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The Drill Sergeant
December 22nd - January 20th
Modality: Cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra + Capricorn)
Element: Earth (Taurus, Virgo + Capricorn)
Planetary Ruler: Saturn

With every word, I drop knowledge. I’m a diamond in the rough. A shiny piece of coal trying to reach my goal.
— Lin-Manuel Miranda (January 16th, 1980)

As easy it is to identify Saturn by her circling rings, you can identify every Capricorn by the deep contemplation circling their eyes. If you seek the words buried deep beneath their serious demeanor, practice patience; for the gifts of Capricorn are earned slowly over seemingly mundane moments that are anything but. Is it any wonder why the cardinal (initiator energy) earth (structure) system in our zodiac moves gradually? Like the Earth itself, Capricorn is chronological, calculating, decisive, systemic, and seemingly immobile.

Ruled by Saturn (mythologically unpacked with multiple associations like ruler of karma, time, renewal and regeneration) Capricorn energy squares up with the most terrified deity and ideas. Given their intuitive understanding of timing, Capricorn energy is disciplined, militaristic, and restrained. Even at the youngest of ages, Capricorns can touch the pulse of the living notions that stand in relationship to the ages like the importance of tradition, family, honoring home and ancestors, and staying in service to their descendants. Far from emotionally impulsive, Capricorn energy is personally stable; observing the last thing standing - the Truth. Their calm orientation is misunderstood as being cold but their highest functioning is emotional mastery. Remember, their mythological animal - the Seagoat - was the only being who could swim to the bottom of the emotional ocean’s depths and climb the top of the earth’s highest mountain. That caliber of emotional impulse control is a gift to Capricorns even though it sends the hypersensitive around them into muscle spasm. But the Truth is the last thing standing and Capricorns never fall. If neglectful of their duty to swim to the ocean floor and the understand the emotional current that washes over us all, Capricorn energy will be brash, tactless, ruthless, harsh, unforgiving,  withholding, and violently critical. When they feel like have accomplished what Lord Saturn is demanding on his children, Capricorn energy will prove a steadfast and loyal ally to those who have earned it the good ol’ fashioned way: classic manners, respect, kindness, and generosity.

At first glance, Capricorn energy is at odds with queer culture. But you could liken the connection between Capricorn energy and queer identities to the way winter stars light up the a night sky. Rightfully, queer theory generally subverts heteronormative conditioning extensively calling relationship models and gender norms/code into critical examination. Capricorn energy with Saturn’s rings around their hearts and minds asks us to consider - but what has worked in the past? What is the function of structure, tradition, family, and home in queer lives? Capricorns can reinvent the wheel and dress us tradition to contemporary relevance in beautiful ways. The most high minded Capricorn preserves long lasting legacy and the queer community can certainly call upon them to preserve our history in the times in which we live.


Queer Capricorns + Allies: Ricky Martin, David Bowie, Elvis, Patti Smith, Cary Grant, Donna Summer, Mary J Blige, Lin Manuel Miranda, Justin Trudeau, Michelle Obama, MLK, Andre Holland, Kate McKinnon, Michael Sam, Katey Segal, Sporty Spice, Joe Manganiello, Shonda Rhymes, Susan Lucci & Sade