#FLAWLESS: 5 Tips For Mars In Virgo

No sign has a monopoly on virtue. All 12 contribute a gift to the zodiac. But only one sign marks the beginning of a higher attention to personal growth, responsibility, and self improvement - Virgo. From July 20th until now, Mars (the warrior planet of action, energy, passion, and sexual desire) was transiting Leo. Its martian mission was a reclamation of our divine power. Identifying with glory not personality defects. Today Mars moves into Virgo. Which will inspire responsible self-containment of this Leo given power until October 22nd. This 6 week long story will inspire us all to take a page out of the Book of Beyonce and be #FLAWLESS. I could hold a congressional filibuster on all the Virgo virtues. But my favorite is that they have no time to f*ck around. Which is why Virgos stay victorious. Virgos' lives work because they work at making their lives work. There’s really no mystery. They make it look easy; but trust me, Virgos put enormous effort into their goals, growth, and relationships. And so can we. I hope you enjoyed yourself this summer because now that Mars in Virgo has begun - it’s time to get to work. Let’s get in formation and let’s get impeccable. Here are my 5 Agreements for Mars in Virgo ‘17:

1) Pay Attention: Full disclosure, my patience for people who think it’s all ~cUtSeY~ that they can’t focus or pay attention is nonexistent. And I know Virgos feel me. One of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself and others is your ability to offer your undivided awareness. A prime Mercury bailiwick. Are we born knowing how to focus our attention span? No. Is that an excuse? Absolutely not. We have too much tolerance for enabling our individual and interpersonal distractions. That sh*t ain’t cute. It’s careless. Do what must be done to develop the ability to pay attention with high quality. If that means self-education on mindfulness, doing less activity at a time - research proves multitasking destroys productivity! - putting your phone away, beginning your day with meditation and exercise, or monitoring your breath...do what must be done. Because then you can use your attention to be of service to yourself and others lucky enough to be inside it. I know I've made the most mistakes when I wasn't present to what was happening in front of me. And I know I've done my part when not a single detail went unnoticed.

2) Show Up: If I had one phone call to make from jail, I’d call my Virgo Grandma. Because I know she’d answer no matter what time it is, and I know she’d show up. Since the beginning, I’ve experienced the quality of presence afforded to me when a Virgo walks into the room. In their highest expression, Virgo shows up. That's no casual occurrence. That's a profound gift. They show up to the party with a Mercury mindset that can: pay high-attention to detail in conversation, hold space for emotional facilitation if necessary, or problem-solve if requested. Trust me, their presence is felt throughout every corner of the room. Be the kind of friend, family member, or lover who’s record is reliable with punctuality and honoring social commitment. Be there when you say you’re going to be there. If you can't, that's fine. Say no more often than yes. Just do what you say you'll do. Because I know I’m not the only who’s heart leaps when he reads his favorite text: “I’m on way.”

3) Be Thoughtful: I’m not romanticizing my experiences when I say, Virgo demonstrates the most thoughtfulness. They often walk into a gathering or party with a card, flowers, food, a balloon, or some thoughtful gesture to let the host/guest of honor know that they’re valued. They’ve even showed up to their own party with cards for their guests! That's Mercury thoughtfulness. It could take a .99 cent postcard to let someone feel like they matter to you. It could also be as free and as simple as observing a detail. And remembering to mention it in conversation. You could say, “I remember you mentioned you applied for your dream job a while back? How’s that going?” or “I know it’s the anniversary of your Mother’s death. I’m thinking of you.” Demonstrating and vocalizIng thoughtfulness is a quantum gift you can offer to your loved ones. It's a huge leap in the right direction towards the healing of the world. Take it very seriously. Recognize it and honor it when others present it to you so that you can call more of it you own life and watch their demonstration for examples on how to be more thoughtful on a regular basis.

4) Exercise Impulse Control: The absence of emotional, mental, and behavior impulse control in our culture is dysfunctional and I'm deeply concerned. Whenever we are feeling some type of way, it is it too much for us to take a Goddamn breath, and count to 3? To ask, "Could I be mistaken?" before making up a conspiracy in your head? To collect all the data with objectivity and restraint before locating your conclusion? Honor your feelings, absolutely. But you don't need to spew on social media or impulsively act on them. You can not haphazardly talk a Virgo into anything because they think through every detail with impulse control. To the point of analysis paralysis. So many problems could be avoided if we knew how to get a grip. Virgo as "The Virgin" also means they're self-contained. With that quality, they're not susceptible to ideological capture and external bullshit. They're controlled. My Virgos and I vowed to never social media stalk "exes" because it keeps the psychic door open. Why would I go looking for some shit sure to piss me off? Impulse. Control. They're self-possessed, assured, and usually keeping a calm level head before jumping to conclusions. That's why I feel so safe with them because they're not hyper reactive and trigger happy. Which is a little too in Vogue these days.

5) "Be Impeccable With Your Word": Not my original agreement but one interpreted by a Virgo Don Miguel Ruiz in his landmark 4 Agreements. Virgo is ruled by the Planet of Communication, Mercury. So there's an emphasis on pursuing development on listening and speech. When I suggest being impeccable with your word it's twofold. First, in the Capitol (W)ord sense. If your speech is not elevating, uplifting, appreciating, and informing others of kindness, respect, tenderness, compassion, and forgiveness, then where are you putting it? Of course you can scream "Fire!" if a house is burning down but you can also redirect gossip, negativity, shame, mean-spirited criticism, and blame. Or you're caught in the low level frequency of gossip. And second, please do not be sloppy with your speech. Ponder first if you must. Take your time. I know we're trained to say the opposite of what we feel because we don't want to hurt anyone's feelings and yaddayaddayadda but let's just keep it real *kindly* with each other. I'd rather piss someone off for being honest than making them read between the lines. And Virgos never make me play mind games because they're so vocally upfront. Say you bump into someone and the impulse is to say "We should grab lunch!" but you know you won't. Just say "It was really nice catching up." Endure a moment of discomfort and move on. And the same goes for our feelings. We have to hold a higher standard of our authentic meaning in what we say so that our Word becomes a context for people to behave around our honest intentions.

I used to keep Virgos as at an emotional distance because I'm a recovering people pleaser. I knew Virgos were too honest. And I couldn't connect with them if I wasn't acting from integrity, responsibility, and self-composure. I used to keep them at a platonic distance because subconsciously I knew I couldn't deliver what they deserved in relationship. I was intimidated. When I started to take my growth seriously, the distance dissolved, and they've become some of my most cherished and loyal friends. They've taught me unconditional love and I don't say that glibly. Their energy - and Mars in Virgo - will confront us all with a "Clean up your act. Because it's not all about you. And I know you can do better. I want to see you be #FLAWLESS. Or go home and be quiet until you do." Which I think wouldn't hurt the state of the world we live in, frankly. Mars in Virgo will help us work at making our lives work. It's a practice, not a genetic predisposition. Commit to your #FLAWLESS day by day, hour by hour, or minute by mi the and the Universe will take you as seriously as you take it. Let the Universe #BowDown to you this autumn.