March 19th-25

In the fires of Mars, we can offer our identities a rebirth. It’s completely acceptable if you’re in a space of radical beginning where you don’t even know where to go, what to do, or what to say next. Stay receptive, surrendered, and optimistic about uncertainty.

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March 12-18

Tuesday’s horoscope will ask to explore our commitments and the work required for relationship. Ask - what am I willing to give and what am I willing to receive to keep my social connections meaningful? On Saturday  enters tough Capricorn on providing months worth of powerful ambition for long-term success. 

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March 5-11

With Mercury and Venus in the sign of the Ram, we’ll have to engage with brave, direct communication, and behavioral momentum. We need to move forward in the direction of love from a place of confidence

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February 19-25

So while we’re in the season of the Grand Finale, we can use Pisces’ waters to wash us clean. With Neptune’s magic, we will begin a process of spiritualizing our lives. We will lean on valuable - and practical - expressions like compassion, creativity, forgiveness, and kindness.

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February 12-18th

It’s the end of the first half of 2018’s Eclipse story; but the start of a story that will develop for the next 6 months. It’ll invoke the beginning to alternative circumstances, situations, people, and events in the Aquarius ruled themes for us. It’ll open at the close.

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January 15-21

“We must all learn to live together as brothers or we will all perish together as fools.  We are tied together in the single garment of destiny, caught in an inescapable network of mutuality. And whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly. For some strange reason I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be. This is the way God’s universe is made; this is the way it is structured.”  MLK 

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January 8-14th

One week in 2018 down, fifty-one left to go. I hope you were able to anchor 2018 in joy, gratitude, and a commitment to radical recovery. If not, let us begin again. Especially since this Thursday the “shadow period” of December ‘17’s Mercury Retrograde finally comes to end. Because I’m a mutable sun sign, this Mercury RX really tested my emotional and psychological resilience so I can’t push it out of the door fast enough. I’m over it!

Enough about me, the curriculum for this week is consistent in cardinal Earth Capricorn. The Seagoat sign who holds high-minded discipline, responsibility, impulse-control, and a passionate inclination to be of service. We can all invoke the power of the 10th sign’s energy especially when resolutions, intention setting, and personal growth strategies are are the forefront of January’s conscience.

To help, passionate Pluto and messenger Mercury are partners in cosmic crime throughout this week’s horoscope. So your thoughts on personal growth, communication, and efficiency could be strengthened and integrity checked. On January 9th, approach your resolutions seriously since the Zodiac’s first and last bookends - Sun and Pluto - align in Capricorn and will carefully listen to your goals and examine your behavior for this intended transformation. And Mercury’s move into Capricorn on January 11th (1–11!) for three-and-a-half weeks will give us all the Saturnian mental magic to manifest our strategies with discipline. It’s important to hold the “Be Impeccable With Your Word” Agreement from Don Miguel Ruiz’s landmark 4 Agreements while Mercury is in Saturn’s signsake. I’ll leave you with the condensed version of this Toltec touchstone, “Be Impeccable with your Word: Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the Word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your Word in the direction of truth and love.”


Aries: Ready to rise, Aries? Down boy. Not like that. I’m so proud of you for working your ram’s tail off at your job and the Universe is looking to seriously reward you for your passionate career commitment. Consider Tuesday a turning Plutonian point in your professional development. Brace yourself for career change. If you’re on the other side of the spectrum, finding yourself unhappy, under-appreciated, overworked etc - use the power of Tuesday to release your attachment to your current career circumstance. Ask instead for transformation while owning responsibility for your low-level “stuff” at work. Since there’s no such thing as a no-fault situation. When Mercury enters Capricorn on Thursday, you’ll be focused on thoughtful and disciplined strategies for the success goal you’re currently thinking about. Ask the Universe what it would have you learn about self-development then pay attention to what comes up for you so you can develop a well thought out plan for your inevitable success. I can’t wait to see what the champion of the Zodiac achieves! 

Taurus: Your least favorite thing “change” is coming, Taurus. Brace yourself. I know intimately well how much you prefer consistency and comfort over uncertainty. But Tuesday’s Sun and Pluto in Capricorn collision want you to work towards putting limiting beliefs in the sun’s fire. Release thoughts that 1) prevent you from your personal growth and 2) do not allow others to evolve in your personal resonance. Because the only existential truth we can rely on is that change is inevitable. So your response and resilience to this change is critically important for where you and your loved ones go next.  Period. When Mercury enters Capricorn on Thursday, your thoughts and communication on “change” will get electrified by the smartest planet in the zodiac over the next three-and-half-weeks. So the Universe wants you to stay mentally, emotionally “open” or adaptable. Stay unattached to permanence and willing to learn modalities that push your growth and your interpersonal dynamics forward.

 Gemini: Can you handle the Truth, Gemini? Whatever deeply meaningful circumstances you’d like the Universe’s clarification on will receive it on Tuesday. When the Sun’s mighty collision with Pluto in strict-ass Capricorn energizes but integrity-checks your experiences with honesty, intimacy, and even relationship commitment. Heavy stuff! So exercise the personal muscles required to sift through these discussions. And who knows you might move past the annoying “it’s complicated” status and into very certain territory if you’re proactive and working with values that ensure your alignment and righteousness with all parties involved. Emotional discomfort and conflict could arise so stay non reactive. Especially when Mercury enters Capricorn on Thursday for the next three and half week. And your ruling planet or Zaddy will give you the Saturnian disciplined psychology and words to experience this newfound level of meaningful truth with your iconic mind. 

Cancer: 2 is better than 1, Cancer. Your interpersonally focused moon magic sign needs no reminder of the joy when two hearts come together. So I’m happy to report that meaningful experiences with partnership, romance, and careful consideration of relationship compatibility are upon you. Thanks to all this Capricorn cosmic activity. For the record, any activity involving Capricorn should automatically ring the love bells in your sweet little head. Anyway, it’ll be a week of intense and casual opportunities when it comes to matters of the heart. The galaxy’s ruling Star and intense Pluto’s activity on Tuesday in Capricorn is both fiery passionate and dramatically powerful for your current romantic circumstances. You might want to hang the “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door for Wednesday because it’s gonna get hot Tuesday night. Then when Mercury enters Capricorn on Thursday for the next three and a half weeks, you’ll feel less inclined for carnal intimacy and more enamored by an opposites attract style of intellect. You might even wants to put your ace card down on the table and proactively begin “the talk.” Regardless of form, let your suitors know the way to your beautiful heart begins with your mind.

Leo: Are you reading this horoscope at the gym, Leo? Making a green smoothie? Or how about at a preventive-care appointment at the doctor’s? I am so happy to report that no sign appears more focused on manifesting healthy resolutions and wellness this month quite like yours, Leo. To help your royal efforts, Tuesday’s intense Sun/Pluto alchemy could strengthen your particular efforts on mental health. A powerful psychological breakthrough or “ah-ha!” moment could help you execute your 2018 resolutions with a concise idea on personal administration. Think efforts like: time-management, increased financial literacy, mindfulness, etc. Head’s up the Universe is doing this self-care work because romance is coming! But first, Mercury entering Capricorn on Thursday will bless with you the discipline, self-composure, and grace to be the powerful King and/or Queen you’re capable of for the next three and a half weeks. So slay, bitch!

 Virgo: Everyone and their Mother knows how hard you work, Virgo. Like literally every one of us. Now let everyone see that you’re not just all work and no play. The Universe is giving you the support to approach the ways you engage and practice joy, romance, and pleasure. When Pluto intensifies your efforts to enjoy life as hard as you work this Tuesday, you’ll feel a deep pull to express your creative and/or romantic efforts. Push the perfectionism aside and just do it. Create it. Say it. Be seen, Virgo! Begin demonstrating that you work so hard because life is meant to be enjoyed. Show us all your precise, creative gifts and abilities. Not for nothing, but there’s no such thing as a “non-creative person”. But if there is such thing as a person who just doesn’t use theirs which is not benign. So Mercury entering Capricorn will push you to work hard at experiencing and leaning into your joy. While giving you the mental magic to produce this creative effort and speak more joy, Love, appreciation, and righteous words. My Virgo Gala Darling is radically committing to her joy by staying in the “vortex” - contextualized by Esther Hicks - a space of happiness, unlimited potential, and talent as much as she can. Give it a try!

 Libra: There’s no place like home. Right, Libra? And no sign knows the comfort of emotional security, divine feminity, mother figures, redecorating, and family quite like yours this month. So if you feel more inclined to “stay in” and politely decline social invitations, do it. Without apology or explanation. Especially when Tuesday’s Plutonian power aligning with the Sun in Capricorn will push you to commit in an effort that strengthens the ideas and experiences. Full disclosure, my Libra darlings, there is a likely consequence of hypersensitivity. So try not to take too much personally or make assumptions about whatever emotionally charged situation is hijacking your peace of mind. Stay centered. Ask questions for maximum clarity. Especially beginning Thursday when the planet of Communication Mercury enters Capricorn for next three and a half weeks. It’ll give you the ability to articulate your emotionality and outline what you need to keep your heart safe. 

Scorpio: Speak now, Scorpio - speak! I know you’re more comfortable in the nonverbal. I know you’d rather sit back and observe quietly without a whole lot of talking but your relationship to vocal communication and listening are the critically important themes you must get over your resistance to. Because on Tuesday, a mighty collision between our galaxy’s ruling Star and the intense Pluto in Capricorn will intensify these efforts in your communication practice through a possible conflict so be curious about the experience(s) not impulsively confrontational. Curiosity and non-reactivity is the name of the game. Also up for the Universe’s consideration is the way you choose to experience an experience. What frameworks, modalities, values, teachings contextualize your reality? If you don’t know, ask the Universe and the books will fall at your feet. Especially when Mercury enters Capricorn on Thursday for next three and a half weeks., it will give you the disciplined and responsible efforts/experiences to elevate your speaking capabilities and communication styles with grace and wisdom.

Sagittarius: Now that it’s time for you to be brave and be “seen” since Sagittarius Season has recently concluded, the next most important step you’ll need to take is a clarification of your values. Meaning the personal convictions that guide you to make important decisions. It’s deep but necessary work and speaking of deep, Pluto’s collision in the Capricorn Sun will passionately electrify and transform your financial status/literacy and your values on Tuesday. So meditate on what personal touchstones and/or convictions guide your personal decisions. Life is not meant to be lived unconsciously. If you don’t know, Pluto will help you understand quickly. And so will Mercury in Capricorn beginning on Thursday for the next three and a half weeks. This Mercury transit which will fortify your personal security exponentially and the beliefs/values that guide your most important decisions. Only if you’re prepared and proactive about taking the necessary steps to learn more about the values that guide you to the success of the Sagittarius horizons.

Capricorn: Happy Birthday my beloved Capricorn! Barf, was that too much sentimentality? I can’t stop myself. I’m sorry I just really appreciate your disciplined energy! I hope you’re enjoying your Seagoat Season because you are so very deserving of the joy and celebrations the Universe is giving to you. As a self-aware sign, you’re intimately in touch with what you’d like to personally change since you’re aware of your gifts and opportunities for growth. Tuesday’s Plutonian Power since it’s cosmically colliding with the Sun in Capricorn will give you an intense energy completely available for your healing, growth, intimacy, and forward movement. Speaking of forward, when Mercury joins Capricorn on Thursday and stays in your sign for the next three and a half weeks, your intellectual and vocal efforts will be strengthened significantly. The two areas you’ll want to focus on are 1) the ways your consciousness chooses to experience an experience and 2) your relationship to listening and spoken communication. Ask the Universe what it would have you learn in these efforts and your consciousness/communication curriculum will be given to you.

 Aquarius: Believe it or not, Waterbearer, surrender can be sweet. Don’t consider it as quitting, despite what your tenaciously convinced fixed energy likes to tell you. Don’t consider surrender a resignation either but a very necessary and healthy letting go of all low-level circumstances that fail to contribute to your highest Aquarian good. When our galaxy’s ruler in Capricorn collides with the planet hell bent on transformation Pluto this Tuesday, it will become an energy that will give you the strong push to release, detach, surrender, and invite new existential circumstances in it’s place so that you can transform. If you’re feeling uncharacteristically raw, painfully vulnerable and/or emotionally exposed, that’s totally normal. Sit with it until it passes because I promise it isn’t permanent. When Mercury enters Capricorn on Thursday where the messenger God will stay for three and a half weeks, your mental connection or communion (frankly) to spirituality as you define it will become the most powerful source for your healing and personal growth. Commit with discipline to let worldly drama fade and invite otherworldly peace instead this season. 

 Pisces: When was the last time you checked the roster of Team Pisces? Remember this, my beautiful mutable merpeople - anyone lucky enough to call you their friend is a fortunate benefactor of Neptune’s unconditional generosity, high-quality empathy, and tremendous loyalty. But mutuality is the bottom line of friendship connection. So first examine how you show up for friends. Are you inhabiting the Pisces glory of unconditional love or the shadow of self-preoccupied suffering? Because Tuesday’s Pluto activity aligned with the mighty Sun in Capricorn will show you who can reciprocate your friendship capabilities AND where you can step it up too. When Mercury steps into Capricorn on Thursday where the God of Communication will stay for three and half weeks, you’ll want to mentally join with your friends in powerful ways and support each other’s dreams, goals, and resolutions. Because the nature of the collaboration determines the outcome’s result.

January 1-7th

Happy New Year! It seems like almost everyone I spoke to regarding their end of 2017 found themselves in a similar emotional intersection. Perhaps it was a blossoming Full Moon in Cancer or more evidence to prove how connected we all are, but the theme was - I want to have a mindful not a mindless holiday. 2017 was life-changing and life-defining for so many and there was this general impulse to go within. Which I was happy to see.

A full moon on the first day of 2018 is sure to center this new year with a powerful swim in the Moon’s emotion ocean. As such, our emotional ideas and experiences with family, home, mother figures, and the context we need for preserving our emotional security will be strengthened by the Full Moon in Cancer on January 1st. Remember, Full Moons are full circle moments so think back to 6 months ago on June 23rd 2017 to find the beginning of a theme that will reach a strong conclusion/continuation. This a Full Moon that will give you permission to own your emotions without apology. So be upfront and clear about what emotions are driving you to make certain decisions so others can act in integrity aground you. 

Mercury isn’t the planet to retrograde - though I wish we were in January 10th and out of the shadow period already! - as you’ll learn on Tuesday when Uranus in Aries moves direct. Uranus went retrograde on August 3rd 2017 so wherever Uranus and Aries energy is in your horoscope - explored below - you’ll feel like you’re earning your mojo back.

 This weekend, Saturday will provide an optimistic push towards a leap of Faith. If you’re brave and move forward, the Universe can and will reward you thanks to a mighty meeting between the planets Mars (Action/Sexuality) and Jupiter (Luck/Abundance) in powerful Scorpio. This is a relatively uncommon occurrence so use it well. Wishing you all a wonderful beginning to this new year.


Aries: As a child of Mars, you’re the bravest among us often, Ram. Your fearlessness is inspiring to everyone lucky enough to stand and stay in your fire. In a “different” but similar theme,  New Year’s Day’s Full Moon wants you to own and vocalize what contexts you need to feel emotionally safe. This makes you brave because you’re allowed to be sensitive AND tough without apology. It’s dishonest and “weak” to act like you’re insensitive when you’re feeling anything but, right? Tuesday will self-correct and push you back to owning your individuality and strength as soon as Uranus moves direct in Aries. Since early August, Uranus retrograde might have slowed you down, pulled you back a bit.  It was a necessary time of strategizing and reviewing. Now you can move ahead because you’ll feel like you got your fire back. Speaking of fire, this weekend has sultry,  steamy, tantric vibes to it thanks to the Mars and Jupiter conjunction on Saturday.. If you’re picking up on chemistry or interest from an available suitor and you’re interested too, go for it. If you’re committed, spend Saturday in bed with your partner going places you’ve never gone before.

 Taurus: Look who’s talking, Taurus. It’s you! The Full Moon in Cancer on New Year’s Day wants the Taurus born and influenced to emotionally understand both talking and a high-quality of listening in your most meaningful relationships. As a child of the Goddess of Love, it’s up to you to put the “commune” back in communication. Meet in the conversational middle with delicate balance of talking and listening. On Tuesday, your five month long emotional rawness could be tempered when Uranus ends its retrograde in your zone of psychological unconsciousness, trauma, and unacknowledged pain. Think about the unforeseen emotional experiences you’ve had since August and consider what you learned, how you handled the discomfort. Reach out to your loved ones and share your shame story so you can heal healthily.  Speaking of coming together, this weekend has meaningful romantic experiences ready for the taking because of the Mars/Jupiter conjunction in your romance house on Saturday. To maximize this rare transit,  you have to be upfront about your readiness for patience, commitment, exploration, etc. Honesty will set you free!

 Gemini: Let it rain, Gemini! A financially Full Moon in your income and personal values sector of New Year’s Day is bound to transition the financial woes keeping you up at night. I’m 100% with you on that. Since June 23rd, a new story on your values, how you make money, and how your gifts contribute to your financial security has been developing. And the Full Moon is the lunar culmination, continuation of this story. If it’s time to make professional transitions, the Universe will make it happen. So stay prepared to move in necessary and make way for the inevitable abundance. Uranus ending its retrograde will conclude an emotional review of how you define and experience friendship. Since early August, you’ve had some high and low experiences of friendship asking you to consider with whom and why your friendship experiences are safe. Which friends let you grow? Which ones don’t clap for you? Embed the into your new year so you’re surrounded by the highest quality connection. Speaking of connection, an electrifying meeting this weekend in your health and wellness pursuits thanks to Mars and Jupiter could change up your vitamin regimen and/or workout routine. Try something new to feel and look your best for the new year.

Cancer: Happy New Year, Cancer! I haven’t wished any other sign a happy new year directly because a Full Moon in your sign on New Year’s Day is giving Cancer born a perfectly timed blank slate, reset button on the first day of the new year.  Reflect deeply, meaningfully beginning from June 23rd 2017 to the current moment on what you’d like to give up, surrender, and clean house on because Full Moons are cosmic closure remember. If finality is what you seek, the Universe is ready and willing to give it to you. Speaking of endings, Uranus ends it  five month long retrograde in your career, life-purpose, and public standing sector. If you’ve been feeling stuck at work not sure where to go next, consider that chapter behind you now. Review what you learned at your workplace so you can make the most informed work related decisions moving forward. I hope you have exciting plans on Saturday because a rare, pleasurable, flirty weekend is available for you thanks to the Mars and Jupiter meetup in Scorpio. Leave the shell at home this weekend, be emotionally exposed, empowered, charismatic, and daring for maximum results.

 Leo: I don’t need to remind you-  given the time of the year - that before you can make way for the new, you have to surrender the past. How fortunate for Leo that A Full Moon on New Year’s Day in Leo’s sector of closure and endings will ask the kitty cats to consciously and permanently surrender pain from 2017. Your thoughts are creative and causative Leo so if you use this full moon well you could completely detach from low-level existential drama. Might I suggest a deep home cleaning, saging, and forgiveness meditation? Anything you can do to “clean” yourself so that you’re mentally, emotionally, and spiritually empty of all but your highest energy. Uranus moving direct in your higher wisdom sector on Tuesday will give you the continued insight to move forward on your efforts to be the very best royal version of yourself. This weekend could inspire forward moment on the castle front especially on Saturday thanks to the Mars and Jupiter collision in mighty Scorpio. If you’re considering moving, family planning, redecorating, or reaching out to Mommy to tell you love her - that’s the time to do it.

 Virgo: If you wannabe my gotta get with ? My friends! A glorious Full Moon in your friendship sector on New Year’s Day wants Virgo to emotionally identify who shows up in friendship glory for them so you can honor those friends and which friends you have play it small around so you can adjust your expectations and dynamics. You gladly offer and deserve loyalty, generosity, empowerment, and availability.  You should never shrink yourself around friends. Uranus ends its retrograde in your house of hidden truths, intimacy, and radical honesty. Since early August, you’re relationship with the big Truth has stayed in a review phase from the Universe. It’s easy to make up stories in your head so hopefully you’ve risen above the need to make up master conspiracy in your head. On that note, let your mental magic shine this weekend. Plan something educational and informative on Saturday thanks to the Mars/Jupiter conjunction to let the world know who’s the Valedictorian of the Zodiac.

 Libra: Are you ready for your career close up? Of course you’re camera ready. You’re a Libra! The first day of 2018 is a Full Moon in your highest professional pursuits. So New Year’s Day is bound to have all eyes on Libra. With this new attention at work, be clear now on where you’d like to go next when hiring managers or recruiters come knocking. What’s your relationship with relationships? Since early August, Uranus retrograde in your romance and relationship sector has hopefully inspired a conscious review about your role in half of the partnership. Consider the stories that have developed since then till now on your romance and love experiences to find the  theme and the wisdom. When Uranus moves direct on Tuesday, you’ll be called to make higher decisions with your relationship to relationships. Financial fabulosity will be yours this weekend if you’re daring and taking action on Saturday. Submit a project, apply to your dream job. Take a risk! You’ll be rewarded.

 Scorpio: I know it’s theoretically easier said than done. but don’t sweat the small stuff, Scorpio! A Full Moon in your big-picture ideas and expansive communication wants you to expand your thinking beyond the small stuff on New Year’s Day. Don’t get jailed to devilish details. You can find some of the answers you seek if you look in higher, more expansive places. Particularly on any health related, personal growth related efforts after Tuesday when Uranus ends its retrograde. Since last August, you’ve had to review and reconsider ways to be more personally responsible and self-controlled. By now, you should have some strategies to help aid this effort. Embed your resolutions with them. Especially because this weekend’s “Leap of Faith” is supporting Scorpio success on Saturday. So while it’s seductive and very easy to wait until everything feels perfect before proceeding, now’s the time to act and take the leap of faith  - imperfections and all.

Sagittarius: The first day of 2018 is destined to be sexy for Sagittarius with a passionate full moon activating your desire for intimacy and powerful bonding. In this new year, you’re not looking for meaningless frivolous connection. You’re all about the realness. So stay in bed with bae or whoever you’re sharing it with! On Tuesday, Uranus moves direct in your courage, emotional exposure, creativity, and joy sector. Since early August, you might’ve feel like an artist without a muse. On Tuesday they return. You’ll get your inspiration and energy back quickly. Especially because this weekend’s forecast is both inspiring and healing. If you can help it, try not to socially overcommit but rather pay attention to your dreams, visions, and gut instincts on Saturday particularly when Mars and Jupiter connect to give you divine messages that allow you to be the very best version of yourself.

Capricorn: I hope you’re enjoying your Capricorn Season! Power couples, unite. A Full Moon in your committed romantic efforts on New Year’s Day wants Capricorn to align emotionally and mentally with partners who support their highest wellbeing. Think of the Barack to your Capricorn Michelle.  During and after this Cancer Full Moon, your current relationships will experience a strong transition. Either deeper intimacy or  you can facilitate healthy ending for the dynamics that have served their purpose. Speaking of endings, when Uranus moves direct in Aries on Tuesday and ends its retrograde your unusual sensitivity will temper a bit. You’ve felt a bit susceptible to emotional reaction and triggers since early August. By now you should have located the source of the unresolved pain so when Uranus moves direct you can use that energy to heal. And with your  closest comrades. Friendship and joy is on this weekend’s itinerary so join passionately with your friends and enjoy the connections you all share on Saturday when Mars and Jupiter connect giving you and your network blessings on blessings.

 Aquarius: Self-improvement, thy name is The Waterbearer. A powerful Full Moon on New Year’s Day can and will supercharge your resolutions to maximum manifestation. Naturally, the Universe wants you to focus a bit on what I’ve heard referred to as “personal administration” efforts like mental, physical, financial, and emotional health. Clean house, do your laundry, organize your agenda, pay some bills, etc to receive the most Moon support. If you’re wondering what you need to learn to do better, Uranus ending its retrograde in your zone of mental curiosity will help you receive the divine inspiration to be the very best version of yourself. Don’t dismiss ideas or “weird” thoughts that come up for you after Tuesday and they can offer you the help you need.Looking for career success? This weekend’s activity will electrify any action taken so take risks and pursue your passion on Saturday’s helpful Mars and Jupiter collision.

Pisces: Courage, mighty Pisces. You can do it. A Full Moon in Cancer on New Year’s Day will help give you the bravery you may need for the necessary emotional exposure to help you lean into romance and joy throughout 2018. But some kind of confession and/or storytelling on your end is a prerequisite. Trust me, I know how much vulnerability sucks but it’s the greatest measure of courage we have so be brave! I believe in you. Tuesday will help electrify and self-correct your financial woes thanks to Uranus moving direct. Since early August, you might have felt financially insecure and uncertain about what to do next. Let the energy come back to you after Tuesday and motivate you to make financially secure decisions. This weekend’s activity will push you out beyond your social comfort zones and inspire cross-cultural connection on Saturday thanks to a mighty meeting between Mars and Jupiter. 2018 wants you to lean into uncertainty and let go of any need for controlling the outcome. Let yourself be surprised.

December 11-18

Get cozy with your cocoa, tea, and/or coffee peacefully this week because your weekly forecast doesn’t hold too many cosmic collisions.  Just a linear Sagittarius theme.  Other than Mars’ move to Scorpio last Saturday and Mercury still retrograde in Sagittarius until December 22nd, I suspect the Universe is offering us all a bit of calm before the peak of the December holidays next week. So use this stillness well by strengthening your inner peace or being proactive with overdue holiday errands. Or just staying within. Whatever you inner guidance tells you.

Up first is a minor Mercury/Sun conjunction in Sagittarius on Tuesday which will download insightful reflections on your past. Since most of us believe we cannot extend more love in the present because of love we were not given in the past, use the power of the Sun setting Mercury in Retrograde on fire to receive higher wisdom and understanding from your past issues so you can be even more tender, forgiving, and generous in the present. I know it’s difficult but it’s one of the highest paths of the spiritual seeker. Ask the Universe for a thought, emotion, feeling to help situations be interpreted and the shift in perceptions could occur.

Friday’s Mercury/Venus conjunction in Sagittarius will let the sweet talk flow like honey from prospective suitors’ mouths. Since Messenger Mercury is still retrograde, a little skepticism will go a long way with what you’re hearing or reading. If you have an honest sharing you’d like to express, Friday could be the day to do it delicately. And don’t be shocked if an ex creeps up as they like to rise from the dead during (retro)grades. Extreme cases notwithstanding, I don’t think it hurts to hear them out. You never know what kind of closure or continuation the Universe has in store for you.

A passionate trine between the Sun in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries con Saturday could explore and invoke alternative possibilities for you. If a chance encounter, experience, or event “stops at your station”, get on. What have you got to lose? When we surrender to the Universe’s curriculum for us to learn, it’s amazing to see how unbelievable, miraculous experiences can and will occur because we’re not blocking them with our need for control or certainty.

 Aries:  As the fire sign who proudly rules over the “Self”, identity, motivation, passion, and will – Aries is often allowed to be self-preoccupied within reason. Now that Mars is in your zone of intimacy, shared resources and transformation until the end of next January, you’ll be called to act on how well you share space, power, finances, and even finances. You got the ownership of the Self down pat. So how do you broker that Self in comparison to the needs/concerns of others? Mars in Scorpio will show you the way. This week’s horoscope allows you to revisit big-picture concerns and romantic experiences on this work towards self-transformation through interpersonal sharing. Tuesday’s Sun/Mercury conjunction will give you the insight to help you on this mission (not im)possible by helping you revisit past issues that could set you free. And Friday’s Mercury/Venus soiree could bring romantic suitors from international spaces to your bedroom. Don’t get too carried away with the sweet talk, ok? Enjoy yourself and your opportunity to learn more about other people from cultures and orientations that differ from your own this weekend.

 Taurus: It takes two, Taurus. Mars in Scorpio is setting your passionate partnership, romantic agreements, and serious commitments a flame until the end of January. A dutiful child of Venus – The Goddess of Love – you have a proactive propensity for partnership. And now Mars in Scorpio wants you to act on it. Be careful not to overwhelm lovers with your demands or expectations. Remember – work on understanding as much as you want to be understood. It’s about both/and. Tuesday’s Mercury/Sun conjunction will help you reclaim a sense of power lost. If you’ve felt like you were blindsided, you’ll get the pep in your step back. And you’ll want to carry that reclamation into the weekend what Tuesday’s theme gets beautified by the Venus/Mercury conjunction on Friday. Diplomatic words, apologies, or efforts to harmonize past conflicts could be on the weekend’s itinerary for you depending on willing you are to allow others to the opportunity to be “new” with you. People can and do change all the time, Taurus, and your resonance working as a Venus space of becoming could let it happen beautifully during this time of romance, love, and partnership.

 Gemini:  Gemini’s often contextualized as an active sign that keeps intellectually and social busy so let’s hope this is true while Mars lights your to-do list and agenda on fire until the end of January. The energy ahead promises many that require your attention. Think themes under self-care like organization, time management, workshops, doctor’s visits, etc. It’s the activity that looks like getting your ducks in a row. Whatever you need to be the baddest bitch in the zodiac, do it. Tuesday’s Sun/Mercury conjunction could give you much needed insight into an ex lover. Again, here them out extreme case notwithstanding. FYI - the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Sagittarius have past and present love experiences coming your way so hopefully you didn’t burn too many bridges? Especially on Friday’s Mercury/Venus conjunction in Sagittarius where romantic words of affirmation could flow from the heart eyed emoji of someone’s face. A little optimism textured with skepticism could save your ass Gemini.

 Cancer: What is the creative project that’s keeping you up at night, Cancer? There is project only you can produce with your natural talent and abilities. Mars in Scorpio will give you the motivation to do something about producing this work with confidence and tremendous security. It’ll also help you build on any kind of self-esteem and power you’d like to reclaim. But the key to this transit is taking inspired forward action which can be a struggle for your indirect orientation. Tuesday’s Mercury retrograde/Sun conjunction in Sagittarius  will help you reconsider new ways of complementary healing and strategies for your mental health and nutrition which needs to be in tip top shape for this new creative solo project of yours. And if you’re thinking about a possible makeover nutritionally or even aesthetically dare I say – try it this weekend? I know, I know, Mercury is retrograde but there’s a Mercury/Venus conjunction on Friday so this weekend could really beautify your self-care routine or perhaps inspire healing among your divine feminine friends. If you connect with Venus’ energy – femininity, beauty, the arts  - there is no doubt it will work its healing magic in your life.

 Leo: How’s your Buckingham Palace looking, your highness? Not to sound redundant but Royal Castle Leo will be key theme this year with Jupiter in Scorpio and now Mars in Scorpio until the end of January. If you’ve been itching to move, fix up your apartment, or do some DIY projects – now’s the time to get thinking about it. You’re also likely to fight with your family and/or mother figures a bit more so please keep your roaring to a minimum unless your family heals through conflict and you can offer contributive power to move your royal family in the right direction. On a lighter, more lovely note, a cheeky Mercury/Sun conjunction on Tuesday could bring an ex suitors from the past into your present periphery. Would it hurt to hear them out? I don’t think so. On the other side of the coin, you could strengthen your creative capabilities and pursuits. Especially over the weekend after Friday’s Venus/Mercury conjunction which will beautify, harmonize, and electrify your romantic pursuits, your playful passions, and your likelihood to lean into joy.

 Virgo: I can’t imagine you’re too far from your planner, calendar, or agenda so make sure you’re not double-booking as the recent Mars move into Scorpio is going to keep you booked and busy! Until late-January, you’ll feel even more curious and crave meaningful social/communicative experiences. You’ll enchant friends and strangers with your intellectual prowess; especially if you speak on what you’re learning and reading. Speaking of speaking, the Mercury/Sun conjunction on Tuesday will help you receive some kind of emotional clarification on family, home, and emotional security. Which you might feel inclined to speak on. Assuming you’re expressing or receiving tenderness and forgiveness, I firmly support this idea. Might I suggest this conversation this weekend after the Venus/Mercury conjunction on Friday? You’ll want to experience and connect more deeply to the feminine in your family by beautifying and harmonizing your dialogue with mother figures. It’s also a wonderful time to redecorate with a bit of glamour and luxury.

 Libra: It’s pay day, Libra! Mars move into Scorpio will offer Libra two things. Number one, if you’ve been strategizing ways to develop an income boost and financial security, the next two months can supply that for you if you’re showing up and doing the work proactively. Number two, you’ll be afforded the experiences to apply the buzz word that’s been in your horoscopes for a while – values. And I suspect it’ll be through uncomfortable disagreements. We’re talking about Mars – the God of War – here who wants you to have clarity of values that will guide you through conflict. You can do it, peacekeeper. Tuesday’s Mercury/Sun conjunction could give you insight that will help you navigate the troubled times we live in. Pay attention to an intersection between the present and the past. If you’re reprogramming the present to feel like pain from the past then try again. We’re always at choice with the bottom line of our thoughts, remember – love or fear. Speaking of love, Friday’s Venus/Mercury conjunction will inspire the Goddess of Love to beautify your thoughts, experiences, and words to keep you in your highest, most loving communication spaces. Be proactive with tender speech, compassionate language, and words of affirmation to show Venus you take her work seriously.

 Scorpio: You’re unstoppable, Scorpio. One of your ruling planets Mars entered Scorpio last Saturday – which occurs every other year – and the next two months will give you the warrior spirit, confidence, security, and drive to make your vision come true. Let me say it again – you’re unstoppable. Be careful not to streamroll, but do your best to own your drive, purpose, and mission without apology and make your dreams come true. The Universe supports your highest self-actualization, Scorpio - I promise. If financial security is on your brain, Tuesday’s Mercury/Sun conjunction will provide an “ah-ha!” moment to help you correct past thinking on financial wounds so you can be more financially secure in the present. And if you want to begin practicing beginning again, this weekend’s alignment between Venus/Mercury will give you the energetic context to apply what you learned on finances and values this weekend. Little steps will add up quickly over time so begin this weekend to see maximum results soon.

 Sagittarius: Some signs like to celebrate their birthday all month long but you’re feeling like a quality night “in” would be best to mark your new year. It’s because Mars is in Scorpio giving you the longing for stillness, solitude, healing, and retreat until the end of next January. Rest assured when Mars chronologically enters Sagittarius right after, you’ll get your fire back. Fortunately, the Sun and Mercury are are already in Sagittarius and Tuesday a cheeky conjunction between them will help you examine the present state of your self awareness with a lesson from the past. Identify graciously and with impulse control whatever comes up for you and consider it a helpful teaching from the Universe to elevate you on your spiritual curriculum. But since we never “graduate” from learning our life lessons, Friday’s Mercury/Venus conjunction in Sagittarius will help you profoundly in understanding and communicating your relationship to love. You holding on to unexpressed emotions? Speak on them. Speak your silence. It’ll be messy and imperfect but you owe it to yourself to share your heart’s story in your Solar season.

 Capricorn: Embrace the paradox, Capricorn. As a sign who’s inherently two things at once - a goat and fish - you’ll have to use your mutuality well to experience the week ahead. Last Saturday, Mars entered Scorpio and set your friendship and social life aflame until the end of next January. But Sagittarius Season is your cosmic month of completion, surrender, healing, and psychological detox. You’ll feel a push and pull of engaging with others and craving alone time. Particularly on Tuesday. What I know is that it’ll give you a reinterpretation of your past in a way that allows you to see the present in a higher perspective. An emotion, thought, or insight could come up that allows you to live from a space of deeper worthiness. Which will continue this weekend benchmarked on Friday’s Venus/Mercury conjunction in Sagittarius which could energetically beautify, harmonize, and heal your relationship to a past hurt. I suspect the divine Feminine - call your closest girlfriends ! - could help you facilitate this healing and shift in perceptions thoroughly. Wishing you peace, always.

 Aquarius: At the risk of sounding redundant - but your fixed ways appreciate centrality - do you have any idea how quickly your career is going to rise? Well you better because now that Mars has joined Jupiter touring Scorpio, your life-purpose, highest career manifestations, and propensity for discipline, integrity, and personal growth will skyrocket. Get ready for lift off, Waterbearers! And bring your tribe because Tuesday’s Sun/Mercury conjunction will help you identify the worthiest among the clan who can hold and support your inevitable success. Don’t forget about the friends who were there for the struggle and rooted for your rise even when you couldn’t see it. They deserve space too. This weekend promises enlightening experiences in your friendship and community sectors too while Venus and Mercury conjoin on Friday and set the tone for Saturday and Sunday. Rich relationships with your female friends that you share history with are on the itinerary for you. Share your career plans with them and hear their feedback.

 Pisces: I know it’s so annoying when people ask you to see the big picture so I won’t do that but I will ask you to trust the big plan. Every integrous spiritual seeker knows that there is a higher natural intelligence more brilliant than we could possibly every conceive that is conspiring to help us in every aspect of our lives. Since Mars joined Scorpio last Saturday, you have to act (Mars) in the trust of the big picture working to help you (Scorpio Energy). I know you like your safety but you can have bravery and joy or comfort and boredom. Your choice. Tuesday’s Sun/Mercury conjunction will bring back communication from old career corners. Perhaps good news? Or insight into a new opening at a former stomping ground? Swim with it Pisces. If you’re gainfully employed try not to enroll is possible miscommunication and low level drama. This weekend’s Venus/Mercury conjunction will help you harmonize and beautify your career thoughts and goals. Smoothing out insecurities with worthiness and even allowing the magnetism of Venus to attract new opportunities that help you become the most magnificent Pisces professional you can be.

December 4-10th

Week one of Mercury Retrograde’s 3 week story begins now and the Messenger Planet is the star of Monday through Friday’s horoscope. As I’m sure you’ve read, Mercury RX inspires panic among the ignorant. As one born into a Mercury RX - when my Mother went into labor with my twin sister and I, my Father was nowhere to be found, and the car died in the driveway! - I promise it’s not as terrorizing as fear mongers like to make us believe.

Theories, experiences, and our best practices on consciousness and communication will be put to the test on Tuesday when Mercury and Daddy Saturn conjoin. So will our relationship and boundaries to commerce, technology, and transportation. If stuff comes up and/or confusion, error happens, your best option is cease and desist. Surrender. I find that Mercury RXs are reminders that we can’t control anything and the stories we make up in our heads are 99% incorrect. This is good news. Because it allows us to work with the powers that can control everything and show us the truth instead.

Hold on to Tuesday’s experiences and lessons throughout the week because it’ll help you make sense of the primary focus the Universe would have you learn. Ask yourself the following questions before your brain makes up conspiracy that reduces ambiguity of what just happened. 1) What am I feeling? 2) What do I know for sure? 3) Could I be mistaken?

If interpersonal conflict arrives, exercise your best emotional impulse control. If you’re feeling the need to attack or defend, take a breathe and walk away until you’re not. Put down the sword and amor. Frame the questions you’ll ask your opponent with,  “Help me understand ...” and “Can you tell me more about why...” to find a small faction of understanding and then the transformation of the conflict can occur.

Speaking of conflict, Warrior Planet Mars finishes a two month treaty tour in Libra and rejoins his Scorpio soldiers on Saturday. Because Scorpio is a Mars bailiwick, there will be little time between when we want to pop the fuck off and when we do pop the fuck off. Again, not the best idea. I’m a firm believe that resolution cold be found on the other side of conflict but not when Mercury is RX. We need to focus the Mars in Scorpio energy to passionately act and behave on our personal Truths. Of the pursuit of our highest most authentic expressions. It’ll be a brave move and you might piss people off along the way but don’t go looking or engaging with unnecessary fights. Keep your head high above the battlefield and the Universe will lift you beyond the war.

On Sunday, two transits could shake us up and confuse. Remember what I said about Mercury RX’s activity earlier in the week? Well, we all grow and heal one “ah-ha!” moment at a time. On Sunday’s Mercury trine to electric Uranus, you could have the moment or conversation you need to see where you missed the mark earlier in the week and how you can embed the learning into your future decision making. Stay as conscious and aware as possible for this effort. That same day, Venus in Sagittarius will square Neptune in Pisces. Too much mutable energy could blur the boundary lines between the current moment and expectations. I’m all for lifting intentions to the highest but we can’t do anything unless we see and accept the current expedience EXACTLY as it is. So pay attention to the facts, to the experience, and listen carefully to the Truth.

 Aries: You might have to hit the breaks a bit, Aries! I know, I know. Movingly slowly isn’t exactly your favorite speed but with Mercury now retrograde in your zone of philosophy, travel, high-minded communication and the way you think about the future, you’re receiving the Universe’s permission to move in these areas very slowly and cautiously. How many times does modernity say “Take your time!”. Hardly ever! So don’t be afraid to ponder, to wander, to say “I don’t know. I’ll tell you when I get there’.” Additionally, what the following three and a half weeks want to help you understand this Mercury RX is how you can think and act more carefully in alignment with the specifics of your goals. Rams like to charge first, ask questions later. This week will inspire the opposite. Try deep reflections on, “What am I thinking? Are these thoughts helping me?” Warrior Planet Mars leaves your the confines of your romantic partnership sector thus Saturday after a 2 month stay for your sexuality, truth telling, and transformation zone and you’ll feel like even more like an Aries sheep in heat. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. So experiment with healthy sexual activities and spice it up by introducing new toys or roles in the bedroom.

 Taurus: Experiencing a “death”, Taurus? Mercury is now retrograde in your experiences that will involve a reclaiming of what you feel has died. Perhaps even the reclamation of your personal power? You’ll want to review and consider ways to take back some feeling, thought, or circumstance that you feel was lost in a defeat. Or in loss, period. We so easily give away our peace of mind to the lowest bidder because they didn’t behave exactly the way we wanted to them. Why? Make an effort over the next 3.5 weeks to own your calm despite the behavior of others. Make your personal power less circumstance dependent and you’ll free yourself from such unnecessary suffering. And since we’re on n the topic of other behavior, God of War, passionate Mars enters Scorpio - your partnership, romance, and love sector this Saturday for a two months stay. After a stint in your health, wellness and nutrition sector since last October, Mars in Scorpio will inspire you to feel a bit more vulnerable and apt for warfare to those you love most. Do try to work with conflict transformation where resolution and understanding is on the other side of the initial anger. Work with Mars in Scorpio energy well by working on the impulse control between you and your leap to being on the edge of rage when you’re uncomfortable in romantic relationships. And your partners will appreciate it.

 Gemini: You’re not going to like what I’m about to tell you but remember this, Gemini - 94% of communication is nonverbal. While Mercury is retrograde in your partnership and romantic experiences for the next 3.5 weeks, you’ll have to step out of the 6% Communication you like to live in and  pay attention to unspoken communication like body language, tone, and cues especially in romantic relationships. I know you live in words spoken but it’s important to learn how to hear people on the silent level they’re speaking from, too. Don’t be surprised if during this particular Mercury RX, you might disclose your feelings to a possible partner or find yourself hearing the emotions from someone else. Either way, I suspect romantic feelings could be spoken or listened to. When Mars enters Scorpio on Saturday, your work load is about to get more active and your “To-Do” list a lot longer for the next two months. You’ve enjoyed working with the Scorpio Season energy of personal admin, work, health, and mental strategies to keep your peace of mind safe. With Mars in Scorpio until the end of January, you should be prepared proactively to effectively time manage at work and other daily responsibilities so you can deliver on your expectations and promises.

 Cancer: Don’t believe everything you’re hearing from the people in white doctor coats. Ask yourself- is there a new, complementary way to look at an old health concern? Over the next 3.5 weeks, your nutrition and wellbeing is top priority this month but since Mercury is retrograde in this area so you might receive wrong intel from a well meaning health professional about a diagnosis. So given your intuitive sensibility, go within and self-research on holistic, complementary medicine for your highest health-related outcomes. And always, always check in with your “gut” see how it feels when it hears certain information because when you properly listen to your body you can’t go wrong. Use this RX energy well to help you promote your highest physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing because when Mars enters Scorpio on Saturday for a two month stay, your passion and mojo will be off the charts. You’ll want to have your body on 100% for this winter story. Mars in Scorpio will inspire emotional exposure, romance, you pursuing your divine power and owning it like never before. So you’ll want to put your mental and emotional healthiest to experience all the romance, play, and pleasure the Universe has in store for you.

 Leo: She’s so Lucky, she’s a star...! Lucky you, Leo - all the Universe wants you to complete as spiritual homework during Mercury fuckin’ retrograde of all transits over the next 3.5 weeks… is to experience more of life’s joy and increase your creative talents by pursuing your pleasure. Not bad! Your horoscope could be a lot worse. What’s not often discussed is how the Leo grind is unrivaled. But you need to schedule some time this December to let joy take you in its arms again so you remember why you’re working so hard on this grind to begin with. Experiences of life are meant to be both pleasurable and taken seriously. You have had the serious part on lockdown over the last few months so go have fun now. It’s the Universe’s orders! When Mars enters Scorpio on Saturday for a two month stay until January 2018, you may want to include your family and/or mother figures in your itinerary throughout this social activity because this transit will motivate inspired action around celebrating your royal family and your devotion to home. It could also arouse emotional currents you never knew you had. And the reflex to fight it out. When you’re hijacked by emotion, get curious about it not confrontational.

 Virgo: The Holidays have a funny way of bringing up our family “stuff” don’t they? Dysfunction, denial, illness, shame, etc. On top of that inevitability, Mercury is retrograde for the next 3.5 weeks in your familial, home, and maternal experiences which will call forth new thoughts and emotions from the past family “stuff”. Since this energy can be worked with well, you can use it to share the shame in order to be healed. Use it to transform the family network and elevate it to places it’s never been before. With a brilliant brain like yours, you can facilitate it. Remember, perfectionism is your go-to defense mechanism - especially in a shame shit storm - but this Mercury retrograde wants you to accept the imperfections in your family first so than you can be a force for good later. But first - radical acceptance is required. Everyone has family trauma, Virgo. You’re not alone. When Mars joins Scorpio on Saturday, you’ll start learning how to act on even more ways to intellectual serve and problem solve beautifully. Which Virgos do so well. Consider Mars in Scorpio a cosmic boost. Be be careful not to self-identify with your beliefs too loyally and take it personally if someone disagrees with you. Stay curious, not confrontational, while you’re still in this student mode.

 Libra: I don’t want to imbalance your delicate scale placement Libra but did you know that quantum physicists argue there are an infinite amount of outcomes to any decision we make? INFINITE. How unbelievable is that?! Anyway, with Mercury retrograde in your zone of consciousness, communication, and the way your mind experiences an experience for the next 3.5 weeks, it’s extremely likely that you’ll be collecting inaccurate data and connecting dots that aren’t there. So with an infinite amount of outcomes to any decision or internal story you write in your own head, simply ask “Could I be mistaken?” before you’re off to the races and saying something you’ll later regret. You probably are mistaken and that’s completely okay. It’s not up to you to decide which one of the infinite outcomes are best during the retrograde. Just surrender and let the Universe reveal it to you instead. On Saturday, Mars enters Scorpio after a long stay in Libra. Over the last 2 months you’ve felt more inclined to passionate pursue what inspires you unapologetically. As a sign hardwired to put their needs last often, I’m sure you’re feeling more in touch with your motivations and dreams. Now that Mars is in Scorpio, you’ll want to passionately search for personal security and a tight value system that will guide your behavior.

 Scorpio: Tossing and turning over financial woes? Guess what, Scorpio. Creativity gets the coin. I’m sure you’re worried about financial security - which is a demon we all face at night! - so Mercury retrograde will inspire a careful and creative reconsideration of strategies to increase cash flow in the bank of Scorpio for the next 3.5 weeks. I’m sure a sign as resourceful and survivalist as you can imagine and implement many ways to keep your financial security protected. Trust that. You got this. So get a creative plan finalized by Saturday when Mars enters Scorpio until January 2018 and gives you the push to make your dreams manifest. I’m telling you, Scorpio - the next year will Be landmark if worked with well. So we need you at full salute and full attention because these window opportunities won’t stick around forever. But when they stop at your station, I will push you on myself. Mars in Scorpio will give you the God of War’s power to pursue your passions and purpose without apology, permission, or fear. This Mars in Scorpio transit happens every other year and it will restart the way you chase your dreams. Beware the temptation to steamroll! Just stay focused and secure in your power and the Universe will have no choice but to give it to you.

 Sagittarius: The skies shine for you, Sagittarius! Happy Birthday Season! Whatever you do, don’t let the Mercury retrograde drama stop you from owning this month in power and in glory. Will the retrograde ahead ask you to slow down, re-think, and recalibrate? Absolutely. Does it have to be a birthday buzz kill? Nope! If worked with well, the very best months of your life could be built from this foolproof foundation of self-awareness. I shared the mantra from A Course in Miracles that reads “I will be still and listen to the truth.” because wonderful times lay ahead of you in can be still and listen to the truth during the Mercury RX. Some practical ways to do just that is consider a professional consult with a therapist, life coach, or even spiritual seeker who can help you finalize the plan of listening to this truth with clarity and integrity. When Mars enter Scorpio this Saturday until late-January 2018, let your subconscious and spiritual wisdom be your guide for the Winter while you navigate this delicate process of radical self-transformation by leaning on the mystical, the unseen, and the esoteric. Bring a dream journal with you everywhere. Write down the thoughts, emotions, and dreams that come to you for clues as to what the Universe is trying to tell you.

 Capricorn: Who you gonna call, Capricorn? Ghostbusters! Full disclosure, Seagoats because I love you all so much -  this Mercury retrograde will reveal shadow figures and ghosts from the past that want to creep up on you when you’re not paying attention for the next 3.5 weeks. What’s a disciplined and intelligent Seagoat to do? First, you’ll need to sit with the edge. Don’t numb, deny, run from or ignore the ghosts. Say little. Forgive much. Meditate. Exercise. Surrender. Begin Again. You can do it, child of Saturn. This is your month of spiritual boot camp. But now that you know it, you can show up to this assignment prepared and ready to fight. When Mars lights up Scorpio on Saturday until January 2018, I imagine your closest friendships and loyal community will provide the soft place for you to fall and will help you on this healing work. If you’re not afraid to let them see you vulnerable. Trust me, people want to see your tender spot. And use this Mars in Scorpio energy in the highest by knowing from experience that you keep what you give. What I mean by that is if you give healing to your friends, then of course the Universe gives it back to you.

 Aquarius: Your phone’s lighting up, you’re booked and busy Aquarius. Given your sign’s immense social popularity, I’m sure many images of friends and contacts come into your mind’s eye at any given moment because you have to follow up to a text, call, email. Over the next 3.5 weeks, Mercury retrograde will touch your friendship and community experiences inspiring you to get in touch and reunite with friends from your past. So if you think of one that you have a rich history with “out of the blue”, don’t delay. Reach out and reconnect. It’s always so lovely to join with people who have richly shared history, right? That kind of textured conversation with people who have been with us since the beginning is beautiful. And who knows what professional opportunity could come out of it because Mars entering Scorpio this Saturday will set fire to your career and professional ascension. Which is the theme of the next year while Jupiter stays in Scorpio till November 2018. You’ll be lifted to even higher places at work and/or in public and given the motivation to handle that responsibility with charisma and power until January 2018. It could inspire a bit of petty quarreling at work and with male figures so do your best to get a lid on your emotional impulse control as to not destroy everything you’ve worked for.

 Pisces: Can you feel it? The ocean’s current is shifting, in a brand new direction, Pisces. The Universe knows you have career plans on mind and it’s self-organizing to make it happen while Mercury retrograde reverses the professional plan. But you know the drill, aquatic aficionado. You have to swim parallel to the shore or you’ll be sucked into the rip tide. In a practical sense,

what I want to remind you is that even if your external reality makes you think you’re not making moves because you’re swimming against the current, focus on the conviction that significant career progress and accomplishment takes time. But you have to adjust with the cosmic power. Which you could liken to the rip tide. And one day you’ll realize why your rise to meteoric career success didn’t happen overnight and I bet you’ll even give thanks to the entire process, I’m sure of it. When Mars joins Scorpio on Saturday, your optimism and big picture vision will be set aflame over the next two months which will help you navigate these rough waters with strong convictions of personal worthiness and faith in your professional plan.

November 20-26th

Sagittarius understands deeply that the center cannot hold. And our collective thinking would benefit profoundly from elevating discourse from sanctioned opposing silos where it’s either you’re with us or against us into a harmony of alternative possibilities waiting to be explored.

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November 13-20

Out with the old bullshit and in with the new realness! The forecast for this week has a strongly unilateral Scorpio ruled theme of uncomfortable honesty and bringing the unconscious to conscious consideration. Considering the exposing of the sexual assaults in Hollywood as such an example. And the Universe is just getting started. Since these are very Scorpionic experiences, I think the Universe needs us all to get a grip on these ideas sooner rather than later so we can rebuild the powerful energy of the year off of our specialized and focused understanding having brought the unconscious to the conscious.

The first is Monday’s Venus/Jupiter conjunction in - you guessed it - Scorpio! Venus and Jupiter are called benefics by classical astrology because they’re planets that are theoretically “harmless” when direct and not making hard aspects to more difficult energy patterns. So imagine the miraculous context available to us all when the two most positive planets in the Zodiac collide for an annual cosmic collision! A heart opening opportunity promises safe emotional exposure and meaningful romance on this week’s itinerary IF we work with Scorpionic power of radical truth telling and receiving. Show up to this Venus/Jupiter conjunction without armor, blame, skepticism, and the general mean-spirited(ness) that seems to be so chic these days. It’s gross, isn’t it? Especially because a Mercury (in Sagittarius)/Neptune (in Pisces) square will inspire us to write master fictional conspiracy. So just show up to whatever Monday presents you with most effectively by leaving your detective hat at home. Show up as psychologically available as possible.

Neptune, the God of the Seas, comes to the Goddess of Love’s rescue on Thursday. Out from the deepest oceans, a stage could be set for fantasy, imaginative thinking, and understanding the spiritual undercurrents of love. What I️ mean by that is we could all stand to learn how to detach from trying to control the outcome of our romantic experiences and give it to the Universe. Whose intention is already making sure we’re aligned with the right romantic people. And since the Universe does a pretty solid job controlling a perfectly orchestrated nature, why not give your love life to the Universe? It’s practically begging for you to release control.

After 3 experiential lessons in Love/Values & Communication, I’m sure you’ll walk away from the forecast this week with ideas, experiences, and lessons learned on the Scorpio ruled themes in your life. Which will be amplified by Jupiter’s Power until next Winter 2018. So it’s VITAL that we stay with the work that’s showed up for us. On Saturday, the only Scorpio New Moon will ask us all to finalize our intentions for the new year. What areas of the week need effort? What do we need to acquire? If change is what you need, do everything you can to select what is required to make positive steps in the right direction.


Veritas, thy name is Aries. This week will challenge the children of the God of War to confront their deepest Truths, keep it real with others, sit with the edge and discomfort, and then have a marathon sex session to release it. That’s right! The luckiest day for love lights up Aries erotic zone on Monday. If you need sexual healing, a night of desire, passion, and/or unspeakable filthy things consider Monday your night. Enjoy yourself! Safely, please. Tuesday’s Mercury/Neptune square will cloud your ideas on big picture communication and perhaps reveal even more unconscious trends and habits of self destruction to the surface. You’re far from a sign who enjoys your own misery but sometimes Rams can create dysfunctional habit patterns because they think and move too fast without staying in a place long enough to make sense of it. Sit still with the Mercury/Neptune square and strategize problem solving solutions afterwards. Don’t deny or distance yourself from whatever comes up, either. Because the New Moon in Scorpio on Saturday will ask you to locate your highest intentions that serve the themes of this week for manifestation throughout the next six months. Be as brutally and compassionately honest as you can with yourself. What limited self beliefs and behavior keep your fire from burning as bright as it can? Identify alternative beliefs and behavior on Saturday so the Universe can grant your wishes and you can be the bad ass you’re destined to be.


Rules by Venus - the Goddess of Love - your sign is a gifted student and teacher of romance, belonging, and the aesthetic arts. As such, your spiritually compelled to understand meaningful connection in a range of experiences. Locate Monday in this annual Venus/Jupiter conjunction as prime time to learn even more about your favorite topic - LOVE. If you’re single, proactively open yourself up to the person you’re longing for. Say yes to a date. Put your heart out there to be seen and heard. If you’re coupled, this conjunction will ask you to bend emotionally, mentally, sexually and spiritually to serve the style of your beloved. Be as compromising, nonjudgmental, and open to understanding them. Especially since it’s in the Mercury/Neptune square. You’ll find out about a deeper truth so do your best to ask the right questions, reality check yourself, and then you can hack into uncomfortable emotion through a slow moving mental process. Saturday’s New Moon in Scorpio will ask you to think of your highest romantic relationship intentions. And since Jupiter is in Scorpio until Winter 2018, relationship ideas will be your primary concern so you’ll want to get clear on your values in them. But remember, this isn’t about you asking to receive. Locate what you’re willing to give. If you’re going to make a list, make one of all the emotionality and experiences you’re willing to give to your partner(s) when they arrive.


Maybe I’m biased but I️ don’t think Geminis get the credit they deserve on their Mercury focused attention to detail, vocal communication, organization, planning, and execution. So it’s divine timing that this Venus/Jupiter conjunction elevates our ability to show the world how well we manage our own lives. Since this Love/Success duality hits our service house, I️ think all Geminis should go out their way to be of tremendous service to someone who may need our intelligence or friendship. Little acts of service and conscientious gestures go so far. On a different note, be careful not to get in to hot water with miscommunication at work on Monday during the Mercury/Neptune square. We could be just “trying to help” with our better idea but if someone’s not willing to hear it, we should know when it’s a moot point. Hold your breath and vicious tongue until Wednesday when the storm passes. When it does, Saturday’s New Moon in Scorpio will open the skies to receive Gemini’s highest health and wellness related intentions so you can stay the quicksilver and brilliant soul you are. Locate what you need to think, feel, do, say, and eat so you’re staying nutritious and committed to your own self improvement. Rejoin the gym, begin a meditation practice, and/or start eating even more cleanly. This isn’t the weekend for self indulgence. The Universe wants you to stay responsible and as focused on long term gain as possible.


Your cosmic and lunar spotlight is beaming from within so many of you. I️ can count on T-W-O  hands how many Cancers in my life are already presenting their creative capabilities in entrepreneurial fields and I’m so proud of their efforts. It’s so brave. It’s courageous and vulnerable. And they’re not letting the critics stop from them showing up and being seen. Venus/Jupiter’s conjunction will alchemize the projects underway into miraculous places and the positive recognition you’re working for in these efforts could be yours. It’ll also inspire more straightforward strategies in romance. You might work up on the spine to perhaps communicate intentions or expectations in a meaningful romantic pursuit? Just don’t sweat the small details of their answers or the professional progress. A harsh square between Mercury and Neptune will confuse your reception and communication so avoid making up conspiracy in your head and stay available to infinite outcomes. And then on Saturday’s New Moon in Scorpio, Cancer’s intentions on expressing their divine gifts and abilities to be of service to the collective and their ideas on emotional exposure, romance, and joy will be lifted to to the highest corners of divine wisdom who wants to help. So don’t be shy. Be very direct and honest on ways that you can move straightforward and confidently in the direction of your wildest dreams, Moon child. You deserve the job you generously share to everyone.


Heart centered Queens are remembered the most fondly by history, Leo. After all, the brightest star in the Leo constellation is “Regulus”; the Lion’s heart. So if the zodiac’s monarch understands that which motivates their heart, they’ll receive mighty cosmic companionship from the Universe. Monday’s Venus/Jupiter conjunction will ask Leo to break their hearts wide open and experience the strength of their powerful emotional security,  intelligence, and vulnerability. I️ know it’s difficult but be as transparent and exposed as you can. Venus and Jupiter can only reward you for it so don’t be a scaredy cat. A tough square between Mercury and Neptune could make you predict and anticipate enemies/risk that aren’t there. Whatever you do, don’t let shame convince you to stay silent on things that need to be expressed. Know this Leo, your safety lies in your defenselessness. Own your integrity and you’ll be safe. No matter what anyone says. The Scorpio New Moon on Saturday will ask you to find your most meaningful intentions and framework to understand emotional security. If you’re looking to switch humble abodes, improve relationships with Mother figures, and embrace your sensitivities then declare it all to the Universe on Saturday so it can work it’s infinitely powerful magic to make the manifestation happen.


I was a reading a book on Angels once (as one does, right?) where I read the phrase “...beautify your thoughts” and it’s lived in with me ever since. I love the idea that our thoughts can be beautified. Monday’s powerful Venus/Jupiter conjunction will give you the context to beautify and electrify your thoughts and communications with high minded psychology and security. Your mental prowess is incomparable but sometimes it’s used in service of your own self annihilation. Why? Cut that shit out and beauty your thoughts Virgo! Especially while a tough Mercury/Neptune square touches your emotional security and interpersonal relationships circumstances. If you’re proactive about instilling your own worthiness and psychological security, then no matter what happens “out there”, you’ll still feel safe, secure, and glorified. But since we’re not enlightened masters yet, let Saturday’s New Moon in Scorpio help you find intentions for psychological growth and security. Write down your highest service oriented intentions that fortify your peace of mind and relationship to verbal communication. Again, seek to beautify and fortify your thoughts with love, joy, and peace so that while you’re being called to help so many, your mind will be a beacon of light to those who need it.


Feeling off-balanced, Libra? It’s to be expected. As the champion of peace and harmony, all you need to do is turn on the news for 3 seconds to know our contemporary moment is far from the mountaintop Libra is trying to climb. Monday’s Venus/Jupiter conjunction will ask, “Be that as it may, what are YOUR values, Libra? What are the ideas by which you stand on everything?” Because it’s Scorpio ruled, make radical authenticity, courage, trust, and meaningful reciprocal relationships concepts to start thinking of. Especially during Monday’s Mercury/Neptune square which will shake up outdated ideas on interpersonal dialogue and service. Monitor your own progress on how you show up for others AND the way others show up for you. Lovingly let go of those who’s limited tools cause you pain and strengthen the connections from those who can meet you where you’re at. After this informative week, Saturday’s New Moon in Scorpio will ask you to declare intentions on value, income, self-esteem, and security. Spiritually seeking, there is nothing “outside” of you that will make you feel secure. It’s entirely an inside job. So if you texture your intentions with words like forgiveness, peace, healing, detachment, mercy, and tenderness, then the security will naturally magnetize it’s way to you.


A cosmic collision of charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent is radiating from the Scorpio born and influenced on Monday during the Venus/Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio! Listen up, Monday is the day to adorn yourself in love, joy, and expansion. Don’t be terrified of it. Even if it’s unfamiliar. You deserve to feel love and success, Scorpio. So do whatever you can to familiarize yourself with optimism and hypothesis of generosity to others. On Monday a Mercury/Neptune square could push you into the spotlight on an important matter where you’ll be asked to make executive decisions so please download the security, confidence, and agency that the Universe is giving to Scorpio on Monday. Hold an orientation of the utmost mindfulness because Saturday’s New Moon is in Scorpio so there is no sign the Universe wants to hear from more than you. As such, you’ll want to reflect deeply on the year passed and own where you got it wrong and pat yourself on the back for where you got it right. And then you’ll want to have some kind of high minded intention declaring for the next year because it promises the potential for you rise to your most maximum self-actualization. Infuse your intentions with self love, service, interpersonal enrichment and allowing your gifts/abilities to find their expression in your experience. Shine, Scorpio.


Surrender offers you everything you crave, Centaur. The month of closure, endings, self-care, and healing is almost complete. So work on managing the paradox of resilience and detachment as best you can. We’re all rooting for you! Monday’s Venus/Jupiter conjunction will alchemize your preexisting efforts in letting go all low-level existential things that keep you stuck. Work with energy of beautification, radical honesty, optimism, and courage to eradicate the bullshit. It feels counterproductive but trust me the effects will feel quantum. A tough square between Mercury (currently in Sagittarius!) and Neptune in Pisces will throw some unknowns in your understanding of emotional security. Sit with whatever discomfort comes up. Don’t fall into dysfunctional Sag patterns of denial and distraction. We heal through detox so let it come up so it shall be released. Speaking of release, Saturday’s New Moon in Scorpio will ask Sagittarius just that - What do I need to gain closure on? If it’s finality on relationships, work, emotional trauma, anything - outline what you would like cosmic completion on so that you can begin again in the energy of new availability. Consider it the biggest cosmic clean up before Sagittarius Season begins in a few days. Throw out all the shit that you don’t need so in its absence all the higher frequency circumstances could become yours. Wishing you peace and infinite joy!


Climbing mountains of success and swimming to the bottom of the emotion ocean can feel like a lonely Herculean task for the Seagoats among us. But Monday’s Venus/Jupiter conjunction will open the Universe’s social abundance for Capricorn where loneliness defined as “perceived social isolation” by Dr. Brene Brown could become a thing of the past. If you’re offering support and effort to your friendships loyally, they will be fabulously fortified by this transit and you’ll be enriched by the ways friends support your highest vision. A little bit of surrender could be required during the Mercury/Neptune square offering some tension among your relationship to listening to spiritual communication. You’re a bigger fan of language you can see, feel, and hear but open your mind’s eye to see and listen to divine wisdom instead. It only wants you to own your love and glory so you have nothing to lose except a tight attachment to your ego. In a proper detachment of the voice that is all about you, Saturday’s New Moon in Scorpio will ask you to clarify your values for friendship, communal activity, activism, and ideas on making romances more friendly. It feels ridiculous but treating everyone with the gold standard of friendship - where few are more special - protects your energy with all people. You’ll inhabit the space of socialization with higher energy and everyone will feel it.


Make like my Aquarius Adelle and get to updating your LinkedIn, Aquarius! Because Monday’s Venus/Jupiter conjunction will offer favorable and uplifting career opportunities that strengthen your life purpose. This isn’t about a 9-5. It’s about getting paid to do what you love and what serves your soul. So lay claim to the divine abilities that only you have and let the Universe self-organize in a way that provides the professional experience for it to happen. That same day, a square between Mercury and Neptune will ask you to get rid of values that don’t serve your highest experience. Our character determines our destiny and our character is born from our convictions. Do yours promote peace or pain? One or the other. You can’t have both. So choose values that promote your success not your judgment, bitterness, and despair. Saturday’s New Moon in Scorpio will reset your relationship with the aforementioned ideas on life purpose. Set intentions that help you stay in integrity, responsibility, discipline, and structure. Because although you’re Uranian soul loves detachment, life purpose requires discipline. So declare intentions that are rooted in discipline so you can become the highest version of yourself and your life purpose. I’m so excited to see what my Aquarians achieve this year and beyond. I’ll be cheering you on every single step of the way!


According to quantum physics, there are INFINITE outcomes waiting to unfold from any given experience at any moment. Monday’s Venus/Jupiter conjunction wants to expand your brilliant thinking beyond attaching yourself to one or two outcomes that projects could unfold. And instead be available to the infinite opportunities waiting to seek expression in your experience. The Universe is firmly invested in making sure that you become successful and in love, Pisces. Firmly. That same day, a square between Mercury and Neptune inspires you to release outdated self-suppressing theories involving your work life. Stop being so good at lying to yourself about your worthiness. So what if one job says no. There’s an infinite more waiting to say yes if your positive and joyful thinking allows them to enter your fish bowl. So stay secure, focused, and disciplined in your creative career efforts. Saturday’s New Moon in Scorpio will ask you to locate psychological habit patterns that promote your perception to think BIG. To show up to the infinite opportunities ready to be your best self. Because that’s all the Universe wants to give you but our free will interrupts it. So specify mental ideas like optimism, surrender, flexibility, and resilience that allow you to become the gifted artist of the soul you’re capable of.

November 6-12th

It’s life sustaining to remember the spiritual law of oneness especially in times like this. We are each other. A Course in Miracles tells us “You’re like sunbeams thinking you’re separate from the sun. You’re like waves in the ocean thinking you’re separate from the ocean.”

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