November 27th - December 3rd

There are weeks in the astrological forecast that promise calm cosmic activity. This week is not one of them. I imagine it’s the Universe’s way of pushing us to complete tasks before Mercury Retrograde begins on December 3rd EST.  So let’s break down the cosmic curriculum of the week balanced with lessons and gifts from Messenger Mercury and the Goddess of Love Venus.

Up first is Tuesday’s Mercury/Saturn conjunction in wise ol’ Sagittarius. My favorite Sagittarius quality is their master plan perspective that regularly transcends the devil in the details. Tuesday’s horoscope wants us to honor the master plan but by containing it within the beginning, middle, and end. What I mean by that is, keep your vision focused on expansion with healthy borders of structure and responsibility. While there are many planets in mutable Sagittarius, the focus here is not only Option A or Option B. It’s both. For the Saturn/Mercury conjunction, you might want to be proactively transparent and upfront in your strategy to avoid interpersonal conflict. On the personal level, compare your Tuesday experiences with your thought patterns. If Tuesday harkens pain, confusion, conflict and/or disorganization, you’ll need to consider what on the master plan thought level inspires the experience. I’ll say it on QueerCosmos regularly - it’s either thoughts of love or fear. Love gives you joy. Fear gives you pain. Choose correctly!

A blazing trine between the Sag Sun and the Aries Moon will help you easily recover your footing on the runway if Tuesday’s Saturn and Mercury clash tripped you up a bit. You see how friendly the Universe is? Especially because Aries Moons inspire us to dare greatly, own our power, and recover resiliently and fabulously.

The weekend is off to a gorgeous beginning when Venus leaves Scorpio and joins Sagittarius for 3.5 weeks on Friday. If Venus in Scorpio worked its alchemy, then I imagine an unconscious theme in relationships has now been brought to the light. Personal and interpersonal gits and blind spots on love should be in the forefront of our thinking on romance. We must not keep the circumstances of love at arm’s reach. And we must not stay silent either. So with Venus in Sagittarius, we want to love loudly.  We’ll want to share our romantic truths with people we’re co creating them with. Or we’ll want to be brutally honest with ourselves about what we’re looking to have in the arena of romance, finances, and love. There’s a lot of emotional performance art that’s a bit too popular and we all know the performers are trying to convince themselves of something. That shit aint cute. Sagittarius loves radical honest on the personal and interpersonal spaces so use the fire and power well to create the experience your heart craves.

Another helpful trine - this one on Saturday - between spiritually seeking Neptune and optimistic Jupiter will inspire the context for truly beautiful empathy, expansive healing, compassionate understanding and a bit of indulgence or overspending. Give of your undivided attention. And empathetic abilities. Call someone who’s having a rough go around this year. Show up for a friend or family member in heartbreak just so they know they’re not alone.

And the grand finale of this week is the Gemini Full Moon on Sunday! I don’t know about you, but I love Full Moon weekends. Don’t we all do better when the lights are on? Down boy, you know what I mean. Traditionally, Full Moons represent a cosmic completion. So reflect back to Gemini Season 2017 (May 20th-June 21st) and consider what projects, ideas, relationships, etc began/blossomed then. The Full Moon on Sunday will offer a completion/continuation of this story. Since it’s in Gemini, the suggestion here is to think even more intelligently, share our highest quality of dialogue with others, and learn more about our ideas. Stay curious. Ask questions. And increase mental chemistry in whatever topics or experiences occur this weekend to maximize moon magic.

Aries: Please tell me you’re a Super Mario fan, Ram. Because you know Mario would hit the mushroom and his size would grow like 3x in the game? That’s you this week, Aries! Sagittarius Season will work its fire glory on a Super Mario mushroom by summoning all circumstances, situations, and events that make your life’s horizons even more infinite. Your sign craves adventure, spontaneity, and excitement. And you’ll be earning it significantly this week! It could be minor at first like a casual conversation that shifts perspectives radically for you upon deeper evening analysis. Or even an international trip could fall on your busy Martian itinerary. Tuesday’s Mercury/Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius will ask the bold Rams among us to locate and understand their serious intentions behind these newfound curiosities and adventures. Why does this trip matter for your growth? Why does the relationship help you become the person you’re capable of ? Why does this job serve your joy and talents? Intention infuses everything as The Seat of The Soul reminds us. So find your highest master plan intentions and the outcomes will be high too. It’s really that simple. To help these Mercurial intention efforts, Venus entering Sagittarius on Friday will continue giving you the romantic and financial experiences to help you keep your intentions service oriented and very high. You’ll be attracted to people who challenge your assumptions. Who are radically different than you. The Gemini Full Moon on Sunday will complete a story in your life having to do with the way you think about thinking, vocal language, and your intellect. If you’re inspired to post a Facebook status or Instagram caption on what you’ve learned over the last 6 months, there’s someone who genuinely needs to know what you’re thinking. Share your brilliance with us!

Taurus: Truth seeker, thy name is Taurus. Now that Sagittarius Season is upon you, it will bring the beautiful bull to a closer and meaningful experience with the Truth as they define it in many existential situations. And prime contexts for deep desire, an inquiry into sexual healing , and tantric magic which your sensory loving sign adores after Friday when Venus enters Sagittarius which rules your most erogenous and erotic zone for 3.5 weeks. Tuesday’s Mercury/Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius will compel you even deeper into this discovery of Truth and will inspire a slow moving investigation. Not a push to make up conspiracy in your head. I know it’s tempting and serotonin inducing but try to avoid collecting 2 or 3 limited data points and making up the rest of your stories with fear. Ground yourself with the ultimate knowing that you do not know yet. And that’s totally, entirely ok. Now’s the time for data collection. Ask yourself, “What do I know for sure on this situation? (It’s less than you think). What am I making up in my head? (More than you know) Could I be me mistake here? (You probably are). This might read like a relinquishment of power but it isn’t. Because you’re taking your mental power back from places that don’t preserve or protect it but destroy it. It’s so different from worldy thought forms, I know, but we’re here to unlearn dysfunctional patterns to remember new ones that help us. Speaking of mental power, Sunday’s Gemini Full Moon on will take the twin’s quicksilver identity to help you deeply understand more ideas on values, income, and purpose. And  you’ll be closer to understanding the irreducible values that help you make sense of everything.

Gemini: Nobody knows the power of two better than you, the mythological twins. And now that Sagittarius Season is here, you’ll know the power of romantic partnership. Are you thinking of a special someone who makes you want to clip your Mercury winged sandals and commit gladly? Lucky them and lucky you, Gemini! Sagittarius Season wants the Twins to get really real about our relationship with romantic relationships. So if it’s deeper commitment, intimacy, or even an amicable split - then this month is the Twin’s time for the talk. Especially on Tuesday’s Mercury/Saturn conjunction which could inspire identify the intentions, expectations, and labor that’s required both given/received to make the connect work. It’s not sexy, I know but it could provide the container to hold all the passionate energy energy you two crave. Ask the right questions to avoid unmet relationship goals down the road and you can save time and joy. Venus entering Sagittarius on Friday will give Gemini gorgeous romantic experiences to understand more deeply who’s in and who’s out for 3.5 weeks. To make the most of this annual romantic journey, let us remember the Full Moon this Sunday shines for the Gemini Twins. It will asks you to own your personal power, share your heart, surrender the bullshit and demonstrate your inherent worthiness. Remember, you never have to negotiate the power inside your heart. Just let others see the Gemini moonlight that beams from it. And once you let the moon work its magic, you’ll begin again. Ready to show up for the partnerships better than ever.

Cancer: I’ll be sure to make the request to take the crab shell off and leave it at home this year for my Cancers but this week I won’t. Because your horoscope this week is to put it back on and reign your energy all the way in. Your month long motivation for passionate self-care, personal organization/administration, wellness, and nutrition has begun! Since the highest Cancer energy is so proactively conscious about interpersonal matters of the heart, you’ll want to marry that presentment to yourself. Check in with your own moonlit mind and ask how you’re doing in the effort to make you become the magnificent version of yourself you’re capable of. Tuesday’s Mercury/Saturn conjunction in these ideas wants you to develop a fail proof strategy that increases your personal agency and responsibility. Get a schedule and plan in motion that promotes your emotional and mental health. And on Friday, when Venus enters Sagittarius, the Goddess of Love will work prolific wonders helping your beautify your thoughts, nutrition, and behavior. Our consciousness determines a great deal, Cancer. So where are you connecting more beauty, harmony, and love to your thinking? This is more than just woo woo, all you need is love. Venus in your health sector could elevate your spiritual frequency profoundly if you’re willing to work with releasing all low-level things that keep you stuck in fear and realign with habit patterns of love. And because the Universe is working diligently to help, Sunday’s Full Moon in Gemini will be the perfect eve to formally declare just that. Consider Sunday the perfect power to declare all low-level existential things you don’t want to hold with your crab claw any more. Might I recommend a rigorous deep cleaning and cleansing on Sunday where you psychologically and personally remove all the excess garbage in your life? Your spirit will thank you, I promise.

Leo: “How Leos Got Their Groove Back” A Novel by the Universe starring Leo this Sagittarius Season! I’m going to bring you back to last August 21st during the Great American Solar Eclipse. Ever since, Leos have been pushed to step into power, responsibility, radical self-transformation, and growth opportunities. You’ve been like a baby lion learning how to crawl or hunt since. You’re on your way though. Your stride and groove are coming back. You’re getting the Royal pep back in your leonine step and we’re all thankful to see you shine. Since fellow Leo Carl Jung believed the paradox is the greatest spiritual tool we have, let’s use Tuesday’s Saturn/Mercury conjunction to strengthen power but hold it back, too. You can do both paradoxically. It’s difficult and delicate but necessary this week for the zodiac’s royals. I think It’s important to remember that not everyone has earned the strength of Leo’s joy, story, romance, and charisma. So consider where your sunlight is safe before sharing it with others first. Venus entering Sagittarius on Friday will push the royals to experience the context to support even more joy, emotional connection, romance, and support. This Venus transit will last 3.5 weeks and I think if the paradox is employed well; you’ll lean into the joy and discipline. Connection and boundaries. Tough and tender lough. The Full Moon in Gemini on Sunday will shine annual and illuminating lunar light in your experiences with friendships, community, and identity with the collective. In considering with whom your Leo energy in the safest, I have no doubt you’ll have your answers under the Full Moon sky.

Virgo: I love how all the Virgos in my corner have this enchantingly calm, cool, and collected Mercury vibe that makes me undone. Because I can sense the deep sensitivity behind their earthy exterior and I know that’s the driving force behind their compassionate care. Rather than keeping it predominantly hidden, Sagittarius Season will ask you to bloom that emotionality from behind your earthy exterior for other people to see. For the next month, your heart-centered intelligence on the symbol of home and family dynamics will be fleshed out more specifically on Tuesday’s Mercury/Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius. If you’re thinking about a tough decision involving your home, moving, redecorating, family planning, and context for emotional security - Tuesday’s conjunction in the heavyweight serious planets wants you to err on the side of responsibility and duty and that will be help you happily cross the finish line of decisiveness. Things take a turn from the serious to the romantic on Friday when Venus enters your zone of home, family, and emotional security. This transit could be used well to beautify your relationship with the Mother figures in your life and/or family. You’ll acquire a deeper sense of how home and family serves the sanctity of your romantic relationships, too. Once you begin working on getting your emotional foundation secure, the Gemini Full Moon on Sunday will shine it’s powerful moon magic on your professional security and how you can reach new starry heights in career. It’ll ask for a healthy completion of some kind so consider surrendering a thought, emotion, or circumstance that prevents you from being at the top of your work game. If the energy is used well, a promotion, pay raise, or better work opportunity can and will be yours.

Libra: Oh Libra, lighten up! That’s glib, I’m sorry, but what I mean is, don’t waste your valuable Venus energy in the annoying quagmire of gnarly details, petty drama, and low-level circumstances that allegedly prove people suck. You’re always at choice to focus on looking for the innocence or guilt in others. And you’ll find all the evidence you need to support one case or the other. Sagittarius Season - given its inherently jovial and optimistic nature - is gently asking you to return to your thinking’s factory settings to looking for the innocence and introduce generous assumptions and hypothesis of kindness instead. Tuesday’s Mercury/Saturn conjunction in this practice might want you to put a strict boundary on your search for the guilt. Extreme cases notwithstanding, simply repeat to yourself, “People are doing the best they can with the limited tools they have.” And the life you’ll change is your own. It’s a slow process, I know but your ruling planet Venus will save the day on Friday! When Venus in Sagittarius begins, your thoughts will get an extreme make over with beauty, harmony, and remembering the innocence in people. Remember Libra, whatever you choose to identify in others people will identify in you. So looking to see the kindness in people is an act of self-interest because others will seek the kindness and innocence in you. To help with this process, Sunday’s Gemini Full Moon to help you download higher thoughts of optimism, mutual understanding, and intellect which could help you transcend the annoying circumstances into more peaceful spaces.

Scorpio: I’ve never seen a Scorpion in its wild habitat because that’s absolutely terrifying but I imagine they’re powerfully possessive with their intimidating claws and poisonous stinger. Which is an appropriate image for Scorpios to meditate on this week as the Universe will compelled them to ask the questions, “What do I possess? Where do I put my power outside of myself? What is within my control? What attachments give me suffering or joy?” You’ll get tons of brownie points from the Universe if you answer the questions with radical responsibility on Tuesday’s Mercury/Saturn conjunction in big-picture, optimistic Sagittarius. The desired goal of spiritual seeking is inner peace which is served by a foundation of personal agency and autonomy.  Every spiritual and secular system has this value at its core. Speaking of values, Venus the of love and money will beautify your and self-esteem on Friday when she enters Sagittarius for 3.5 weeks. Your income and self-esteem could receive massive boosts if you work well with Sagittarius’ energy of master plan optimism and generosity. I want my Scorpios to meditate on the myth of scarcity. The illusion that if someone else has, you have less. I want my Scorpios to surrender the habit of comparison, too. So the timing of Sunday’s Full Moon in Gemini is divine and will shine the lunar light on a similar internal quest - values of personal growth and transformation. Your name is on the queue for tremendous success this year Scorpio while Jupiter is transiting your sign so show no mercy to all the dysfunctional habits patterns that keep you stuck and in your own way.

Sagittarius: Happy Birthday, Sagittarius! There will be 3 heavy hitter planets in Sagittarius pushing the centaurs among us to a brand new exploration in your identity, motivation, and soul growth has begun. We’re all so excited to see what Jupiter ruled gifts and abilities you contribute to the world. Tuesday’s Mercury/Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius will ask you stay in the horse stable just a bit longer before you’re off the races during your golden season. I suspect you need a bit more time to finalize a strategy a bit more. So with whatever master plan you’re working on, be sure to use Tuesday appropriately by dotting all your ‘I’s, cross all those ‘T’s. On the other side of the same coin, be skeptical of the information you take in and what you feel inspired to speak until Weds. On Friday when Venus enters Sagittarius for 3.5 weeks the entire Universe won’t be able to take its eyes off of you. Romantic pursuits, joy, sexuality, and the passionate pursuit of desire will be in every experience’s corner just for you. You have the gift of charisma, magnetism, and immense popularity throughout this transit. So enjoy! Speaking of relationships, your annual relationship reset button will be pushed on this Sunday’s Full Moon in Gemini. You’ll feel one of two (hello the Twins!) orientations; the urge to merge completely and love fearlessly or you’ll know the relationship dynamic has served its purpose and it’s time to leave the “room”. Either way, trust what comes up for you and follow your heart apologetically.

Capricorn: This week is the first full week of Sagittarius Season and the Universe’s marching orders is - surrender, seagoat. I know your Saturn soul doesn’t sense “surrender” as an option, because your psyche is compelled towards responsibility and finishing what you start. But this week will ask you to give yourself the gift of total closure and you’ll have tremendous support to fall back from projects/people that refuse to work with you. You can walk away gently from these experiences and not be a quitter. I promise. It’s an act of self-care. Not indulgence or laziness. On a lighter, more lovely note when Venus enters Sagittarius on Friday you’ll get the Goddess of Love’s encouragement to lovingly release, forgive, bond more deeply with those you love if applicable, or compassionately move on. While Venus stays in Sagittarius for 3.5 weeks, this is a great time to pay attention to your dreams. Abstract symbols, “signs”, and other intel from the Universe will be coming through to you rapidly and the intel is trying to help you become the best version of yourself so pay attention to the mystical. The Full Moon in Gemini on Sunday is on other side of self-care and you’ll you want to summon some of the Gemini moon magic for your experiences and practices on personal admin, health, wellness, and nutrition. This Moon will inspire you to clean your inner house so you can be as highly responsible and structured in the external spaces that could benefit from your intelligence.

Aquarius: After all these career successes and professional promotions, it’s time to party Aquarius! You’ve earned it. Work hard, play hard. This week’s astrology and Sagittarius Season as a whole favors friendship, community, socializing, and connecting to clan for the Waterbearer. And wouldn’t you know - this is the energy you do best. Tuesday’s Mercury/Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius will ask you to focus on a delicate paradox on the responsibility and/or duties required to build and sustain friendship. I suspect you could have to provide proactive emotional labor to a friend and/or the community you serve. If you use this energy well, Aquarius could be a proactive problem solver or a bodyguard of some kind. And then when Venus enters Sagittarius on Friday, your friendships will feel more romantic and your romances will feel more friendly throughout the next 3.5 weeks. This is a wonderful and strong angle to hold on relationships despite de facto social code. Because when people get too special, we put them on a pedestal and that’s unkind. Sunday’s Gemini Full Moon will shine the power of the moon to your inner power, charisma, and divine light. I suspect you’ll disprove the whole Aquarius detached thing and share your emotional story, courage, and intentions. Reclaiming your personal worthiness on Sunday is the name of the game. Own the glory under the night of the Full Moon and in the light of the Sagittarius Sun the Universe will have no choice but to prove it.

Pisces: Get ready for your career close up, Pisces! The Universe wants to lift the Pisces’ professional goals, and how they’ve come to define their life-purpose very visibly. It’ll be a bit more public attention than you’re introverted soul is used to so brace yourself for the discomfort. Everything you do professionally can and will go noticed by the right people so if career goals are on the forefront of your mind, rest assured -  the Universe is working tirelessly to make it happen. Up first is Tuesday’s Saturn/Mercury conjunction in your career sector. Since this is a combination of big picture disciplined mental strategy, do your best to finalize best case scenarios for work, purpose, and career so that if the train stops at your station, you have a plan ready to go and intentions ready to articulate to hiring managers and influencers. Speaking of influencers, when Venus enters your career sector on Friday for 3.5 weeks, you’ll want to give thanks to the divine feminine because girl power will be the energy to help your career. This will both beautify your career philosophies in a meaningful way and connect to you the ladies who want to help you make it happen. Another important career clause is Sunday’s Full Moon in Gemini which gives you the alchemy of the mighty moon in your emotional security, home as a symbol, and the dynamics of family. You might get caught up in the feels which is totally normal and allowed. And if you use this moon to give you a strong emotional foundation, it’ll give you the firm lift off to your career goals.