The Halo of Fire: 5 Tips for The Solar Eclipse in Leo

You’d need to be living on the dark side of the moon to not know a Solar Eclipse is on Monday August 21st at 2:30pm EST. A Solar Eclipse is a cosmically supercharged New Moon. Since it's a New Moon in Leo, we can invoke the power of the Sun. Its life-giving, eternal flame energy to create the most high-minded intentions from our galaxy's star on Leo ruled ideas. Since it’s a total eclipse, only the outside ring of the Sun will be temporarily visible - astronomically known as the corona  - and for the purpose of this article, the Halo of Fire. Because heavy is the head that wears the Halo of Fire, I want to inquire in Leo more deeply than its divine power, charisma, glamour, autonomy, courage, etc. I want to examine the royal responsibilities required in becoming the monarch you’re capable of. So here are my 5 tips to help you craft intentions designed to reclaim your power this Solar Eclipse in Leo. So you can wear the Halo of Fire more magnificently in your Kingdom. 


1) Stop Protecting Your Wounds: In higher consciousness circles, we love analyzing our childhood wounds and our complexities. We love the pathology of our neurosis and why we "attract" emotionally unavailable partners. There's a time and a place for it, definitely. But If you’ve already processed your wounds, then mission accomplished. Move on. I don’t know what’s so highly conscious about hoping I stumble on my light through endless examination of my darkness. We coddle our traumas, protect our insecurities, defend our anxieties, fuel our anger, and self-identity with our personality defects too much. What the actual fuck have your wounds done for your lately? Other than keep you powerless? Our attachment to them is not self protection but self sabatoge. Let us no longer be the leaders who cling to the stories and patterns that give us dysfunction. It reinforces a loss of power because we give power to our wounds and not our glory. We’re all wounded. We've all had experience with unkindness, betrayal, heartbreak, etc. So I've had it with people getting all precious about their problems. What would make you special is if you remember, “I might be wounded but I can choose not to act from my wounds.” and then do differently in the situations where your wounds keep you stuck. 

2) Stop Feeding Your Ego’s Appetite: The ego is always hungry to gorge on convincing evidence of people's guilt to prove your victimhood. Can a Royal be susceptible to victimhood? No way. Because it puts the power outside of you. Do not feed that appetite. You must starve it if you have to. That’s not to say become a doormat or refrain from healthy boundaries in relationships. It’s a call to stop letting our ego’s run amok in an unregulated hunt for the guilt in others. We live in a mean spirited culture with a voraciously strong appetite for judgement, shaming, and criticism as a social bloodsport. It's a emotional numbing tactic. It’s self-indulgent and, frankly, it robs you of your royalty because you're engaging in pathetic peasant behavior. Mind your business. One more time for the people in the back - lions don't sleep over the opinions of sheep. Adopt a zero tolerance policy for feeding that ego apetite in yourself and others around you.  

3) See Innocence: Perception is a choice we make. Instead of focusing on people’s guilt, begin a mental habit pattern of proactively searching for people's innocence. Whatever qualities we choose to look for - guilt or innocence - we call forth from people. So assuming the best qualities from others is a leadership decision of a self-interest for you and your kingdom. Because people will express their most redeems qualities in your presence. Who wouldn't want that?!  It’s easier to exercise this habit with people we've just met thanks to a beginner’s mind; it’s not so easy for people we’ve known our whole lives. But that's no excuse for not trying. When your emotional wires are crossed, say internally, “I see the innocence in you, (insert name here). And I ask the Universe to help me be a blessing on you and for you to be a blessing on me.” A thought, a word, a touch, a look, or an energy resonance will shift the social dynamic so that you’re all off the wheel of suffering - attack, defense, attack, defense x 263838 - and put you into a back in place of compromise instead. 

4) See Love. A Course in Miracles teaches us that all feelings can be reduced to one of two emotions: love or fear. To cut the tome’s 1,300 pages short - if we think with love, we’ll be at peace. If we think with fear, will be in pain. It’s that complicated to dominant social code and it’s that simple to spiritual Truth. Actively decide to infuse your vision with as many thoughts of love and joy as possible. Since peace is the inevitable outcome, then all areas you send love to will be lifted to its divine right order. Don't just send love to the convenient places. Send love especially to the areas - and to the people - who need your forgiveness and divine perception. In doing so, you will begin to feel at peace. You will be in joy. And your life will work. Leo Leaders create culture. Imagine the community culture you could create if you made love the bottom line of everything you did internally, at home, in public, and at work? 

5) Proclaim The Light: We've learned through societal conditioning how to build cases for people’s guilt and how to self-identify with our wounds. We’ve unlearned the language of non violent communication, mechanics of peace, forgiveness, and kindness. In the midst of the guilt and fear, try proclaiming the light. Light is defined by A Course In Miracles as understanding. Proclaim the understanding that love is what we are all born with. Fear is what we’re taught. You already are love and you already are the light. Know this. It gets blocked occasionally by what we were conditioned by. But remember the Sun is always shining behind the clouds. There's no such "thing" as a "gray" sky. Proclaim that existential truth right now as the love is your Sun behind the ocsssional clouds of fear in your thinking. Lean on what you know in love naturally, intuitively, and abundantly to proclaim the light. That's where you'll locate your charisma and the magnetism to inspire devotion. 

Everyone's enchanted by the star quality of Leo. But not the personal growth work required to successfully wear the crown. And the archetype for those who adorn the Halo of Fire are, as my Grandmother calls them, the "anointed ones". Leaders who elect themselves to physically, emotionally, and mentally live on a more disciplined attitudinal plane because they take their royal role seriously. And they work out their behavioral muscles regularly because entire kingdoms rely on them. Your kingdom relies on you. Stop playing it small. Your royal court relies on you. Stop denying their bids for connection. The world needs divine leaders who not only profess but practice metaphysical principles of responsible self-improvement day by day or hour by hour. The Halo of Fire inspires us all to get over our self-preoccupation because we're connected to something much bigger than our self with a little 's'. The Halo of Fire reminds us we're much stronger and more unlimitedly powerful than we could ever imagine. If we can align ourselves with that glory, with the power,  we can lead ourselves and the collective forward together.