November 6-12th

Happy November, Readers. I hope you all had a safe, meaningful, and beautiful Halloween and Full Moon Weekend. I’m a Native New Yorker so last week felt like there was a death in my family. My beloved city was hit hard by extremist violence last Tuesday. The victims were 5 Argentinians, 2 Americans, and a Belgian. And last night, 26 people were brutally murdered in a rural Texas church. Only 5 days passed between these attacks. It’s horrifying and our hearts are broken for the victims’ families. I posted my thoughts on Instagram already but it’s life sustaining to remember the spiritual law of oneness especially in times like this. We are each other. So what does that mean? A Course in Miracles tells us “You’re like sunbeams thinking you’re separate from the sun. You’re like waves in the ocean thinking you’re separate from the ocean.” We are so unconscious about the sacred strength of our relationships. Ask yourself - how am I doing understanding my power within collective? How am I doing extending and receiving radical love, joy, and kindness to the others? Or is it just about you and your anger? Because if so, that low level thinking is the same thinking that inspired the attack in New York City and the murders in Texas. Blunt as fuck, but true. 

So we must hold ourselves to higher standards because what we think, feel, say and do has a direct impact on the collective. We should be far less tolerant of our own mean-spiritedness and the low-level emotion we allow near us. There’s too much at stake to indulge the ego’s apetite for guilt. We can forget about our inextricable connection to each other but it cannot be broken. So we must respond to these 34 deaths by producing more 34 times more life. We must disarm the guns going off our in own head’s while we advocate for common sense gun laws. We must answer modernity’s problem by showing up with a higher quality of ourselves in this oneness. Let us inhabit and produce such a strong collective field of love, compassion, joy, and forgiveness. Because the more we expand the power of Love in all social directions the less likely darkness and violence can emerge. Hope is born from participating in hopeful solutions so comitt yourself to being a light in this darkness. 

On Sunday November 5th, messenger planet Mercury - which governs our relationship to consciousness, communication, and travel - ended its lessons with Scorpio and began a journey into Sagittarius. Given what we discussed on the collective, Mercury in Sagittarius returns our thinking to hardwired optimism, generous assumptions, hypothesis of kindness, and the mental ability to hear different perspectives. We ought to know by now our personal Truths on an existential thing so now we’ll be called to compare Truths to others kindly. This is a transit we’ll want to show up for since Mercury will retrograde in Sagittarius on December 3rd so the beginning of this long story has just begun.

Hold this orientation of radical honesty on love because Venus enters Scorpio on Tuesday, November 7th until December 1st. We’ll all feel the impulse to experience authentic, intimidate, and erotic connections with those who make us feel secure. Experiencing romantic relationships through causal approaches won’t serve us during this transit. Deliberate, meaningful, and secure connection that allow intense emotion to flourish will be the first to receive the blessings of Venus in Scorpio. You might feel more jealous, possessive, and even codependent in this journey so do your best to not make the pain of your needs your partner’s responsibility to anesthetize. Admit them, absolutely, as part of your healing. Venus in Scorpio wants to see the good, bad, and especially the ugly. Venus in Scorpio wants to make where we are romantically unconscious very conscious so now’s the time to stay humble, responsible, disciplined, imperfect and authentic.

After a super charged and revealing Full Moon last weekend, the Universe is giving us the chance to mentally and romantically process so the Venus and Mercury professions were the key themes.



Aren’t you the Zodiac’s size queen all of a sudden, Aries! In the powerful after effects of the Full Moon in Taurus last weekend radically changing your thinking on income, values, security, and self-esteem, Mercury in Sagittarius will ask you to get generous and expand your consciousness to big-picture, optimistic, cross-cultural ideas that help you acquire the structure and consistency you crave. The Universe is telling you that it will take a big plan, a big goal to help you feel more secure and safe with your finances and purpose. If that feels counterintuitive, don’t hesitate to simply ask the Universe - where do I️ go next? What do I need to learn? And your footsteps will feel guided and the books will fall at your feet. Speaking of books, considering going back to school or publishing your work? Now’s the time to research academic programs to help your big Martian vision come to life. On Tuesday, the Goddess of Love wants you to understand and experience radically authentic relationship dynamics with an emphasis on personal growth, meaningful intimacy, and commitment for the next 3.5 weeks. Single? Think of a prospect(s) who confronts you with the very real possibility and work required for personal transformation. Coupled? Work together with your parents to use your relationship dynamic as a sacred space for healing and growth. Especially if it’s uncomfortable. Don’t run from the assignment, Ram.


Last weekend’s Taurus Full Moon was your annual powerful moon magic in your identity/personality structure and mirrored your relationship to Self for better or for worse. Remember, Taurus, look to your experience; not necessarily your belief for the locations to the answer as to where to go next. If your experience has resistance somewhere then a new strategy is required, not a new belief just yet. After this annual and inevitably emotionally charged benchmark, you’re walking away wiser with a tighter grip on understanding an existential reality. So the next 6 months will ask you to imbed the learning in places that require it. Don’t delay. Apply your wisdom quickly especially with Jupiter in your zone of romance, love, partnership, and committed relationships for the year. Now that you’re feeling more autonomous and in control of this newfound awareness, Mercury in Sagittarius puts fire on your most candid and perhaps uncomfortable communication sector. If there’s something you need to say, there’s someone who needs to hear it, albeit kindly. Speak up when the opportunity occurs because authentic dialogue could make the Goddess of Love bless your most romantic relationships while Venus in Scorpio enters your love zone for 3.5 weeks on Tuesday. You’ll be feeling tantric and completely focused on meaningful commitment with the right people. This Venus and Jupiter transit will put Taurus to task when it comes to relationship so now’s the time to present your most compromising, understanding, and forgiving self.


After the annual Taurus Full Moon last weekend, the power of lunar light shined brightly on the low-level thoughts, fear based emotions, sloppy behavior, existential circumstances, and poor relationships that need your release, surrender, and invitation for closure on, Gemini. It was inevitably uncomfortable I️ know - hello, Gemini here! - but you might’ve felt more sensitive and empathic than usual in this powerful annual moon. I️ locked myself indoors, threw out 45 pounds of shit I️ don’t need, and gave myself the gift of ultimate closure. Phew! Now that Mercury is in our romantic relationships zone for quite some time, we’ll be feeling the impulse and urge to talk it out with your suitors and partners. We’ll want to use communication as a powerful strategy to understand what we crave. Proactive intention setting will save our relationship success. Of course, you’ll need to honor this transit by ensuring that diplomacy and mutual insight are your bottom lines. Seek to understand rather than to be understood. If you’ve been hoping for good news or progress in your mental and physical health, Venus in Scorpio could bring you the blessings you need on Tuesday. If you can, try scheduling overdue doctor and therapist visits for the next 3.5 weeks for amazing astrological alignment. Why not use the power of the infinite universe to help with your health? Give it a try.


Did you enjoy your weekend, Moon child? Your ruling luminary as the beautiful Taurus Full Moon harnessed a cosmic power in your socialization, friendship, and communal activity. Never before did you feel so happy to leave the house! I️ suspect in your socializing you probably had a helpful experiential framework to understand your specific role within the the friendship collective that only you can fulfill. It’s easy to fall into a shame spiral of hustling for unworthiness in connection so remember what last weekend helped you learn so you can lean on this understanding in case you’re getting snagged by tough emotion. Now that Mercury in Scorpio has entered your health, wellness, and daily activity sectors, you’ll be called and urged to create a very focused plan that allows you to feel your best self psychologically, emotionally, and biologically. Develop a proactive and fixed strategy that allows you to introduce more sustainable experiences throughout the year to promote your highest health related outcomes. Even if it’s as simple as a vitamin supplement. Start somewhere. On Tuesday, Venus in Scorpio will bless you with the goddess of love’s powers of of blossoming romance, joy, emotional exposure, and charisma; making sure all eyes stay focused on your divinity. Like I always say to my favorite Moonwalkers, leave the crab shell at home for the next 3.5 weeks because the world wants you to lay claim to your worthiness and express your beauty to the people who want to see it.


It’s Cosmic Career O’Clock, Leo! Last weekend’s’ Full Moon in Taurus harnessed a cosmic completion/powerful transition in your professional and public standing. Your orientation on work and life-purpose might’ve quantumly shifted. What you thought your goals were beforehand are no loner authentic to your purpose. The Universe knows you’re meant for big things, Leo. So make sure you’re working with it to make all those big things happen. Now that Messenger planet Mercury is in Sagittarius and enlivening your thinking on consciousness and interpersonal communication on amazing things like romance, emotional exposure, and charisma, you’ll have the gift of the gab with whom ever you wisely choose. So speak your highest goals to people who could help you get to those mountain tops and inspire others to help you make them happen. Urge to merge, much? Venus joins passionate Scorpio on Tuesday and enters your emotionally secure, family conscious ideas for 3.5 weeks, so as discussed you’ll be way past casual flings seeking serious commitment and/or even family planning instead. The astrological transits supports radical truth telling and intimacy as the paths to achieve just that so please don’t be afraid to speak your heart unapologetically. Your love is not up to anyone to judge so show up, be seen, dare greatly, and kick ass, your majesty.


Here’s hoping your intelligence graciously handled the big Truth last weekend, Virgo. The Full Moon in Taurus brought the light of the full moon and its big-picture honesty to your small-detailed Mercury focus inspiring a necessary and perhaps uncomfortable confrontation on an expansive theme you may or may not have overlooked. Give gratitude to whatever came up for you and now we get to analyzing. Since Mercury entered expansive Sagittarius last Sunday, your ruling planet will help you connect to your highest emotional intelligence, now’s a wonderful time to get curious about your emotional habit patterns and how they promote peace or pain on a regular basis. Sit with the edge, Virgo. Don’t tap out, deny, self-annihilate or ignore. When Venus enters Scorpio on Tuesday and lights up your romantic relationship to consciousness and communication zone on Tuesday, you’ll be inspired to beautify your thoughts, values, and speech for 3.5 weeks. Use your words and thoughts in service to the good, the true, the beautiful. The Universe wants you to be in love and in joy, Virgo. But you have a knack for telling yourself conspiracy that you’re not worthy to receive it. So work with the power that allows your psychology to pursue and experience your bliss.


As soon as you’re done reading this horoscope, go watch every video and or interview that Esther Perel ever gave. Because the Full Moon summoned an alchemical power that transformed your understanding of erotic desire, meaningful intimacy, and personal transformation. In its wake, you’re not afraid of confronting the Truth as you define it and feelings all the feels so you don’t avoid pain. Well done. With Mercury in Sagittarius now adding Jupiter’s fire to your sharp consciousness and interpersonal communication, you’ll want to make sense of your values through travel, authentic conversation, and writing. Meaningful dialogue with your cabinet; those who have earned your story will help the progress of this intellectual discovery. On Tuesday, when Venus enters passionate Scorpio, the Goddess of Love will share her beautiful abundance to your income, self-esteem, and value systems for 3.5 weeks so long as you dig deep. Choose courage over comfort, Libra. Especially when it comes to telling the Truth. Don’t be afraid to be direct, to conquer people pleasing. Stay brave with yourself and with others so Venus in Scorpio  can bring you the security and financial consistency you crave. 


Are you in or are you out, Scorpio? Your decisive energy isn’t comfortable with ambiguity and if your heart was craving a sense of certainty and clarity or closure in a romantic relationship, I’m sure last weekend’s Full Moon in Taurus rewarded you with just that. No matter the lunar revealing, I️ hope you lovingly embrace this new understanding, and commit to embedding the learning in your future romantic inquiries, or bless and release it so you can adapt to the new wilderness as well as you can. Mercury in Sagittarius will now bring critical and passionate awareness to your income, self-esteem, and value system helping you assess and commit to convictions that allow you to make informative, meaningful decisions that promote a higher sense of wellbeing. Keep an open, wide perspective on these topics. You have a mighty attention to detail but try to keep your orientation on income, values, and purpose as big-picture and optimistic as possible for the rewards of this transit. On Tuesday, when Venus enters your sign of Scorpio and beams the infinitely powerful cosmic spotlight you for the next 3.5 weeks, you’ll be absolutely irresistible to us all. How timely for autumn magic and birthdays. Do your best to lean on the new values while you sift through the romantic opportunities coming your way because you’ll have the pick of the litter. Choose well and wisely!


Where’s your “To-Do” List, Sag? Last weekend’s Full Moon in Taurus powerfully alchemized your mental chemistry on organization, efficiency, planning, management, and attention to detail. A little “boring”, seemingly unpopular. But if worked with properly, a little structure, strategy, and follow through will take you right to the horizons of your wildest dreams, Centaur. Proactivity is the name of the game. Especially since Mercury entered Sagittarius last Sunday so Sagittarius born and influenced can harness this annual opportunity to electrify their consciousness and communication styles with optimism and glory. Don’t delay from running right into this experience. This Mercury transit is your prime time to think and speak bravely for maximum results. On Tuesday, Venus  enters the depths of Scorpio which could inspire a silent and/or secret, spiritual love for 3.5 weeks. Not your usual M.O. but why not leave a little mystery or air? It strengthens desire for sure. You might also feel like you need to detach and pull back from the dating scene or you'll notice that a relationship has served its purpose and physical proximity no longer serves the union. So, be gracious, gentle and transparent with yourself and all suitors involved to keep the energy patterns in integrity.


In American Sign Language, “vulnerability” is communicated like a curtain being opened in front of the heart. I suspect during last weekend’s Taurus Full Moon, you did just that. You couldn’t hold “it” - whatever emotion “it” is, in any longer and spoke and shared the whole truth of your heart. If so, I am proud of your bravery. I️ hope the vulnerability hangover isn’t too painful. Life’s too short to withhold. With Mercury now in Sagittarius, it’ll give you the impulse to make very conscious-contact with higher wisdom, inner reflection, and solitude. Now’s the time to give your mental activity a break while you relax your mind. Don’t punish yourself for this. You deserve the recharge and the Universe supports it. On Tuesday, Venus joins Scorpio and will provide intense beauty and a loyal  commitment of diplomacy to your closest friendships and community. Perhaps you’ll realize deeper feelings for a friend? Or you’ll make your friendships more romantic over the next 3.5 weeks and show up for them like they’re lifelong spouses. This transit is about making sure there aren’t special distinctions between your connections. Experience friends and romantic partners with a golden standard by which you can learn how to make your friendships more romantic and your romances more friendly.


Isn’t it funny how Sunday School Astrology likes to say Aquarius is “emotionally detached”?  Where? Not last weekend, I can tell you that much. The Full Moon in Taurus took the power of the mighty moon to the waters of your attachment; your deepest feelings, ideas on emotional security, and relationship to the “home”. You were firmly, fabulously attached and we all saw it. Now that Mercury entered Sagittarius, it’ll take you out of your home and give you quicksilver and passionate energy to your friendships, community outreach, and activism. You want to do what you do best and that’s align with your beautiful tribe. Enjoy the social time! On Tuesday, Venus joins intense Scorpio and the Goddess of Love arrives to your public standing and career on Botticelli's seashell. Venus will give you the beautiful gift of charisma, magnetizing adoration, and loyalty at work. Can these energies coexist? Absolutely. Because if you continue to make meaningful service your bottom line intention, you can maximize this social glamour to your benefit if you’re seeking gainful employment or promotion. People help others who they like, after all.  So be a person at work who’s adored for the right reasons - meaningful service, meaningful service! - and you’ll get to the mountaintop you seek.


It’s you at the top of the class, Pisces. Last Weekend’s Full Moon in almighty Taurus gave you tenacious gravitas to elevate your consciousness and communication patterns. If used appropriately, the Full Moon gave you the context to inspire alternative mental habit patterns that promote inner peace instead of inner pain. Essentially, Pisces, remember this....every single emotion can be reduced to one of two point of origins - Love or fear. If you proactively feel love, you’ll stay in inner peace. If you proactive feel fear, you’ll stay in pain. It’s that simple and it’s that complicated. Use this framework well for your self-development and transformation. Let it significantly harden that fish spine of yours when the work opportunities start calling and emailing because messenger Mercury in Sagittarius is setting fire to your  career and communication. Speak clearly to potential employers from a place of worthiness and security for maximum manifestation results. Say what you mean, mean what you say. On Tuesday when Venus joins Scorpio, the little fish bowl of yours will get smashed for a 3.5 week adventure out of the confines of your comfort zones and into the wilderness  of the unknown. Seek relationship dynamics that expand your horizon and get you in touch with optimistic hard-wiring to tap into the joy of this transit.