October 9-15th

I know it was almost 2 months ago, but I think it’s pertinent to mention last August’s Solar eclipse. Because it’s so obvious to me - and other metaphysical practitioners that I’ve spoken to - that the spiritual ground beneath us permanently and fundamentally shifted on August 21, 2017. Beforehand, if you wanted to engage in self denial and/or cling to dysfunctional habit patterns, there was probably a very wide delay between your low level thinking/behavior and the manifestation of a consequential low-level circumstance. After the Solar Eclipse, that delay was destroyed. Let’s not kid ourselves. We can’t get away with what we used to dangerously play with. Either we’re taking 100% responsibility for the tenor of our experiences or we’re not doing “the work”. Period. 

If we’re not adapting, changing, learning, atoning, forgiving, and responsibly owning our power in relation to the greater collective - there will be consequences. But remember, the Universe is completely invested in your highest self actualization. So we must work with the infinite powers of love, forgiveness, joy, compassion, and tenderness or you will be stuck in pain. The subsequent astrological transits since are here to help us adapt to the changing times with our psychology being put to the test and this week’s astrology has change written all over it.

Up first is Monday’s Sun/Mercury-Pluto Square. The chemistry between the Sun and Mercury in Cardinal Sign Libra clashing against another cardinal sign Pluto in Capricorn highlights the shadow of Cardinal energy which is a lack of impulse control. Consider exercising your emotional and mental responsibility on Monday as it will allow you to be a dignified person in the face of possibly irresponsibility. I suspect a bombardment to us all of many reactive circumstances. My suggestion is - don’t type, text, or talk if triggered. Just observe. Locate data, sure, but refrain from making up conspiracy in your head and acting on it.

Because on Tuesday, one of the most landmark transits of 2017 occurs when Jupiter enters Scorpio until 2017. For more, read my coverage on Cosmopolitan here. An inquiry into our deepest Truths and most meaningful understanding will be paramount to our success this year. Without truth telling, we will stay stuck in emotional barbed wire. No more bullshit. Keep it real and the Universe will keep you uplifted.

Midweek on Wednesday, the shadow of Mutable energy could reveal itself with a Mars in Virgo square Saturn in Sagittarius. It’s energy will inspire us to focus our actions and beliefs to promote our better selves. Avoid spreading yourself too thin, overcommitting, and overindulging distraction. Try to focus on the cleaning up the quality of your behavior and conviction. Do they improve or hurt your experience? It’s one or the other. So pick the simplest, cleanest thoughts and behavior.

After the heaviness of the week, the Goddess of Love, Miss Venus enters Libra on Saturday. For the next 3.5 weeks our relationships and finances will be absolutely beautified. Now that we’ve worked on simplifying and kind of cleaning those qualities, Venus in Libra inspires generosity, compromise, diplomacy, and the unconditional sharing of our lives with other people. Let the gifts of relationship reveal themselves. Give proactively.

On Sunday, a Mercury in Libra opposition against Uranus in Aries brings you back to the beginning. Remember what I said about change being the only constant. Register what thoughts and idea comes up on Sunday as divine suggestions to help you adapt to the newness. Don’t be afraid of changing your life.



In considering what I mentioned on how pain cannot be denied, Aries would be best served this week by locating the pain that they’re running from. No more distractions, no more excess stimuli to redirect your attention elsewhere, no more staying “busy”. You must appreciate the pain as a traveling Proffesor and ask what it’s trying to teach you. You must heal it carefully and healthily before you can show up and be the Mars warrior that you’re capable of.  On Tuesday, Jupiter lights up your zone of sexuality, intimacy, and authentic truth telling. So the next year will call forth success for you if you successfully flesh out what these topics mean to you. Your sign likes to keep it light and happy but next year is all about taking a deep and uncomfortable plunge into the depths of human experience so brace yourself. On Friday, Venus - the goddess of love - will bless your zone of romance and partnership! You’ll feel the urge to express your heart’s most interpersonal desires and merge wholeheartedly for the next 3.5 weeks. This is annual transit that can only bring blessings if you show up willing to give and receive so have this framework in mind and work its magic.


I have such a soft spot for Taurus energy since it’s a dominant sign in my family and friend groups. I’m always humbled by their forcefulness in showing up in love loyally. But since this week is about confronting pain, my suggestion to the Taurus energy is to stop telling yourself fictional masterpieces. Put down the illusion and let life tell you what you need to know instead of the other way around. It’s time to admit reality and let yourself work with your experience on a foundation of honesty and integrity. Because on Tuesday your love life will be blessed for an entire year by Jupiter in Scorpio! So all of the romantic success that you’re looking for will be yours this year but you need to experience the next chapter with an orientation of rigorous responsibility and honesty. If you’re not sure where those allusions are in your head, ask your friends or your family to help you see them. On Friday, Venus will beautify your zone of interior thinking and health. So if you use this week responsibly to collect the data of where you need to improve your thinking, then you will have Venus’ help in beautifying your peace of mind.


I’m constantly trying to repudiate the propaganda against Gemini across the Internet. But I can’t do this endeavor alone so let’s confront Gemini’s pain this week. There is no doubt in my mind that Geminis are disciplined, hard-working, and very willing to seriously commit to a relationship - despite what everyone mythologizes. And I find my brethren in discomfort over these lies so let’s stop with the pretending, denying, or buying into these projections. On Tuesday, Jupiter will bring tremendous success to our interior efforts of building peace of mind, organization, health, structure, and proactive planning for self development. So let’s show the world this year how seriously we take the small details and responsibilities required of life, and belonging. On Friday, Venus will beautify our zone of emotional exposure, courage, joy, and romance. This is an annual transit I can only bring blessings to our love life. So let’s use the earlier week energy to clean up her act and show up to the partnership sector with nothing but excitement and optimism.


As I previously discussed with you my favorite children of the moon, Libra Season means learning how to articulate your emotional security and your relationship to the symbol of home and family. It’s an emotionally charged month for Cancer and because this week is about confronting the pain, let’s dig in. We all receive tremendous social support with the best of intentions to feel the feels right? But let’s know the difference between processing and emotional self indulgence, Cancer. Examine feelings as temporary moments of discomfort not always permanent indications of truth. Because we need less emotional reactivity and more emotional discipline for the times in which we live. On Tuesday, Jupiter begins a year-long success and blessings tour In your zone of emotional transparency, romance, joy and charisma. Now this year ahead can bring you tremendous social success if you are proactive about giving your best self to this experience. Sometimes Cancer can withhold the experience of themselves being seen and heard because they’re waiting for invitation. Don’t do that this year! Give proactively, show up without armor, and be as defenseless as you can so that you can receive the abundance that the year ahead is promising you.


The ruling star in our solar system and the kings and queens in our zodiac have an obvious amount of symbolism in common. They sometimes expect the world and other people to revolve around them without little effort required to meet in the middle. The energy of this week is calling all of us to confront our pain because it cannot be denied. This Leo trait of passive emotional labor speaks to a paralyzing fear of rejection and criticism. But the critics don’t count, Leo. The people who are actually contributing count. Don’t be afraid of letting your light shine. And please meet others in the middle and proactively give other people the space to feel seen and heard through your communication. On Tuesday, Jupiter begins a year-long abundance tour through your zone of emotional security, empathy, home, and mother figures. So imagine best case scenario outcomes for you and your relationship to home so that Jupiter can work it’s magic this year for you. On Friday, Venus will beautify your communication and interpersonal dialogue experiences. So use the energy of the following 3.5 weeks to express to the people who matter your fears and vulnerabilities so that they can let their empathy work wonders for your shame.


What are your values, Virgo? You have an amazing intuitive ability to identify the most intelligent decisions to make for yourself and others. Whether or not you do them is another story but your moral compass is extremely brilliant. So my question is… what value system is yours by which you stand on everything? Because this energy of the week is asking all of us to confront our pain. We know the value of personal self-care and forgiving ourselves for our mistakes once we take responsibility for them. But how often do you give yourself tenderness versus inflict ruthless self-mutilation? I can’t allow it from my Virgos anymore. On Tuesday, Jupiter will give you the success and abundance your interpersonal dialogue requires which will allows you to process your pain with friends without self harm. But remember, you will get what you give so make sure you are giving yourself this opportunity of self healing or you’ll find yourself trapped in a vicious violent cycle. On Friday, Venus will work it’s beautifying magic in your zone of values, self esteem, and income so the next 3.5 weeks are sure to bring you the experience required to silence the shame in your head and act on confidence and worthiness instead.


Happy golden season to my Libras! I am continuously very impressed with the maturity, personal evolution, and self growth I’m seeing from the Libras in my life. I wish you all the most joyous self actualization! And I’m here for you to help point the way if you need me. On Tuesday, Jupiter will be commence a year long chapter in your life story that give you the experiences to embody the lessons you’ve received from last year. I can’t recommend a deep interior awareness moment enough to help you locate the wisdom you’ve earned so you can apply them to your upcoming experiences. I think writing them down and placing your “Clarity of Values” list where you’ll see it regularly will help. And you’ll see what I mean on the embodying experiences as the year continues. On Friday, Venus your ruling planet enters Libra and blesses you with all of the beauty, charisma, popularity, and glamour that you effortlessly beam so well for 3.5 weeks. You will have wonderful romantic opportunities and experiences that allow you to feel closer to unconditional love. Be as romantic and loving as possible so that you can receive the gifts of this annual transit during your solar season.


Take your current life ALL in Scorpio because it’s going to look completely unrecognizable a year from now. On Tuesday, Jupiter enters Scorpio. So for the next year, enormous success, prosperity, and abundance can and will be yours. Which is exactly what you need after a year of radical closure and surrender. While Libra Season is underway, please be proactive in the offering of apology and the receiving of forgiveness. Because the Jupiter in Scorpio success can only come through to you directly if your heart and mind stay open to joy and love. But that can only happen after you give yourself and the others the chance to begin again. I want to see my Scorpio’s rise to their creative and maximum possibility. So do everything that you can to rid yourself of the shadow of the past so that you can instead embody the light of the future. Use the week to consider who you need to speak to and what experiences you need to let go of because Friday Venus will enter your zone of closure and surrender. So your experiences with forgiveness will be beautified and you’ll feel a psychological impulse to harmonize your circumstances that need understanding, mercy, and tenderness. I can’t wait to see the blessings of the year ahead! Please keep me posted.


As Sagittarius’ only opposite sign, I am privileged to see their glory in full vision from across the Zodiac circle. Speaking of circle, Libra Season holds the experiences of recognizing Sagittarius’s oneness with the community. Sagittarius is hardwired to advance the collective but since this week urges confrontation of pain, my opposite sign suggestion to Sag is to have their voice speak up and say enough is enough to the people who take advantage of their generosity. Yes, you have enough Jupiterian energy to go all the way around and then again, but that doesn’t excuse others from taking and not mutually giving back. Declare boundaries with people who have disrespected your kindness. On Tuesday, Jupiter enters Scorpio and signifies a major cosmic connection for Sagittarius and your relationship to spirituality, surrender, and closure. So you’ll find success through this Jupiter transit by saying no, by pulling back, by recognizing spiritual understanding, and initiating your healing. On Friday, Venus beautifies your communal zone and possibly inspires romantic relationships with your friends. Either sparks will fly with someone unconsidered or you’ll make your friendships more romantic. Either way, you’ll feel the effects of love and friendship over the next 3.5 weeks.


Did you know that your career is ruled by the planet Venus, Capricorn? Libra season reminds you that your career will not become what it needs to be without diplomatic and meaningful relationships. I know you’re more comfortable as a Lonewolf but the Universe wants you to succeed and the only way that you can do that is with the help of other people. This week asks us to confront our pain and I want Capricorns to confront their pain about connection. What prevents you from being the friend, partner, family member you’re capable of? Release the pain, your fears of vulnerability and codependence, to understand how necessary your social skills are for career success. On Tuesday, Jupiter will allow you to understand your communal social engagement on a large scale through successful opportunities relating to friends and groups. Understand how important collaborative energy is to determine the success of the nature of the results that you’re looking for. And then on Friday, Venus will beautify your career efforts and give you the charm, social grace, and a little twinkling in the eye to impress the people who are in control of where you go next. Use it well, use it with an intention to be of service, and continue to work hard. I’m excited to see where you go!


How lucky are you Aquarius to have autumnal Libra Season benchmark your chapter of romance, joy, emotional transparency, and star quality. All the energy points to Aquarius taking romantic and personal risks, being brave, and showing up to be seen. But since this week asks us all to confront our pain, I have to be honest and say that my observations of Aquarius have led me to see how emotionally and personally passive they can be when their shadow side is expressed. So I’d wonder what pain prevents Aquarius from being proactive about articulating their heart’s desires or pursuing their authentic passions? I can’t answer that. Only you can. On Tuesday, Jupiter begins a year-long success story in your zone of life purpose, career goals, and public standing. But since these rewards can only be received through how much you give on initiation please show up to your goals without fear and laying claim to all your bravery. I can’t wait to observe your milestones.


Avoidant, escapist, tap-out Pisces habits be gone! Libra Season inspires a rigorously honest depth of inquiry into your personal Truths - which are often always uncomfortable so don’t worry - sexuality, intense commitment, and healing. And since every sign is called to confront this pain, ask yourself sweet Pisces - what do I need to admit to myself so that I can live a life of rigorous honesty? Pisces can be master manifesters - kudos to you! - but master self illusionists too. Stop telling yourself “truths” that aren’t true or helping you validate the integrity between your emotional preferences and experiences. Because on Tuesday, Jupiter goes into your zone of optimism, expansion, and higher education/publishing. You’ll find tremendous success throughout the next year if you focus on the big picture and the identification systems that we all have in common. Avoid seeing yourself as too different or too precious from everybody else. Seek connection qualities not evidence of how alone you are. Flesh out your language and communication skills throughout the next year too while you’ll be called to speak in many ways on your relationship with those big ideas.