Capricorn Full Moon: 4 Strategies to Salute The Winter Soldier

It's visually compelling to juxtapose a full moon in the winter soldier Capricorn next to the heat of the Cancer summer sun. But opposite signs/polarities like Capricorn and Cancer are always working towards the same outcome. Even if the point of origin is as contrasting as a heat wave next to a blizzard. In the case of this weekend's full circle moment in Capricorn, the desired outcome stems from the question: What emotional labor do I need to perform (Cancer) to help me stay in my integrity (Capricorn) and make the most generous assumptions about you?

To help answer this question, here are 4 Strategies for the 2017 Capricorn Full Moon

1. Own Your No: One of my favorite Oprah-isms is No is a complete sentence. You don't need to justify or explain your no to anyone. Remember, emotional labor isn't only empathy and compassion; sometimes it's demonstrating where your boundaries are to people who are well-meaning; but don't know any better. Which is why Capricorn drill Sergeant wants to put the power on you to guard your network’s gate. Lay claim to your autonomy and practice saying no to circumstances and people you don't want to participate in. It's uncomfortable and vulnerable, I know - but it's like physical exercise for your attitudinal muscles. The more you work out this attitude, the stronger you'll be at it.

2. Tough Love Trial: There's a time and a place for processing. There's a time and a place for self-care. But there's also a time and a place to remember it's not just about you. Sometimes emotional processing becomes self-indulgent. And I've seen that counterproductive defense more often than I wish around so called "higher consciousness" and social "justice" spaces. Hypersensitivity is no excuse for emotional irresponsibility. Get a grip. Capricorn energy demands radical responsibility and accountability. The Capricorn gift of this strategy is the ability to change the circumstances keeping you in low-level scenarios because you're claiming responsibility for them. With this shift in perception, you'll have almighty Saturn - the planetary ruler of karma, self-correction and discipline - on your side lifting you to the highest. Or you can have a pity party for one. 

3. Disciple of Discipline: We get a lot of social permission to be morally sloppy, don't we? Tactics like ghosting, phones out at dinner, half-listening to friends, distracted by social media, interrupting, etc. Capricorn energy has Z E R O tolerance for emotional/attitudinal/mental irresponsibility. Period. The full moon will shine lunar light on what areas of your life could use conscious restraint, boundaries, monitoring, and accountability. I know these words aren't chic but they're necessary to build a foundation for a wholehearted life. Which takes work. And if you only put in half the disciplined work, then don't be surprised that your life is only half-way working. Comitt radically to self-growth and mastery. 

4. What and Who are Worth It? I was talking to my Gemini Soulbrother Laurence and he asked me about my value systems in such a powerful way. If you think of your time as limited energy that you can invest small amounts to, who and what would prove a strong return investment? Who meets you halfway? Who is helping you rise to your maximum creative possibility a la Capricorn? Who asks about your day and genuinely listens to what the day spoke to you? The bottom line is  - there’s too much at stake in the world to spend time in spaces, conversations or relationship that don't seek to address the most meaningful level of our reality. What ideas you value? Who do you trust and why? Only you can answer these questions. These internal conversations are necessary to guide you in making critical choices that will you help you develop the robust vocabulary to identify what’s worth your valuable energy.

In Cosmic Companionship,