security. Which you might feel inclined to speak on. Assuming you’re expressing or receiving tenderness and forgiveness, I firmly support this idea. Might I suggest this conversation this weekend after the Venus/Mercury conjunction on Friday? You’ll want to experience and connect more deeply to the feminine in your family by beautifying and harmonizing your dialogue with mother figures. It’s also a wonderful time to redecorate with a bit of glamour and luxury.

 Libra: It’s pay day, Libra! Mars move into Scorpio will offer Libra two things. Number one, if you’ve been strategizing ways to develop an income boost and financial security, the next two months can supply that for you if you’re showing up and doing the work proactively. Number two, you’ll be afforded the experiences to apply the buzz word that’s been in your horoscopes for a while – values. And I suspect it’ll be through uncomfortable disagreements. We’re talking about Mars – the God of War – here who wants you to have clarity of values that will guide you through conflict. You can do it, peacekeeper. Tuesday’s Mercury/Sun conjunction could give you insight that will help you navigate the troubled times we live in. Pay attention to an intersection between the present and the past. If you’re reprogramming the present to feel like pain from the past then try again. We’re always at choice with the bottom line of our thoughts, remember – love or fear. Speaking of love, Friday’s Venus/Mercury conjunction will inspire the Goddess of Love to beautify your thoughts, experiences, and words to keep you in your highest, most loving communication spaces. Be proactive with tender speech, compassionate language, and words of affirmation to show Venus you take her work seriously.

 Scorpio: You’re unstoppable, Scorpio. One of your ruling planets Mars entered Scorpio last Saturday – which occurs every other year – and the next two months will give you the warrior spirit, confidence, security, and drive to make your vision come true. Let me say it again – you’re unstoppable. Be careful not to streamroll, but do your best to own your drive, purpose, and mission without apology and make your dreams come true. The Universe supports your highest self-actualization, Scorpio - I promise. If financial security is on your brain, Tuesday’s Mercury/Sun conjunction will provide an “ah-ha!” moment to help you correct past thinking on financial wounds so you can be more financially secure in the present. And if you want to begin practicing beginning again, this weekend’s alignment between Venus/Mercury will give you the energetic context to apply what you learned on finances and values this weekend. Little steps will add up quickly over time so begin this weekend to see maximum results soon.

 Sagittarius: Some signs like to celebrate their birthday all month long but you’re feeling like a quality night “in” would be best to mark your new year. It’s because Mars is in Scorpio giving you the longing for stillness, solitude, healing, and retreat until the end of next January. Rest assured when Mars chronologically enters Sagittarius right after, you’ll get your fire back. Fortunately, the Sun and Mercury are are already in Sagittarius and Tuesday a cheeky conjunction between them will help you examine the present state of your self awareness with a lesson from the past. Identify graciously and with impulse control whatever comes up for you and consider it a helpful teaching from the Universe to elevate you on your spiritual curriculum. But since we never “graduate” from learning our life lessons, Friday’s Mercury/Venus conjunction in Sagittarius will help you profoundly in understanding and communicating your relationship to love. You holding on to unexpressed emotions? Speak on them. Speak your silence. It’ll be messy and imperfect but you owe it to yourself to share your heart’s story in your Solar season.

 Capricorn: Embrace the paradox, Capricorn. As a sign who’s inherently two things at once - a goat and fish - you’ll have to use your mutuality well to experience the week ahead. Last Saturday, Mars entered Scorpio and set your friendship and social life aflame until the end of next January. But Sagittarius Season is your cosmic month of completion, surrender, healing, and psychological detox. You’ll feel a push and pull of engaging with others and craving alone time. Particularly on Tuesday. What I know is that it’ll give you a reinterpretation of your past in a way that allows you to see the present in a higher perspective. An emotion, thought, or insight could come up that allows you to live from a space of deeper worthiness. Which will continue this weekend benchmarked on Friday’s Venus/Mercury conjunction in Sagittarius which could energetically beautify, harmonize, and heal your relationship to a past hurt. I suspect the divine Feminine - call your closest girlfriends ! - could help you facilitate this healing and shift in perceptions thoroughly. Wishing you peace, always.

 Aquarius: At the risk of sounding redundant - but your fixed ways appreciate centrality - do you have any idea how quickly your career is going to rise? Well you better because now that Mars has joined Jupiter touring Scorpio, your life-purpose, highest career manifestations, and propensity for discipline, integrity, and personal growth will skyrocket. Get ready for lift off, Waterbearers! And bring your tribe because Tuesday’s Sun/Mercury conjunction will help you identify the worthiest among the clan who can hold and support your inevitable success. Don’t forget about the friends who were there for the struggle and rooted for your rise even when you couldn’t see it. They deserve space too. This weekend promises enlightening experiences in your friendship and community sectors too while Venus and Mercury conjoin on Friday and set the tone for Saturday and Sunday. Rich relationships with your female friends that you share history with are on the itinerary for you. Share your career plans with them and hear their feedback.

 Pisces: I know it’s so annoying when people ask you to see the big picture so I won’t do that but I will ask you to trust the big plan. Every integrous spiritual seeker knows that there is a higher natural intelligence more brilliant than we could possibly every conceive that is conspiring to help us in every aspect of our lives. Since Mars joined Scorpio last Saturday, you have to act (Mars) in the trust of the big picture working to help you (Scorpio Energy). I know you like your safety but you can have bravery and joy or comfort and boredom. Your choice. Tuesday’s Sun/Mercury conjunction will bring back communication from old career corners. Perhaps good news? Or insight into a new opening at a former stomping ground? Swim with it Pisces. If you’re gainfully employed try not to enroll is possible miscommunication and low level drama. This weekend’s Venus/Mercury conjunction will help you harmonize and beautify your career thoughts and goals. Smoothing out insecurities with worthiness and even allowing the magnetism of Venus to attract new opportunities that help you become the most magnificent Pisces professional you can be.