October 23-30

Happy Scorpio Season! Rise and shine this month my Scorpio brethren. As we - Gemini and Scorpio - are the two most maligned and misunderstood signs, this special Zodiac season holds a tender place in my heart. For more on Queer Scorpio, I wrote this. For the rest of the signs, we’ll want to play close attention to the themes of this month especially while Jupiter tours Scorpio till Winter 2018. So I want to tailor these horoscopes very specifically to the Scorpio ruled topics in our lives which I explain below. I imagine if we locate the trends of the four weeks, we can then locate our opportunities for success. The dead of autumn begins a four week long intense inquiry into topics under Scorpio jurisdiction like: eroticism, sex positivity, sexuality, desire, intimacy, commitment, thoughts on death, our own rebirth, and uncomfortable but rigorous authenticity. It’s so queer. Let’s do it. Now note how these ideas are both high and low? Such is the human experience and such is Scorpio. So long as we are unafraid of getting our hands dirty, we will be firmly supported by cosmic companionship. Discomfort isn’t the enemy. Our fragility is. With Mercury in Scorpio too, the core essence here is uncomfortable truth observing and telling. We can handle the high and lows of the human experience. So let’s discover what’s hidden behind the veil.


But don’t get too caught up in Scorpio’s gnarly energy this week holds one of the luckiest, most auspicious days of the year. Please find this Thursday, October 26th as a prime opportunity period when our ruling star and Jupiter conjunct in Scorpio favoring mighty rewards for the brave, honest, and committed. Many astrologers including myself are thrilled to see this potential so be open and willing to lean into the joy, to lean into the unknown, and surrender yourself to the powerful intentionality of the Universe. Who’s sole intention that you become the most powerful version of yourself. But we need to confront the Truth first. Let whatever truthful realizations, ideas, circumstances, situations, and events come up for you so that you can walk into them with Scorpio power of strength.


It’s time to tell your Truth, Ram. Whatever and however you have to do it. Scorpio season has begun and will ask the Aries born among us to mentally and emotionally experience - while communicating too - a deep and slow moving dive into necessary ideas over the next 13 months like how you define authenticity, meaningful intimacy, and compassionate truth telling. If there’s something you need to say, Aries, there’s someone who genuinely needs to hear it. Especially if they don’t like it. You’re not here to many anyone comfortable, Aries. Don’t be afraid to let your Truth upset the status quo or change the paradigm in relationships. If anyone can handle the discomfort, it’s you, a child of Mars. The God of War! You’ll be rewarded in battle on this Thursday’s Sun/Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio which will inspire some powerful sexual healing. Costume play? I mean, fuck it- it’s halloween, kinda! Experiment that night with new, healthy ways of indulging your sexuality, and desire, Ram. If there’s someone you’ve been lusting after, don’t delay. Make it happen! After how sexually eventful this night will impact your erotic nature, you might want to be proactive and take Friday off from work because if I were you, I wouldn’t be getting any sleep on Thursday night. For the weekend, continue leaning into those topics talked about to make the most of Scorpio energy.


It’s a Love Story baby bull just say “Yes!” Scorpio Season electrifies your love life, along with Jupiter in Scorpio’s power in your zone of marriage, commitment, and doin’ it for the long haul. This is no bring a U-Haul truck, Taurus. This is serious! And you’ll be more especially willing and psychologically available to experience meaningful connection with partners who might not have anything in common with you. Look at that magical growth to! Of course your secure heart loves the gentle feeling of familiarity, and feeling like “We have so much in common!” but the Universe wants you to seek a tag-team match this month and perhaps for the next year. Imagine what you two could achieve as a power couple? Divide and conquer, Bull. That’s the romantic mantra. If you’re scheduling dates and socializing this week, don’t be a dumb dumb - make Thursday evening the day where you two can connect. One of the most auspiciously romantic - a magical Sun/Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio - will make date night as lucky as it can possibly be. Be brave, even emotionally exposed proactively, and quick to exercise intellectual impulse control for the Universe to bless with you all the autumn romance your heart craves. Experience the stranger this eve. Not the devil you know!


It’s time for a check up, Gemini. As it should be! Scorpio Season wants you to get really disastrously real on your proactively daily habits that involve and strengthen nutrition. Perhaps even an exercise ritual/routine that promote your highest mental and physical health. I listened to my astrologer’s The AstroTwin’s advice and get smart about my gut health. It can’t hurt! If you’re serious about wellness, you’ll feel more focused on your professional responsibilities too; striving to be the very best on a consistent basis with detailed productivity. There are no disconnections here, Gemini. As for where the lucky day hits your astrology, you’ll find Thursday’s auspicious Sun/Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio will reward you highly in any strategies you have underway with an outcome towards health, organization, wellness, and professional success. Cast a wide net and see what bites. If an opportunity to present or pitch a project you’re passionate about reveals itself at work, Gemini, speak on it with your articulate Mercury magic and watch the Universe self-correct itself to make it happen. Good luck!


You feeling warm underneath that spotlight? Look at you Cancer! After a period of nesting and social isolation, Scorpio Season heralds a more social, optimistic, courageous, and daring opportunity for you to show up and be authentically seen. One of my Cancers just started a YouTube channel, Jazzi Be Moody. Another is launching her blog on sacred sexuality! Go Michelle! And one from home is letting herself be seen by a sweet Taurus boy. You get the idea! As the zodiac’s sacred crab, your shell can hide the cosmic spotlight from beaming. So do whatever you can to let counterproductive self-preservation tactics go, Cancer, because this week will allow you to lay claim to your power and prove it to the powers that be. Especially on Thursday during a highly favorable  Sun/Jupiter conjunction in powerful Scorpio. If you’re applying, presenting, or possibly confessing an unspoken emotion - Thursday will be the magical moment to do it, Moon child. You can do it. We are all rooting for you! The Universe is supporting you this endeavor so seize it, Cancer! 


It’s fine to reign in the moat to your mighty castle, Leo, because now that Scorpio Season has cosmically commenced, all you’ll want to do is get cozy at home, lean in to JOMO - the joy of missing out - and get in deeper touch with your royal family over the next four weeks. I’ll prove prime time for developing your heart centered emotional intelligence, Leo. The who, what, where, when, and why of your feels. I’m so proud for one of my Leos for taking a progressive step towards therapy and inviting others to follower her lead. As a heart centered sign, getting passionately curious about your emotions will let your cosmic crown shine even brighter. If you want a boost, consider Thursday’s Sun/Jupiter conjunction in almighty Scorpio the most powerful and favorable day to do just that. There’s no wrong way to do this it seems. So you’ll be called and heavily rewarded if you open up your emotional world to someone or an experience that it strongly benefit from. Even if it’s you admitting hurt feelings. They say Pride was the worst of the 7 Deadly sins. Who needs It? Not you. Put aside stifling beliefs of appropriateness, perfectionism, and counter productive fears of rejection. Be unapologetically you on Thursday and the Universe will bless you majestically for it.


Careful not to overbook your calendar this month, Virgo, now that hyperactive Scorpio Season has begun! Your social events are about to get much busier. Or far reaching! As an intellectually active Mercurial sign, you’re more than capable to keep up with multitasking so enjoy the wild ride. Don’t be surprised if you’re off jet-setting to an exotic locale in your mind or on a jet plane. You see, your invaluable resourcefulness, cleverness, brilliant thinking, and speaking style could get the Universe’s attention this week and for the rest of the year. Don’t hide your intelligence quota, Virgo. Don’t be afraid to step on someone’s toes. If you have a better idea, raise your hand and let them know. Especially on Thursday’s Sun/Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio which will bestow significant opportunity and mighty reward to the Virgo born if you’re flexible and resilient about both your thought forms and communication. Ask the control freak within if it’s served you lately. It probably hasn’t. It might feel counterintuitive but the power of Thursday’s reward will be earned if you’re unattached to outcome, comfortable with uncertainty, mentally agile, and willing to be surprised.


After a glamorous and luxurious birthday month for the children of decadent Venus, Libra, I’m sure the Universe has given you many gifts, lessons, pretty things, experiences, and wisdom you can apply to the decisions ahead. Now that Scorpio Season has begun, the big question is: what does Libra financially, mentally, and emotionally require to have personal security? And this question will continue to search for an answer over the next 13 months while Jupiter stays in Scorpio. Begin getting critical and curious about what values Libra can lean on that will help them carefully sustain this security. Don’t be afraid to go deep this month, Libra, as you’ll learn quickly what does and does not make you feel balanced. Seek answers in the depth as that’s Scorpio’s domain. The first beneficial opportunity will arrive this Thursday during the Sun/Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio. This is a magical time to earn and make financial decisions that could do wonders to strengthen your wealth. You have a taste for luxury unapologetically, Libra, so I say go get it on Thursday. You’ve earned it after a wild month. All my air sign love to you!


Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you Scorpio! Your golden season has officially begun as of October 23rd at 1:27am. How auspicious! And you better get used to the cosmic spotlight coming your way since the next few weeks has Scorpio’s powerful energy written all over the stars and uplifting your plans to their divine right order. Your counsel, loyalty, intelligence, and deep understanding of big Truths will be requested significantly in many social spaces. Don’t delay. Although you’d prefer to fly under the radar given your more introverted personality structure, your horoscope this week is to get proactive and deeply, clearly in touch with yourself and values because, like it or not, you will be called to take the lead over the next few weeks and year ahead. So my suggestion is to get prepared for this executive decisions with meaningful insight that will help you to rise to the occasion when the opportunity presents you with it. Thursday’s Sun/Jupiter conjunction is one of the most powerful days in the year to bless the Scorpios among us if you’re showing up to your life with an open heart. We’re so excited to see what you accomplish, Scorpio! I am so grateful for you. I will attend every birthday party with a smile!


Say it with me carefully, Sagittarius, “I surrender this situation and I release all attachment to outcome.” Scorpio Season heralds in your astrology a powerful month of surrender, retreat, closure, and mystical companionship for you as it's the season before yours. It’s the area where things go to die. If something has reached its expectation date, it won’t make it past this month. Don’t be surprised if you feel like you’ve outgrown existential things, places, and perhaps even people. Almost like you’re wearing your baby clothes as an adul. It’s not yours anymore. This is to be expected while you’re evolving towards a more magnificent version of yourself. Thursday’s beneficial Sun/Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio will help Sagittarius get the push to move forward, let go and move on, and return to their optimistic hardwiring. It’s there. I see it every day. If you want to work with this cosmic companionship well, I recommend staying in on Thursday for some inner reflection to identify the who, what, where, when, and why of the existential things in your life that have served their purpose so you can let them go. And then say the little mantra above to every little thing you want releasing from.


It won’t feel so lonely at the top of the mountain you’ve climbed, Capricorn, so long as your closest comrades are rejoicing at its peak with you. Scorpio Season will ask you to align with your tribe so you can all succeed together. Of course your default mode is disciplined responsibility and hard work, and of course there’s a time and a place for that, but the next four weeks want you to find your community, honor your friendships loyally, and show up for the people who adore you. So your horoscope and Saturnian homework for this week is very simple - have fun! Especially on Thursday’s mighty Sun/Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio. Forget it! Imagine two of the most powerful planets aligning to help you proactively understand the joy of social connection and the following rewards. Stay out longer, say yes to the happy hour, dinner, or movie night. Work will get done. Just enjoy yourself. And I promise, through a series of events, the Universe will reward you for leaning into joy. I can’t wait to see the accolades coming your way!


Are you ready to be deeply seen in public places , Aquarius? Now that Scorpio Season has begun, the professional and career oriented spaces you’re invested in will redirect their attention to identify the specific gifts, natural abilities, and powerful talents you’re contributing generously for an almighty reward. If you’ve been waiting for affirmative recognition at work or in school, the next four weeks can offer it to you if you’re stayed focused, proactive, and disciplined about your big goals. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Look at the forest. Not the tree. For help, let Thursday’s Sun/Jupiter conjunction in powerful Scorpio mark the place where you can begin more proactively to uplift, serve, and advance equality and access for others especially at work. No matter what you do. If you try, the blazing Sun and mighty big Jupiter will conjoin to provide the opportunity and/or rewards for you to begin and continue a powerful story in your career and public life. Let it happen beautifully, Aquarius, and you won’t regret it.


Don’t forget to carefully look within and up, Pisces. Scorpio Season and the next 13 months start a new psychological and emotional journey for you where optimism and bravery become your bottom lines. Embrace the Pisces shark within! Now’s not the time to be a Pisces guppy, right flounder? Anyway, keep your Neptunian vision focused on big-picture plans that require your confidence, courage, and strength to achieve. Receive compliments more gently. Accept your greatness. You are unlimited, Pisces. We all know it. It’s about damn time you recognize it too because this catch up game is tired. If you lay claim to your glory now, you can and will walk into these forthcoming experiences with poise and conviction. Be open to your joy. Especially on Thursday, during the extravagant Sun/Jupiter conjunction in powerful Scorpio. A positive boost in your mental orientation could set in motion amazing and self-actualizing opportunities in academics, international travel, publishing, and communication. Perhaps truth telling? Does someone need to hear the words of your heart? Don’t delay. You have a story to tell, Pisces, and the Universe is giving you the grand stage to speak on it. Here, take my mic. Standing by in 3...2...1 (Curtain Call / Showtime)