On Blindspots to Love

Read your Sun, Moon, Venus & Mars

Aries: As the first fire sign, your energy burns up a lot of social space and you prefer to keep those spaces light. But then you look like you're swallowing broken glass when you have to focus elsewhere from self-preoccupation, listen to others, or talk about heavy topics. Can you just sit still and pay attention to anything other than you for the love of God? Where'd that fire go? Or does it only burn bright when it's on the "Now Back To Me"channel? Let your focus and your love go deep. 

Taurus: How can you experience reality or see your partner while you're so willfully blind? You bury your head in the sand, cover your eyes, and close your ears when you're uncomfortable like nobody's business. Adulthood is serious business so stop being lazy and get to work. Your interpretation of "Reality" is not the only one. Compare the masterpieces of conspiracy you internally write on relationships to the specific details of your external reality. See if they all add up. Spoiler alert - they definitely don't. 

Gemini: Confusion isn't a Capital Crime but saying one thing and doing the other might as well be. Lay a powerful claim to, "I don't know. I'll tell you when I get there." because the distance between what you say and what you do sends your partners into painful emotional muscle spasms. Just stay home until you understand integrity. You look really dishonest and 'Liar' is a scarlet letter that never rubs off. 

Cancer: You passionately search for evidence of how your partner wronged you like a scavenger dog and then you wonder why you're miserable? Not everyone is out to get you. Which has you at the bottom line so recognize how selfish that motive is. Cut the suffering routine and redirect your attention elsewhere. Like your coping strategy of waiting till your relationships are up in flames before you let them go. Remember - in your defenselessness, your safety rests. 

Leo: Pride was the absolute worst of the seven deadly sins. You can abuse relationships and trample on partners because you'd rather die than admit you're wrong and/or changed your mind. And acting like you're sorry is not the same thing as admitting, "I apologize specifically for XY+Z. How can I do better?" to the people you've hurt. Grow tf up, kitty cats. The heart-ruled, vulnerable courageous royals are the most loved; not the resentful, vengeful, and pathetic. 

Virgo: How can you even begin to receive love while you're a master of self-annihilation? Like the human body, our minds cannot ingest foreign ideas without immediate expulsion. It's like swallowing aluminum foil. You relentlessly self-inflict emotional pain which isolates you deeply from receiving loving energy. Cut that shit out. You're too smart to consistently throw yourselves in harm's way. Always remember - you are worthy of love and belonging.

Libra: We often do the most work for relationships when we're not in them. But when were you single last? Or not easily distracted by meaningless stimuli? I'll wait. Schedule a great deal of alone time to strengthen the meaningful connection you're karmically bound to co-create. Because your love language looks a lot like codependence. And in the name of all this Holy - please stop being so easily dazzled by selfies and bullshit.

Scorpio: Pluto's Kings + Queens of Double Standard. "Thou must reveal every single detail to me!!!!", you rule to your servant. Oops - I meant partner. But you don't even like to disclose what you had for breakfast? On behalf of the Universe, seriously - get the fu*k over yourself. Nobody destroys their own opportunity for joy like you. Consider "trust issues" (like you're the only one who's ever had experiences of betrayal?) your biggest weapon in your powerful arsenal of all the ways you sabotage relationship. 

Sagittarius: You're often covered as the most independent, spirited sign. But you sure do give it away readily to the smoothest talker and lowest bidder. How do you get so easily talked into feelings you don't have, friendships you don't want, and relationships where you're not in love? I'm not impressed. Or buying what you selling.  Because you're one hell of an emotional performance artist but I don't think your partner wants tickets to this show. They crave your authenticity. Now give it to yourself and them. 

Capricorn: Say it with me now - vulnerability is the birthplace of joy, love, and belonging. I know you'd rather light yourself on fire than appear "weak" or say "I love you" first but get a grip, Seagoat. This isn't new.  Bears shit in the woods. Vulnerability is 100% necessary for a meaningful life. You're not respectable or tough for avoiding it. You're thin skinned, infantile, and emotionally reactive. So lose the wrestling match with reality, reveal yourself, be seen in relationships, and you'll win your love life back. 

Aquarius: I see your whole passive love style. But I think you're just lazy and emotionally inaccessible. You got this "How can I perform the least amount of emotional labor while ensuring everyone comes to me?" inner dialogue and it's so painfully boring to potential suitors. It reads like "It's all about me, but somehow I want a good relationship with you." How's that supposed to work? Share your emotional resources generously and be emotionally available to the ones who you love. Mutuality is the bottom line. 

Pisces: There's a fine line between desiring a partner who accepts/understands you versus a partner who doesn't care that you're emotionally self-indulgent at worst. Gourging on your trauma and suffering. (Like you're the only one who fights with Mommy & Daddy?) And how can they even begin the process of attempting to "understand" you when you're sloppy with verbal communication? Almost consistently vocalizing the opposite of everything you mean? No, no. We can't see in this dense fog so please meet us halfway in the nearest lighthouse, thank you very much.