November 13-20

Out with the old bullshit and in with the new realness! The forecast for this week has a strongly unilateral Scorpio ruled theme of uncomfortable honesty and bringing the unconscious to conscious consideration. Considering the exposing of the sexual assaults in Hollywood as such an example. And the Universe is just getting started. Since these are very Scorpionic experiences, I think the Universe needs us all to get a grip on these ideas sooner rather than later so we can rebuild the powerful energy of the year off of our specialized and focused understanding having brought the unconscious to the conscious.

The first is Monday’s Venus/Jupiter conjunction in - you guessed it - Scorpio! Venus and Jupiter are called benefics by classical astrology because they’re planets that are theoretically “harmless” when direct and not making hard aspects to more difficult energy patterns. So imagine the miraculous context available to us all when the two most positive planets in the Zodiac collide for an annual cosmic collision! A heart opening opportunity promises safe emotional exposure and meaningful romance on this week’s itinerary IF we work with Scorpionic power of radical truth telling and receiving. Show up to this Venus/Jupiter conjunction without armor, blame, skepticism, and the general mean-spirited(ness) that seems to be so chic these days. It’s gross, isn’t it? Especially because a Mercury (in Sagittarius)/Neptune (in Pisces) square will inspire us to write master fictional conspiracy. So just show up to whatever Monday presents you with most effectively by leaving your detective hat at home. Show up as psychologically available as possible.

Neptune, the God of the Seas, comes to the Goddess of Love’s rescue on Thursday. Out from the deepest oceans, a stage could be set for fantasy, imaginative thinking, and understanding the spiritual undercurrents of love. What I️ mean by that is we could all stand to learn how to detach from trying to control the outcome of our romantic experiences and give it to the Universe. Whose intention is already making sure we’re aligned with the right romantic people. And since the Universe does a pretty solid job controlling a perfectly orchestrated nature, why not give your love life to the Universe? It’s practically begging for you to release control.

After 3 experiential lessons in Love/Values & Communication, I’m sure you’ll walk away from the forecast this week with ideas, experiences, and lessons learned on the Scorpio ruled themes in your life. Which will be amplified by Jupiter’s Power until next Winter 2018. So it’s VITAL that we stay with the work that’s showed up for us. On Saturday, the only Scorpio New Moon will ask us all to finalize our intentions for the new year. What areas of the week need effort? What do we need to acquire? If change is what you need, do everything you can to select what is required to make positive steps in the right direction.


Veritas, thy name is Aries. This week will challenge the children of the God of War to confront their deepest Truths, keep it real with others, sit with the edge and discomfort, and then have a marathon sex session to release it. That’s right! The luckiest day for love lights up Aries erotic zone on Monday. If you need sexual healing, a night of desire, passion, and/or unspeakable filthy things consider Monday your night. Enjoy yourself! Safely, please. Tuesday’s Mercury/Neptune square will cloud your ideas on big picture communication and perhaps reveal even more unconscious trends and habits of self destruction to the surface. You’re far from a sign who enjoys your own misery but sometimes Rams can create dysfunctional habit patterns because they think and move too fast without staying in a place long enough to make sense of it. Sit still with the Mercury/Neptune square and strategize problem solving solutions afterwards. Don’t deny or distance yourself from whatever comes up, either. Because the New Moon in Scorpio on Saturday will ask you to locate your highest intentions that serve the themes of this week for manifestation throughout the next six months. Be as brutally and compassionately honest as you can with yourself. What limited self beliefs and behavior keep your fire from burning as bright as it can? Identify alternative beliefs and behavior on Saturday so the Universe can grant your wishes and you can be the bad ass you’re destined to be.


Rules by Venus - the Goddess of Love - your sign is a gifted student and teacher of romance, belonging, and the aesthetic arts. As such, your spiritually compelled to understand meaningful connection in a range of experiences. Locate Monday in this annual Venus/Jupiter conjunction as prime time to learn even more about your favorite topic - LOVE. If you’re single, proactively open yourself up to the person you’re longing for. Say yes to a date. Put your heart out there to be seen and heard. If you’re coupled, this conjunction will ask you to bend emotionally, mentally, sexually and spiritually to serve the style of your beloved. Be as compromising, nonjudgmental, and open to understanding them. Especially since it’s in the Mercury/Neptune square. You’ll find out about a deeper truth so do your best to ask the right questions, reality check yourself, and then you can hack into uncomfortable emotion through a slow moving mental process. Saturday’s New Moon in Scorpio will ask you to think of your highest romantic relationship intentions. And since Jupiter is in Scorpio until Winter 2018, relationship ideas will be your primary concern so you’ll want to get clear on your values in them. But remember, this isn’t about you asking to receive. Locate what you’re willing to give. If you’re going to make a list, make one of all the emotionality and experiences you’re willing to give to your partner(s) when they arrive.


Maybe I’m biased but I️ don’t think Geminis get the credit they deserve on their Mercury focused attention to detail, vocal communication, organization, planning, and execution. So it’s divine timing that this Venus/Jupiter conjunction elevates our ability to show the world how well we manage our own lives. Since this Love/Success duality hits our service house, I️ think all Geminis should go out their way to be of tremendous service to someone who may need our intelligence or friendship. Little acts of service and conscientious gestures go so far. On a different note, be careful not to get in to hot water with miscommunication at work on Monday during the Mercury/Neptune square. We could be just “trying to help” with our better idea but if someone’s not willing to hear it, we should know when it’s a moot point. Hold your breath and vicious tongue until Wednesday when the storm passes. When it does, Saturday’s New Moon in Scorpio will open the skies to receive Gemini’s highest health and wellness related intentions so you can stay the quicksilver and brilliant soul you are. Locate what you need to think, feel, do, say, and eat so you’re staying nutritious and committed to your own self improvement. Rejoin the gym, begin a meditation practice, and/or start eating even more cleanly. This isn’t the weekend for self indulgence. The Universe wants you to stay responsible and as focused on long term gain as possible.


Your cosmic and lunar spotlight is beaming from within so many of you. I️ can count on T-W-O  hands how many Cancers in my life are already presenting their creative capabilities in entrepreneurial fields and I’m so proud of their efforts. It’s so brave. It’s courageous and vulnerable. And they’re not letting the critics stop from them showing up and being seen. Venus/Jupiter’s conjunction will alchemize the projects underway into miraculous places and the positive recognition you’re working for in these efforts could be yours. It’ll also inspire more straightforward strategies in romance. You might work up on the spine to perhaps communicate intentions or expectations in a meaningful romantic pursuit? Just don’t sweat the small details of their answers or the professional progress. A harsh square between Mercury and Neptune will confuse your reception and communication so avoid making up conspiracy in your head and stay available to infinite outcomes. And then on Saturday’s New Moon in Scorpio, Cancer’s intentions on expressing their divine gifts and abilities to be of service to the collective and their ideas on emotional exposure, romance, and joy will be lifted to to the highest corners of divine wisdom who wants to help. So don’t be shy. Be very direct and honest on ways that you can move straightforward and confidently in the direction of your wildest dreams, Moon child. You deserve the job you generously share to everyone.


Heart centered Queens are remembered the most fondly by history, Leo. After all, the brightest star in the Leo constellation is “Regulus”; the Lion’s heart. So if the zodiac’s monarch understands that which motivates their heart, they’ll receive mighty cosmic companionship from the Universe. Monday’s Venus/Jupiter conjunction will ask Leo to break their hearts wide open and experience the strength of their powerful emotional security,  intelligence, and vulnerability. I️ know it’s difficult but be as transparent and exposed as you can. Venus and Jupiter can only reward you for it so don’t be a scaredy cat. A tough square between Mercury and Neptune could make you predict and anticipate enemies/risk that aren’t there. Whatever you do, don’t let shame convince you to stay silent on things that need to be expressed. Know this Leo, your safety lies in your defenselessness. Own your integrity and you’ll be safe. No matter what anyone says. The Scorpio New Moon on Saturday will ask you to find your most meaningful intentions and framework to understand emotional security. If you’re looking to switch humble abodes, improve relationships with Mother figures, and embrace your sensitivities then declare it all to the Universe on Saturday so it can work it’s infinitely powerful magic to make the manifestation happen.


I was a reading a book on Angels once (as one does, right?) where I read the phrase “...beautify your thoughts” and it’s lived in with me ever since. I love the idea that our thoughts can be beautified. Monday’s powerful Venus/Jupiter conjunction will give you the context to beautify and electrify your thoughts and communications with high minded psychology and security. Your mental prowess is incomparable but sometimes it’s used in service of your own self annihilation. Why? Cut that shit out and beauty your thoughts Virgo! Especially while a tough Mercury/Neptune square touches your emotional security and interpersonal relationships circumstances. If you’re proactive about instilling your own worthiness and psychological security, then no matter what happens “out there”, you’ll still feel safe, secure, and glorified. But since we’re not enlightened masters yet, let Saturday’s New Moon in Scorpio help you find intentions for psychological growth and security. Write down your highest service oriented intentions that fortify your peace of mind and relationship to verbal communication. Again, seek to beautify and fortify your thoughts with love, joy, and peace so that while you’re being called to help so many, your mind will be a beacon of light to those who need it.


Feeling off-balanced, Libra? It’s to be expected. As the champion of peace and harmony, all you need to do is turn on the news for 3 seconds to know our contemporary moment is far from the mountaintop Libra is trying to climb. Monday’s Venus/Jupiter conjunction will ask, “Be that as it may, what are YOUR values, Libra? What are the ideas by which you stand on everything?” Because it’s Scorpio ruled, make radical authenticity, courage, trust, and meaningful reciprocal relationships concepts to start thinking of. Especially during Monday’s Mercury/Neptune square which will shake up outdated ideas on interpersonal dialogue and service. Monitor your own progress on how you show up for others AND the way others show up for you. Lovingly let go of those who’s limited tools cause you pain and strengthen the connections from those who can meet you where you’re at. After this informative week, Saturday’s New Moon in Scorpio will ask you to declare intentions on value, income, self-esteem, and security. Spiritually seeking, there is nothing “outside” of you that will make you feel secure. It’s entirely an inside job. So if you texture your intentions with words like forgiveness, peace, healing, detachment, mercy, and tenderness, then the security will naturally magnetize it’s way to you.


A cosmic collision of charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent is radiating from the Scorpio born and influenced on Monday during the Venus/Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio! Listen up, Monday is the day to adorn yourself in love, joy, and expansion. Don’t be terrified of it. Even if it’s unfamiliar. You deserve to feel love and success, Scorpio. So do whatever you can to familiarize yourself with optimism and hypothesis of generosity to others. On Monday a Mercury/Neptune square could push you into the spotlight on an important matter where you’ll be asked to make executive decisions so please download the security, confidence, and agency that the Universe is giving to Scorpio on Monday. Hold an orientation of the utmost mindfulness because Saturday’s New Moon is in Scorpio so there is no sign the Universe wants to hear from more than you. As such, you’ll want to reflect deeply on the year passed and own where you got it wrong and pat yourself on the back for where you got it right. And then you’ll want to have some kind of high minded intention declaring for the next year because it promises the potential for you rise to your most maximum self-actualization. Infuse your intentions with self love, service, interpersonal enrichment and allowing your gifts/abilities to find their expression in your experience. Shine, Scorpio.


Surrender offers you everything you crave, Centaur. The month of closure, endings, self-care, and healing is almost complete. So work on managing the paradox of resilience and detachment as best you can. We’re all rooting for you! Monday’s Venus/Jupiter conjunction will alchemize your preexisting efforts in letting go all low-level existential things that keep you stuck. Work with energy of beautification, radical honesty, optimism, and courage to eradicate the bullshit. It feels counterproductive but trust me the effects will feel quantum. A tough square between Mercury (currently in Sagittarius!) and Neptune in Pisces will throw some unknowns in your understanding of emotional security. Sit with whatever discomfort comes up. Don’t fall into dysfunctional Sag patterns of denial and distraction. We heal through detox so let it come up so it shall be released. Speaking of release, Saturday’s New Moon in Scorpio will ask Sagittarius just that - What do I need to gain closure on? If it’s finality on relationships, work, emotional trauma, anything - outline what you would like cosmic completion on so that you can begin again in the energy of new availability. Consider it the biggest cosmic clean up before Sagittarius Season begins in a few days. Throw out all the shit that you don’t need so in its absence all the higher frequency circumstances could become yours. Wishing you peace and infinite joy!


Climbing mountains of success and swimming to the bottom of the emotion ocean can feel like a lonely Herculean task for the Seagoats among us. But Monday’s Venus/Jupiter conjunction will open the Universe’s social abundance for Capricorn where loneliness defined as “perceived social isolation” by Dr. Brene Brown could become a thing of the past. If you’re offering support and effort to your friendships loyally, they will be fabulously fortified by this transit and you’ll be enriched by the ways friends support your highest vision. A little bit of surrender could be required during the Mercury/Neptune square offering some tension among your relationship to listening to spiritual communication. You’re a bigger fan of language you can see, feel, and hear but open your mind’s eye to see and listen to divine wisdom instead. It only wants you to own your love and glory so you have nothing to lose except a tight attachment to your ego. In a proper detachment of the voice that is all about you, Saturday’s New Moon in Scorpio will ask you to clarify your values for friendship, communal activity, activism, and ideas on making romances more friendly. It feels ridiculous but treating everyone with the gold standard of friendship - where few are more special - protects your energy with all people. You’ll inhabit the space of socialization with higher energy and everyone will feel it.


Make like my Aquarius Adelle and get to updating your LinkedIn, Aquarius! Because Monday’s Venus/Jupiter conjunction will offer favorable and uplifting career opportunities that strengthen your life purpose. This isn’t about a 9-5. It’s about getting paid to do what you love and what serves your soul. So lay claim to the divine abilities that only you have and let the Universe self-organize in a way that provides the professional experience for it to happen. That same day, a square between Mercury and Neptune will ask you to get rid of values that don’t serve your highest experience. Our character determines our destiny and our character is born from our convictions. Do yours promote peace or pain? One or the other. You can’t have both. So choose values that promote your success not your judgment, bitterness, and despair. Saturday’s New Moon in Scorpio will reset your relationship with the aforementioned ideas on life purpose. Set intentions that help you stay in integrity, responsibility, discipline, and structure. Because although you’re Uranian soul loves detachment, life purpose requires discipline. So declare intentions that are rooted in discipline so you can become the highest version of yourself and your life purpose. I’m so excited to see what my Aquarians achieve this year and beyond. I’ll be cheering you on every single step of the way!


According to quantum physics, there are INFINITE outcomes waiting to unfold from any given experience at any moment. Monday’s Venus/Jupiter conjunction wants to expand your brilliant thinking beyond attaching yourself to one or two outcomes that projects could unfold. And instead be available to the infinite opportunities waiting to seek expression in your experience. The Universe is firmly invested in making sure that you become successful and in love, Pisces. Firmly. That same day, a square between Mercury and Neptune inspires you to release outdated self-suppressing theories involving your work life. Stop being so good at lying to yourself about your worthiness. So what if one job says no. There’s an infinite more waiting to say yes if your positive and joyful thinking allows them to enter your fish bowl. So stay secure, focused, and disciplined in your creative career efforts. Saturday’s New Moon in Scorpio will ask you to locate psychological habit patterns that promote your perception to think BIG. To show up to the infinite opportunities ready to be your best self. Because that’s all the Universe wants to give you but our free will interrupts it. So specify mental ideas like optimism, surrender, flexibility, and resilience that allow you to become the gifted artist of the soul you’re capable of.