October 2-8th

As it’s Libra Season ‘17, of course their ruling planet Venus is the star of this week’s astrology. The Goddess of Love swipes right with 4 planetary players Pluto, the Moon, Mars, and Saturn. So if you’ve come to the school of astrological thought to learn more on love, intimacy, and romance, then pay attention to the events of this week because you’ll have a lot of homework!

The first lesson in the love curriculum begins on Tuesday October 3rd with a trine between Venus in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. This is compelling because the aspect of the transit is harmonious as it's a trine; but the planets Venus and Pluto have very different frequencies. Venus rules light, harmony, beauty, and joy. Pluto rules darkness, destruction, death, and intensity. But if we take a page out of Pluto and go deep in love a la Venus, the energy of Tuesday will catalyze a longing for long-term commitment with the understanding that, “Because I love you, that means I’m going to show you the worst of me. And because you love me, you’ll do the same. But we’re safe to do that here because our love will to heal those wounds and inspire mutual growth.” Remember, relationships don’t always take our psyche’s pain away. If anything, they call forth the thinking around the existential pain as an opportunity for the couple to identify blind spots and grow in healing together.

Hold the strength of Venus/Pluto intensity until Thursday, October 5th for the annual Full Moon in Aries. Because Full Moons mark endings, you’ll want to locate what you need to let go of that prevent you from thinking, feeling, behaving, and speaking from maximum integrity. Aries energy presides over confidence, identity, the big ‘Self’, personality structures, etc. What needs an extreme makeover within your personality for you to be the adult you’re capable of? Self-love is the name of Thursday’s game. So throw into the Aries fire what keeps you in self-sabotage, harm, fear insecurity. Because Aries energy has no time for that. For Aries context, think Mariah Carey, Diana Ross, Lady GaGa, Aretha Franklin, Elton John, etc.

That same day, Mars and Venus conjoin in Virgo. The theme between the Warrior Planet and the Love Goddess in Virgo would suggest cleaning up our love and sex lives. Get smart about both. Do not confuse sex with love. Do not confuse getting physically naked with someone as being vulnerable. Anyone can do that. Do not go to sex as a place to avoid communication. Do not be surprised that someone who’s casual with your body would be casual with your heart. I’m not suggesting we join a nun’s convent or rally for abstinence. But I think a smart and sober investigation into who’s earned access to the romantic and sexual experiences of us is never a waste of time. We should theoretically know these Truths by now so the Venus/Mars conjunction is asking us to stop dilly dallying, get smarter, and do better. Period.

The final love lesson of this week is Venus *in Virgo* square Saturn in Sagittarius on Sunday. So far, Venus dined with the Planets of Death, Emotion, Sexuality, and now for her final act - Boundaries and Discipline. Yowza! Saturn’s energy wants us to build the philosophical “containers”; the values that carefully hold the experiences of the heart. Squared with Venus, the transit asks us what duties and responsibilities are required of me and my partner(s) to hold our love? How can I make sure that I’m paying attention to the details that could potentially build or break our trust? This is an interesting tension between the small and big pictures on relationship. Since they’re all connected, of course, consider how you’re showing up in the small, seemingly mundane moments of love and romance. You want a big picture, romantic firework love story? Then how are you doing when they’re face to face with you at breakfast? Are you paying attention to them? You can’t have a forest without the tree. Show up in glory to the small details and the big picture will fall into loving place.

After successful completion of all these lessons, a superior conjunction on Sunday October between the Sun (life, will-force) and Mercury (consciousness and communication) in Libra will allow us the mental processing abilities to make sense and unpack the week prior. Emotional detachment, objectivity, and fairness will help your framework.

Venus, the Goddess of Love, has one destination in mind for you Aries and it feels unlikely - work. This week’s astrology is inspiring richer social relationships, even romance, at the office or wherever you work. That’s not to say you should, forgive the vulgarity - sh*t where you eat. But the emphasis on this week is asking all the Rams to proactively increase connections, kindness, compassion, and understanding where they work to foster higher productivity and team relationships. As the leader of the zodiac, Aries create culture powerfully. So why not work hard to change the socialization at work where kindness, understanding, cooperation, and respect are the norm rather than the exception? People like working around friendly people. And friendly, hard working people are more likely to get the professional recognition they deserve. On Thursday October 5th, a Full Moon in Aries will take the power of the entire month long Aries Season and zap it into 2.5 days. Reflect on your journey since Aries Season began 6 months ago and check in with the progress on your goals, your health, relationships and peace of mind. Full Moons often signify endings so if you need closure on a particular habit pattern or existential circumstance, give yourself the gift of surrender on Thursday so that in its absence, new, higher frequency situations can elevate you.

Lucky you, magical minotaur! The Goddess of Love is blessing your zone of romance, emotional exposure, joy, and the beginning stages of love. Considering the ideas discussed in the overview above, this week is a powerful love forecast for Taurus assuming the work is being done on your behalf that allows you to hold the right context for love to blossom. Which looks like proper alignment, impulse control, discipline, and the psyche to sift through discomfort. With those mental strategies on lockdown, you’ll have all the right attitude for the love story that the Universe is helping you manifest. Move slowly, let them come to you, and you’ll know how much energy to exert in the right places. Thursday’s Full Moon in Aries shines its lunar light in the darkest areas of your subconscious; your zone of closure, endings, self-undoing, and release. This doesn’t mean you’ll be a walking time bomb but it will ask Taurus to identify the low level habit patterns, thoughts, emotions, and behavior that keep you in your own way. Your fixed earth energy is a sight to be seen when it’s focused on your progress and growth. But without proper consideration, it can be hell bent on its own self-annihilation. So offer your fears, addictions, and insecurities to the Universe so that it can work its divine miracles and help you re-calibrate on your growth and peace of mind instead for the love stories that are coming your way.

Swipe left and reject the bad boys, Gemini! You’re independent heart is looking for partners who keep you safe and secure consistently. Simple, ordinary, and mundane moments with an emphasis on family values and tradition, believe it or not, send your winged sandals aflutter. This is not your usual romantic reflex but you’re looking for a time honored place to put your heart. Not some cheap, fun, fast, and easy connection. Consider the ideas in the overview discussed above for a more integrity driven framework that’ll help you locate where you heart is protected. Thursday’s Full Moon in Aries lights up your zone of social activism, friendship, and humanitarian efforts. You’re not just the friend people call for a night out on the town. You’re also the one they call when things aren’t going well and Thursday you’ll be leaned on to help uplift your closest comrades. Also, since you’re a spiritual seeker - because you wouldn’t be reading this site otherwise - don’t be surprised if you’re asked to weigh in on some difficult topics having to do with social justice and political activism. And because you’re spiritually seeking, you’ll want to be the biggest grown up in the conversation.

I always appreciate that Cancer energy has a precious understanding of how deeply their sensitive heart can feel. Even the least astrology conscious Cancer born just know they’re more empathetic and sensitive to the emotions than the average person. Which can sometimes lend itself to Cancer looking for only others who feel like they do. This Venus transit is asking for something different. Rather than the emotional prospects, look for the mental ones instead. The Goddess of Love is lighting up your zone of intellectual rapport and communication. Why not locate the door to your love as the mind this time? The Full Moon in Aries on Thursday signifies a sense of cosmic closure for your career. Something is coming to an end so something can begin on Thursday. And you’ll want to think about how your career is a space, not only where you can pay the bills - but where you’re using your natural talents and abilities to be of service. What’s the mark you need to make on the world, Cancer? Your career is ruled by Aries so bravery and forward motion are required of you to actualize the professional opportunities you deserve. Don’t play it small. Don’t give in to insecurities. You got this!

Let it rain, royal Leo! This week’s astrology has you feeling romantically secure, content, and eager to spend. The Goddess of Love is right at home in your zone of income, possessions, value systems and the aesthetics. You’ll be pushed to either reign it in or let it rain. Totally your call because Venus will be harnessing your earning power. Generosity begets more wealth, of course. So I say do it in moderation. Financial security and literacy are themes that Universe is intending you to learn - along with the overview above - so do what must be done so that you feel financially stable and content. So now that we discussed the micro of finances let’s talk about the macro of the Full Moon in Aries. On Thursday, the moon will shine its lunar light in your zone of big picture communication and ideas. Leo’s focused energy is a sight to behold because you’re tenacious when it comes to getting things done your way but I imagine Thursday might ask the royals among us to expand your thinking beyond the 3 walls and incorporate more big picture, both/and and yes/and mental frameworks to help process your experiences.

I know it’s Libra Season, technically, but since Venus and Mars are still in Virgo - and Virgo Season was delayed from bullshit retrogrades and post Eclipse energy - I say make Virgo Season a bit longer this week and next? Consider the more responsible ideas discussed in the overview above of course, but I’ve seen you work so hard every single day so use the Goddess of Love and the God of War & Sexuality to your advantage while you say yes to life and show up to your existence in security, joy, charisma, and magnetism. You’re irresistible Virgo so show us all how it’s done. An idea that came to me the week before last was how little recognition Virgo receives for their intuitive, metaphysical gifts. It’s a good thing the Full Moon in Aries will light up your zone of metaphysical wisdom, esoteric abilities, and intuition. If you’ve been feeling something without tangible evidence, I suspect the Full Moon will bring it to light and prove to you that you’re tuned in to something out of this world. Which will allow you to be powerful on this world to know you’re not of it.

Happy Solar Return Libras! Like Libra John Lennon famously declared, all you need is love. But what does that even mean? What does the grand abstract vision of Love look, feel, and seem like? The Universe and Venus will be giving its Libra a series of love lessons this week all having to do with radical responsibility, accepting the end of some existential part of your personality, and a tender releasing. The last month has truly presented my favorite Libras with cosmic renewals but only after a proper send off of whatever needs to be let go of. The Full Moon in Aries on Thursday is your annual benchmark for romance, commitment, and connection. Are you looking for a fresh start when it comes to your love life? Consider Thursday’s full moon your most powerful day to do just that. You’ll need to be authentic, brave, and emotionally exposed in your expression; rising above the disease to people please. The bottom line of integrity is honesty so just be honest and the Universe will reward you for your courageous expression. You can’t live a brave life without disappointing people so choose between courage or comfort. 

Everywhere I look I see my best Scorpios as the Grand Marshall of their community parades. You’re usually the sign of preferred isolation, introversion, and seclusion but now you’re leading tribes, families, friend circles, and communities to higher expressions of compassion and equality for all. As a Scorpio, you have a strong pulse on the big Truth so lay claim to the understanding that your intuition is as solid as ever and speak the counsel to your community from that place of conviction. The Full Moon in Aries on Thursday lights up your zone of health, wellness, ritual, and daily work. Have you considered getting back on track with some kind of daily activity like exercise, meal prep, journaling, dancing, or even getting to bed earlier? There’s a small detail in your life that you’ll want to commit to that will prove extremely helpful in allowing you to achieve the big picture goal you’re working on. And you better get ready for lift off because on October 10th, the planet of expansion, success, and luck will tour Scorpio for the next year and your entire life is about to change. 3...2..1...it’s showtime.

You’re turning heads at work or the office, Centaur. And good for you! Your brilliance, optimism, leadership capabilities, and communication styles are best served in communal areas. You’re feeling more ambitious, secure, goal-oriented, and ready to take your career goals from dream to external reality in time. This week, in considering the overview above, you’ll want to balance your high minded optimism with a more boundaried approach. Resist the temptation to say yes to every task, assignment given you or spreading yourself too thin. You may disappoint some people but it’s better to say “Sorry, I’m unable to do that.” proactively then say “Sure!! Actually, wait, on second thought…” Have you noticed a feeling boiling to the surface since March/April? Your emotionality on a particular person or circumstance has become apparent to you and this Thursday’s Full Moon in Aries will ask you to speak on it. Emotional exposure, uncertainty, risk and straight talk are the foundation of this experience but an open hearted approach will reward you and this endeavor. Good luck!

Your Earth sign leaps at consistency, routine, and organized structure. But you're feeling in a bit of rut with your to do list, tasks, and the predictability of it all. Consider the transits discussed in the overview above and ask yourself what alternative ideas, people, goals, and visions that were in the “No way” pile could heal your Groundhog Day syndrome. The new, the different, big picture, foreign, and spontaneous are headed your way on Venus’ seashells this week, Seagoat, so make sure you show up the experience with an open mind and heart. Where do you rest your weary head, Capricorn? This Thursday’s Full Moon in Aries will shine lunar light in your zone of emotional security, home, mother figures, and family. Only the closest to you know how loyal you are to your clan so this Full Moon will give you the extra push to swim in the feels, honor the Mother, and perhaps reevaluate whether or not you feel secure at home. Once you arrive at the proper emotional outcome, you’ll make the necessary steps to work towards making your dream home and family situation a reality.

“Detached” Aquarius? Where? Not this week, that’s for sure. Consider all the ideas on love and connection discussed in the overview above and soften those lessons with the Truth that this week Venus is having the Aquarius born and influenced understand the psychological and emotional skills required to forge intimate one-on-one bonding. You’re far from your detached self this week while you work on building the context for this commitment. This Thursday’s Full Moon in Aries will light your consciousness and communication zone. Full Moons do benchmark endings so consider what self-imposed limitations you set on yourself when it comes to how you hold experience and how you speak the interpretation of that experience. Rather unconsciously, sometimes Aquarius can take the passive route when it comes to communication so perhaps you’ll want to experiment with a different strategy and proactively announce to the people who are closest to you, “Hey, I’m doing XY+Z because I feel 1,2 +3, okay?” Straight talk leads to straight understanding, Water Bearer, and you can do it.

And the sign the Universe would have learn the most on love this week? Pisces. You! As the last sign in our zodiac, Pisces can express and experience unconditional love beautifully. Your mental and emotional framework have gorgeous habit patterns that leap to include all. This week, however, you’ll want to focus on just one. You’re ready and capable to commit and the Universe firmly supports this endeavor. My suggestion is to simply make sure where your love is safe with wherever you want to put it. The Full Moon in Aries on Thursday lights up your zone of income, financial security, and values. You’re probably far beyond considering such trivial matters as money but the Universe wants you to be financially secure so consider ways to be proactive in saving, spending, and understanding financial literacy. This is not the week to take risks when it comes to purchasing so take whatever money you would’ve spent on something you don’t need and put it in a savings account instead.