November 20-26th

I invite you all to enjoy November 20th as the last day of 2017's Scorpio Season. With as many as 5 planets in the emotionally charged, fixed water sign throughout the last month, it's important for us to identify the lessons of the patterns, themes, and experiences. Especially while Jupiter transits Scorpio for the next year. Ruler of the hidden, symbolic "underworld", Scorpio energy works it alchemy by ushering thoughts from our subconscious' underworld and brings them to the light of our conscious consideration. I imagine if you think deeply enough, the last month has helped you intimately understand a b-i-g Truth that must no longer stay hidden behind silence, secrecy, shame, or judgement.

And when the Sun enters Sagittarius on November 22nd at 7:05pm EST, we will be given Jupiter’s cosmic companionship to share our newly discovered Truths in the starlight of the centaur. The zodiac’s mutable fire sign, Sagittarius responds to imperious “....yeEah but! It’s EitHer THIS or THAT!!”” with  “Actually no. It’s both/and. So why don’t you get over yourself AND kindly calm the fuck down.” As a detached mutable sign and hardwired for inclusive wisdom, Sagittarius understands deeply that the center cannot hold. And our collective thinking would benefit profoundly from elevating discourse from opposing silos where it’s either you’re with us or against us. Into a harmony of alternative possibilities waiting to be explored. More to come on my opposite sign. What Sagittarius Season means for your sign specifically is below.

Speaking of mutable magic, Neptune - God of the Sea, Fantasy & Spirituality - ends it retrograde cycle on November 23rd at 6:21am EST. Since Neptune is in Pisces, divine mutable miracles shall begin again and we can all lean on faith, hope, and charity as touchstones for experiencing what shall come. Why not put mutable fire Sagittarius and mutable water Pisces in a beautiful dialogue where we can begin understanding how spiritual principles of love, forgiveness, compassion, and joy restore our capabilities for reason and peace on Earth? Since Neptune’s retrograde began last June, I explored what the direct motion means for each sign.

For my take on Thanksgiving’s Horoscope, check out what I wrote on Cosmopolitan here. A crescent Aquarius Moon for the rescue and win!

On Saturday, a harmonious trine between Mercury and Uranus helps us invoke the alternative possibilities mentioned prior. Mercury rules consciousness, technology, transportation and communication. Uranus rules spontaneity, disruption, and originality. With a trine energy between them they can cocreate the very surprise and unusual revelation we’ve been waiting for.


Standby horizon expansion in 3...2...1! After a swim in the Scorpio’s oceans, you have jewels of wisdom in your hand. That when properly put in the light of the Sagittarius Sun on Tuesday, your vision, intellect, communication patterns, and passport stamps could expand significantly. Look up, keep your thoughts high, and aim to see the big picture that transcends the circumstances of worldly drama. If your vision is otherworldly then that’s what makes you the most capable in this world. Mercury will retrograde in Sagittarius on December 3rd so I imagine your optimistic thinking and relationship to vocal language could be put to the test. If your experience is textured with confusion and pain, introduce new mental strategies that promote resilience, peace, and focus. It’s not easy, I know - but work hard to keep your thinking, feeling, and behavior aligned with the highest love. Not fear. On Wednesday, Neptune ends it’s long retrograde in areas involving  healing, spirituality, surrender, and closure. Retrograde don’t always hinder progress for they can often focus the strategy. So reflect on what ideas and experiences have occurred since June 18th so that you can embed the learning into Neptune now direct in Pisces.


What’s the tea, Taurus? You know damn well what has come up for you to interpersonally consider while Scorpio Season dared you to love fearlessly. And now that you have a firm understanding, Sagittarius Season beginning this Tuesday will invite you to go deep, think critically, and examine your experiences compared to your beliefs. Are they aligned in integrity? Do they support your highest personal development? You’ll know soon. In the areas of sexual desire and truth telling/receiving, particularly, Mercury will retrograde in Sagittarius on December 3rd, so your beliefs will square up with your experiences in intimacy. Know this proactively - if you’re met with joy and peace, you’re in the clear. If you’re met with fear and pain, it’s time to go back to the drawing board. Neptune ends its retrograde cycle in your friendship, community, and group identity experiences which will inspire you to be the most compassionate friend in the circle. So many lean on Taurus for their emotional support which is beautiful. So now you’ll be asked to be even more spiritually, emotionally, and creatively supportive to your cherished friends.


Is your physical and mental health on lock, Gemini? I sure hope so. Over the last month, the Universe asked the Twins to stay home and clean house. We were called proactively take steps to monitor our nutrition, organization, daily structure, and mental habits. Why? Not because the Universe is a micromanaging drill sergeant but because Sagittarius Season rules our relationship with love and commitment. You see, if we’ve gotten our ducks in a row, we’ll be the best version of ourselves in romantic relationship. We’re called to share our best selves throughout Sagittarius month. Which the next 4 weeks hold a promise of - love, romance, emotional bonding, and serious partnership. Mercury will retrograde in Sag on December 3rd, so we just have to be careful not to mouth off and/or get swept up and only share our love where it’s been proven to be safe and carefully trusted. And, more good news! When Neptune retrograde ends on Wednesday, the emergency break on our career and life purpose will finally be turned off and it’s full speed ahead for our goals. Be brave in your pursuit of purpose and rising to your most maximum manifestation.


Your poor home, Cancer! It must be missing you. After a whirlwind of an active social month, embracing the temporality of joy, high-energy socializing, and dramatic romantic rendezvous, you’ll feel ready to go back to the cozy basics. When Sagittarius Season lights up the November skies this Tuesday, you’ll want to focus on personal administration. What I mean by that is: proactive time management, organization, nutrition, and wellness. It’s time to clean (the inner and outer) house. And since Mercury will retrograde in Sagittarius on December 3rd, you’ll want to get as much work done prepared in this arena to avoid some future chaos or despair. This is also a time where strict logic and mental hacking of emotional hijacking is worthy of trendies effort. Ask yourself “Could I be mistaken about this story I’m making up in my head?” I love you but you’re probably very mistaken. But make no mistake, now that Neptune in Pisces goes direct in your zone of optimism, expansion, high-minded ideas and communication, you’ll be given the push and access to download higher spiritual wisdom that will comfort and anchor you throughout the external bullshit of life.


Brush your hair and put your crown back on, Leo. It’s time to leave the castle and you’ll need to look as regal as ever for the paparazzi waiting outside the moat. After a Scorpio season staycation within, you’re closer to understanding what contexts provide emotional security, trust, home, and family. Your heart-centered foundation is tighter than ever. Which is exactly what you need for Sagittarius Season as it gives you the grand stage to show up and be seen under the centaur’s sun. On Tuesday, you’ll begin to be asked to present yourself, your creativity, work, emotional state or dreams for four whole weeks. The cosmic spotlight will shine supremely from you and admirers will wait on baited breath for the ideas you’re contributing. Joy, pleasure, and bravery will reward you if you’re willing to be proactive and not waiting for needs/conditions to be met first. 24 hours after, Neptune in Pisces swims finally upstream in your areas of radical truth telling/receiving, intimacy, commitment, and growth. Reflect on the stories that began on June 18th. Whatever has developed since in those topics have offered expediences and lessons you’ll want to transition into the opportunities ahead. You can do it, Leo. We’re rooting for you!


The House Muva is YOU, Virgo. Though your genuine warmth and maternal side can feel buried behind your earth sensibility and practicality, it’s absolutely there. You just don’t lead with it. But on Tuesday, the Universe wants you to take it out of the internal world and into the bright lights of the Sagittarius Sun for 4 weeks. Ideas, experiences, and practices on family, motherhood, relationship to home, and emotional security. Tenderness is a quality you give and you’ll want to receive. When Mercury retrogrades in Sagittarius on December 3rd, your theories on home, emotionality, and family will be put to the test. So stay proactive about your elevating these areas in your life to divine right order. Perhaps even begin by admitting how sensitive you are to those who need to see it? Particularly on Wednesday when Neptune in Pisces ends it retrograde cycle in your relationship, romance, and commitment sector. Since June 18th 2017, your love life and philosophical approaches to commitment might have felt a little cloudy. Your sharp intellect trapped behind dense fog. So reflect on what patterns and ideas came up for you since then and try to transfer them to your decision making on love and relationship. Green, light, go on love!


Chapter 3 of 12 begins on Tuesday, Libra. After your golden month, Scorpio Season worked its mighty magic by helping you smooth out your how you define personal security; the framework for your personal, purposeful and financial values. Sagittarius Season this Tuesday begins a continuation. Chapter 3 will strengthen your relationship with dialogue, curiosity, mental exchange, and the magic that can come together when two consciousness come together. You’ll feel a bit more social, flexible, lighthearted, and eager to learn more so you can test out those newly sharpened values. Word of caution, Mercury will retrograde in Sagittarius on December 3rd, so Chapter 3 will have to ask you to develop intellectual and vocal impulse control because some of the data might be lost in translation. Therefore it’s best to say and do nothing while Mercury slows down. On speed, Neptune will move direct in Pieces and usher in the ocean’s clean waters on issues related to health, mental wellness, personal admin, and ritual that promote your growth. Work with this power to give and receive energies of compassion, healing, tenderness and forgiveness. These emotions can be generous acts of self interest because there’s hardly any practical reason to stay angry in contempt. Let it all go for your own peace, Libra.


The parties are winding down, the candles are blown out, and the hangovers are dissipating. I hope you had a glorious birth month. So many Scorpios of mine really owned their glory this month and the Universe stopped at nothing to validate the power you’re owning. While the Sun toured Scorpio, I’m sure your mind and heart climbed higher on your spiritual curriculum and found powerful wisdom from these experience. When the Sun enters on Sagittarius on Tuesday, you’ll want to transfer these experiences into the next month and put them in dialogue with preexisting values and Truths that will help you make sense of where you’re at and where you’re going next. Make a blank list called Clarity of Values and write down what comes to you. Mercury will retrograde in this inquiry on December 3rd so you’ll want to be patient with yourself and extra careful about financial snafus. Make sure your bills are paid, follow up with student loan repayment apps, negotiate where you must. While one is retrograde, Neptune will move direct in Pisces in your charismatic, romantic, and solar star quality. It’s been causing a drought since June 18th 2017. So if you’ve been needing a push of confidence and joy, it will resume on ocean rides this Wednesday and the magic will be mighty. Let compassion, forgiveness, and mercy be your guide.


Happy (almost!?) Birthday, Sagittarius! On Tuesday at 7:05pm EST, the stars will shine for you, the Universe sings your song, and the magic of cosmic centaur will cover our skies. This news arrives in divine timing since the last month might’ve been particularly difficult. Confronting you with necessary closure, endings you didn’t see coming, or emotions you didn’t know you had. Believe me when I say, the Universe is working tirelessly to help us achieve our highest self. But we must identify where we’re setting ourselves up for self-sabotage first so consider last month your healing via detox. So gallop with trust into Sagittarius Season. A higher plan is unfolding to help. Mercury will retrograde in your sign on December 3rd so just make sure you’re thinking and speaking are in integrity; keep thoughts and clear clear, deep, proactive, and resilient. To soften the edges, Neptune will end its long ass retrograde in Pisces this Wednesday. So ideas and experiences on emotional security, home, family, and motherhood that might have felt cloudy since June 18th will get the holy water to alchemize. I suspect this Sagittarius Season will be more emotionally fulfilling, sentimental, and meaningful than others. I can’t wait to see what my opposite sign contributes to the world. Happy Birthday!


Make like my Capricorn pal Charlene and focus the next four months for precious Yin time. Over the last four weeks, you’ve socially facilitated, connected to friends, and partied your goat tail off. And when Sagittarius Season begins on Tuesday, you’ll feel the urge to retreat. Stand down. Lock yourself in for some Yin. Do it unapologetically. November 21-December 20th is your annual self-care sabbatical. So though your active sign is more Cardinal comfortable in action, doing, planning, and climbing - you deserve and need a vacation. Especially while Mercury retrogrades in the areas of cosmic closure, surrender, healing, and release on December 3rd. So you’ll want to be very upfront about your emotional and personal limitations. I love Capricorn Shonda Rhymes explanation of no on Oprah. Shonda said it’s “No that doesn’t quite work for me.” Period. No explanation because no is a complete sentence. On communication, Neptune will conclude receding its powerful waters in your dialogue, mental curiosity/exchange, and interpersonal communion areas. So you’ll feel like you can lean on empathy, compassion, tenderness, and forgiveness in conversation. And perhaps with siblings too. Enjoy the staycation, Seagoat!


Now that the ink is drying on the contract illustrating your recent accomplishments and advancement at work and in other public places, it’s time to celebrate! Scorpio Season set in motion your liftoff so its held in trust by the infinitely powerful Universe. On Tuesday, when the Sun enters Sagittarius, you’ll want to rejoin where you feel happiest; among friends. Socializing and painting the town Waterbearer red. This month will make you feel right at spiritual home. Ringleading the crowds, disrupting the status quo, and helping others understand alternative solutions to the problems they never considered. A word of caution, Mercury will retrograde in Sagittarius on December 3rd in the same area. So because Aquarius is as fixed as it gets, my proactive suggestion is to ask you to stay open to being “wrong”, stay detached, flexible and willing to adjust with peaceful compromise. No one likes a dictator. On a lighter but wetter note (easy, tiger!), Neptune finishes its retrograde that began almost 5 months ago and restores healing, compassionate, miraculous waters to your self-esteem, financial security, and the ways you define values. Neptune in Pisces will part the seas for psychological flexibility, understanding, and a focus on service on your end.


I’m sure you’ve been feeling like you’re trying to swim upstream on downtown tide. I’ve watched with patience, loyalty, and optimism as the Pisces I adore just keeps swimming applying for work and careers. Knowing full well, the tide will turn in your favor on Tuesday! Sagittarius Season blesses your career with mighty cosmic companionship. You’ll have the context to have your career shine like the Northern lights. What you’ll have to do proactively is - keep the faith. “Blessed are those who have faith but cannot see.” You’ll need to stay optimistic, focused, resilient, and completely convicted that the Universe is self organizing right this second to provide your dreams. Because Mercury will retrograde here on December 3rd which will ask Pisces to keep their thought on work and purpose high to the heavens. And in perfectly divine timing which will all make sense when it happens, you’ll be safe in the arms of the ocean somewhere soon. I promise. In more good news, Neptune - your ruling planet - ends it retrograde in Pisces which began on June 18th 2017. Yowza! But now you’ll have all the power of your ruling planet to push your vision and dreams forward. I believe 2017 has the promise for Pisces to end of a very high mountain or beautiful seafloor. Whichever imagery feels better. I’m with you every swim and step of the way!