October 16-22nd

With only a week left of Libra Season ‘17, it’s time to check in with your heart and ask yourself “How am I doing in the love and romance departments of my life?” If you’re single, don’t bemoan. Remember this ... we often do the most work for relationship when we’re not in them. So use the magic of the next seven days to intellectually and emotionally understand your important half of the inevitable partnership coming your way. If you’re happily in a relationship, make this week a benchmark to deepen the intimacy. Begin again. Jupiter in Scorpio is clearly working it's immense power in helping with the discovery of the big Truth as evidenced by the "Me too" campaign on social media sharing widespread awareness of sexual assault. In tandem with the Sun in Libra, the meaningful practice of shared emotion and empathy is inspiring and healing. 

Especially when Messenger planet Mercury leaves diplomatic, harmony seeking Libra on Tuesday for radically-honest, intimacy craving Scorpio. I’m sure you’ve acquired intel on something powerful and existential, so when Mercury enters Scorpio, you’ll be called to sit with that honesty. Whatever you do, don’t leap to take the edge off. Scorpio ruled thinking and language can be uncomfortable, painful, a little ugly - but it’s necessary. On Wednesday, when Mercury and Jupiter conjoin - both in the depths of Scorpio! - you’ll likely be rewarded through rigorously authentic thinking and communication. Get really real with yourself and others, kindly. No more distractions, surface-level activity, or allowing yourself to ingest, believe, and talk bullshit.

On Thursday, a New Moon in Libra inspires a new paradigm in your thinking on love, romance, partnership, and compromise. To get you thinking deeply on your highest, most service-oriented intentions over the next six months, might I suggest this fascinating TedTalk on romantic competency by fellow Long Island girl, Dr. Joanne Davilla. Since this New Moon wants us to clarify our personal and interpersonal values for love, let’s think very consciously about what they feel and look like. A strongly aspected Sun/Uranus opposition will texture the New Moon so be open to surprises and psychologically ready for flexibility.

I’m always amazed - though I really shouldn't be - when I’m writing horoscopes that validate how the zodiac and universal spiritual themes are consistently a chronological inquiry and exploration into evolution. All these time-sensitive energies and principles are fully invested and urgently into our self-actualization. I can’t repeat it enough. Until now, we’ve intellectually, maybe even experientially understood new ideas on relationship and connection since Libra Season began. According to A Course in Miracles, the Law of Cause & Effect is the building block of our Universe. By “Cause”, it means our thoughts. By “Experience” it means our effect. So now that we’ve been thinking about love and relationship in our mind with hopefully elevated psychologies during Libra Season  - then as sure as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, we will manifest the experience to understand love and relationship. Because on Sunday, Mars - the fiery God of War ruler of action and sexuality - will enter Libra until December 9th. This only happens every other year. So let the Universe align itself powerfully to give you the impulse, action, experience, and framework to physically experience the highest expressions of love and belonging this fall and winter. We all deserve it.

“Rolling In The Deep” isn’t just a phenomenal Adele song. It’s going to be your new mantra on Tuesday when Mercury enters intimate, honest Scorpio and will inspire your deepest inquiry and confession of the the truth as you understand it. On Wednesday, you’ll earn tremendous success if you speak your deep truth with tenderness. Do so with thorough evaluation and vocal compassion for the listener because communication has commune within it.  The New Moon on Thursday will ignite a brand new cosmic story in your love life, Aries. Think long and hard about your highest, more service-oriented, and meaningful intentions for your love life. I guarantee that a romantic intention setting on Thursday will set forth wonderful new experiences for you and love, romance, and connection. And on Sunday when Mars enters Libra, whatever intentions came up for you on Thursday will be pushed by Martian manifestation when the action oriented planet enters your relationship sector. Beware of the tendency to fall into a confrontation traps and unnecessary fighting. Keep your thoughts as peaceful and nonviolent as possible. 

The romantic opportunities that you’ve been searching for can and will be yours, Taurus. On Tuesday, when Mercury answer radically honest and committed Scorpio, you’ll find yourself wanting to seek common ground, harmony, and compromise in your closest relationships. On Wednesday, when Mercury - the planet of communication - and Jupiter - the planet of success and abundance - synchronize powerfully in your relationship zone, then the message for Taurus is obviously clear – if you speak your emotions, intentions, and plans with a special someone you will be rewarded. It might not be the exact outcome you're hoping for but you will be grateful you spoke up. I know it’s easier said than done but try to control your paralyzing fears about vulnerability and the risk emotional exposure. On Thursday, a New Moon in Libra will give you a cosmic reset in health, wellness, nutrition. It will inspire you to get clear on some of your most ambitious goals for holistic healing and personal growth. Hedonism is over for you! And how perfect that on Sunday, Mars will enter Libra and give whatever goal or intentions you set forth for yourself, the power of martian action and energy to make those visions come true. Stay very focused, stay very proactive, and stay very disciplined in this journey. The universe want you to be the healthiest version you’ve ever been and you’ll need to get out of your own way to find the results you’re looking for.

When was the last time you went to a doctor's office, Gemini? On Tuesday, Mercury enters Scorpio and wants you to get disastrously real about your health, wellness, nutrition and proactive peace of mind habits and strategies. Given your quicksilver mental agility, you know exactly what you need to do to be the healthiest version of yourself. So do yourself a favor and make it happen all the way. Commit to a wellness strategy and watch many other life aspects fall into place because you took your health very seriously. Hardly anything is disconnected from the other. Especially on Wednesday, when Jupiter and Mercury conjunct in powerful Scorpio. If an honest and focused plan begins by then, you can and will see a favorable result in your life. I followed my astrologer's advice, went on a probiotic, and I'm taking my intestinal health very seriously. On Thursday, a New Moon in Libra will cosmically inspire you to get centered on your highest thoughts and intentions for romance, joy, stepping into your power, and courage. Over the last year, Jupiter in Libra has helped you understand a heart-centered story. On Thursday, you might want to consider your strategy for making that heart centered story aligned with your external reality. Because on Sunday, when Mars enters Libra, the universe will support your romantic plan with all of the momentum and energy from the passionate action oriented God of War. It’ll be full speed ahead so get a plan in action proactively so you can harness that martian energy with preparation and intelligence.

Enjoying your swim in the feels, Cancer? Since the beginning of Libra season, you’ve started to develop a particular understanding on emotional security and emotional intelligence more than usual. Now that you have something emotionally centered to say, Tuesday will begin your time to start saying it. When Mercury enters Scorpio and ignites an impulse for emotional exposure, sharing your heart’s story, and coming clean for 3.5 weeks. Vulnerability of that caliber often comes with no guarantees but on Wednesday when Mercury and Jupiter collide in Scorpio, the Universe seems to support a favorable outcome for your risk. The New Moon in Libra on Thursday will ask you to clarify your highest intentions on home, motherhood, family figures, and the context for your emotional security. Growth is the bottom line, of course, so allow your intentions to keep you not in comfort but in courage and self-development. Because on Sunday, Mars - the warrior planet of action, sexuality, and forward movement - will give you martian momentum and energy to make these goals happen very quickly. So it seems the Universe wants you to get very clear on your strategy to develop the context to contain emotional security and emotional intelligence so that it can give you the experiences shortly after. Sounds lovely to me! 

When most people think of the most sensitive signs in the zodiac, it's a shame that Leo wouldn't immediately come to mind. But on Tuesday when messenger planet Mercury enters the plummeting depths of Scorpio and propel energy into helping Leo get in touch with your emotional security, emotional intelligence, empathy and sensitivity - you’ll let the world know that the zodiac's Kings and Queens have feelings too! The most powerful Leo monarchs share their heart bravely so don’t hold back, Leo. Especially on Wednesday when Jupiter - the planet of success and wisdom - already in Scorpio collided powerfully with Mercury and closely guarantees a favorable outcome for Leos breaking their heart wide open. On Thursday, a New Moon in Libra will help Leos understand their habit patterns on thinking and speaking. Now because you’re one of the more focused signs in the Zodiac, locate intentions that keep your mental and vocal reflexes focused on joy and generosity for your highest outcomes. Is it time for a meditation practice, visiting a therapist, both? Because on Sunday when Mars, the planet of action, sexuality, and energy enters Libra, you’ll get a massive martian momentum to pursue the strategies and intentions you developed.

Ruled by Mercury, Virgo is a sign with an intimate connection to all things having to do with high quality consciousness and vocal communication. When proactively aligned with integrity driven values there’s nothing you can’t do, Virgo. On Tuesday, when your ruling planet Mercury enters focused Scorpio, the theme will ask Virgos to align their thinking and communication with virtues that keep their brilliant minds and speech in the utmost of impeccability. Ask the Universe what it would have you learn and I guarantee books will fall at your feet. Especially on Wednesday when lucky Jupiter aspects Mercury so if you’re looking for a positive breakthrough, Wednesday is the day to make it happen. A New Moon in Libra on Thursday will ask Virgos to clarify their relationship with money, attachment to material things, and your self esteem. What do you need for your personal security? Try to infuse your intentions with values and ideas that are within your autonomy. Any time you place the power outside of you, you’re setting yourself up for failure which is never a good look for Virgos. On Sunday, when Mars enters Libra, you’ll receive major Martian energy to pursue and manifest the strategies you developed on the New Moon so don’t delay. Think big and make it happen.

Happy *last week* of Libra Season! Here’s hoping that since September 22nd, the Universe has lifted your thinking and experiences to glorious heights. Generally, you should have felt the cosmic spotlight shining from from within you and aligning all the success and joy to your deserved reach. On Tuesday, Mercury leaves Libra for Scorpio and helps Libra get in deep touch with their meaningful context for income, personal security, self-esteem, and values. A 3.5 week long journey will inspire you to pay attention to your experiences and compare them to your thinking. Whatever gives you peace, remember it. What doesn’t, change it. Especially on Wednesday - the birthday of my beloved Libra Soulsister Hero, Holly ! - which will bless you with breakthroughs and abundance if you’re trying to change mental habit patterns. On Thursday a New Moon in Libra will auspiciously bend the Universe’s ear to listen to Libra’s harmony first if you locate your highest intentions for the year ahead. I’m sure it’s been a wild ride, with many Libran hearts breaking wide open allowing divine wisdom to come through your heart and brilliant mind. So center yourself on the convictions you’re looking for in the year ahead. And don’t worry about Libra Season coming to a solar end because on Sunday, Mars - ruler of action, sexuality, intimacy, and energy - will enter Libra and give your goals major Martian action until early December. Make sure you’re not trying to make everyone happy, Libra. This transit is about restoring your self motivation and willpower. So full speed ahead and go!

Standing by Scorpio Season! Next Sunday/Monday the Sun enters Scorpio so let’s use this week to prepare proactively shall we, Scorpions? Tuesday, messenger planet Mercury - ruler of consciousness and communication - enters Scorpio and will suddenly rip off your armor, silence, and withholding. Good! Speak, speak Scorpio. Everyone will wait on baited breath to hear what you have to say. Especially on Wednesday. If an opportunity presents itself for you to speak up, please lean in to it. Even if it’s a vulnerable. Share your courage and Jupiter - mighty benefactor of success and abundance - will reward you for it. A New Moon in Libra on Thursday will help you locate the existential things you need to surrender, let go of, and heal from. With what the Universe has in store for you this year, please keep it disastrously real with the cosmos. Seek forgiveness, atonement, availability, and with an open heart so many miracles will be yours. On Sunday, your planetary co ruler Mars will enter your zone of emotional closure, healing, and surrender so whatever ideas you finalize on the New Moon will be given tremendous energy and support so choose wisely, Scorpio.

As a proactively generous sign in socialization and communication styles, Sagittarius, Tuesday will ask you to develop impulse control on thinking and speech so you can reign it in over the next 3.5 weeks when Mercury enters Scorpio. You’ll be given the permission to take a social sabbatical and you could certainly use the mental rest. On Wednesday a breakthrough and ah-ha moment could align itself in your mental and emotional habit patterns if you’re willing to let go and start again in consciousness and communication. As your loyal and only opposite sign I’m so excited to see where you go next and I’m always here to support your highest outcome. Speaking of friendship, a New Moon in Libra on Thursday will align itself in your zone of friendship, community, activism, and outreach. It’s a powerful night to center your intentions in these areas and since Libra rules friendship for Sagittarius, the key word is - balance. Do you give to your friends as much as you receive? Do your friends give as much they receive? Make equality the bottom line of your intention setting. Because on Sunday when Mars enters Libra you’ll move with tremendous momentum in aligning yourself with the most authentic friendships. And you deserve relationships where you’re safe, Sag. Now make it happen!

Don’t double book this month, Cap! You’ll be a busy social Sea-goat over the next 3.5 weeks having a wonderful time with your closest pals while Mercury enters Scorpio in your zone of friendship, community, activism, and outreach. Enjoy! If you can, try to schedule some social time on Wednesday because Jupiter - planet of success and abundance - aspects Mercury powerfully so an intimate conversation with friends could break open a powerful realization or experience with a favorable outcome. Be open to all possibilities, Seagoat! How’s your career going? Amazing, I’m sure - knowing your work ethic. On Thursday a New Moon in Libra will ask you to cosmically center yourself on your highest vision for life purpose and career. If you need a fresh start, consider Thursday the moment to be it. My intuition is telling me amazing new opportunities are on your fall/winter horizon so be open and available for anything. Especially because Mars - the warrior planet of action, energy, sexuality - will ignite your intentions into action so use Thursday’s New Moon wisely and well. Can’t wait to see what milestones you accomplish.

My Grandmother always told me that whatever you can spend all night talking about is where you’ll find your life purpose. What can you spend all night talking about, Aquarius? On Tuesday, messenger planet Mercury enters Scorpio and asks Aquarius to get real about their life purpose. And then have the bravery to speak on it for the next 3.5 weeks! Especially on Wednesday when lucky planet Jupiter aspects this Mercury transit. So if an opportunity presents itself for you to be transparent on your highest vision, don’t delay. Be proactive and speak on it honestly to those who can help for Jupiter’s blessings to come through quickly. The world needs high minded Aquarius energy given how ass backwards it’s gotten so please come to the front of the line with your brilliance. On Thursday, a New Moon in Libra will ask you to locate your intentions for big picture ideas, academics, expansion, publishing, and wisdom. If you think going back to school might be your next best step, start considering curriculums! Because on Sunday, Mars - the planet of action, sexuality, energy - will add gasoline to this optimistic plan and you’ll be given the momentum to make it happen. Don’t be passive. Don’t play it small. You deserve to play to it BIG. Now go and make it happen!

Don’t sweat the small stuff, Pisces. And guess what - it’s ALL small stuff. On Tuesday, messenger planet Mercury - ruler of consciousness and communication - will give your Neptunian consciousness the power it needs to expand your vision to hold the big picture optimism that’ll make your career goals come true. The Universe is pointing the way to education, academics, publishing, and communication so consider aligning your goals with these industries for maximum possibility. You can do it, Mermaid! On Thursday, a New Moon in Libra will ask you to dig deep, seek rigorously honestly Truth(s), and locate in your mind that which you really crave on intimacy and bonding. I know it’s scary to admit you want commitment but it’s not as scary as spending your life hiding from the truth of it. On Sunday, Mars - planet of action, sexuality, and intimacy - will enter Libra and make your ideas on seeking Truth and deep soul bonding happen very quickly so buckle up, Pisces. And get proactive about what you’re looking for so when this Martian momentum puts the pedal to the metal, you know how to keep up.