Venus in Gemini: Winged Cupid Painted Blind

In a collaboration with Tali of @astrotwins and

Venus, the beautiful planet of romance and values, joins with the mythological twins Gemini on July 4th at 8:11pm EST until July 31st. Interestingly, in one astrological school of thought, Gemini is ruled by Venus and the mythological twins are the Tarot archetype of “The Lovers” as the zodiac’s first introduction to human beings appearing in pairs.

When Venus joins with Gemini, the Goddess of Love reminds us all: "Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind." Counter productively, dominant social wisdom ignores the mind when it comes to connection qualifiers. Venus in Gemini will bless us with specific experiences of mental communion with our partners and the magic of Words of Affirmation to strengthen and secure our love.

5 Ways To Maximize Venus in Gemini

1) Discover Your Love Language: Interpersonal relationship expert Gary Chapman deduced relationship theory to five “languages” that communicate to us and our partners that we’re getting our psychic needs met. Learn yours via this quiz so you can vocalize your heart’s love language and outline expectations for straightforward mutual understanding. 

2) Practice Detached Love: I know this a tough one for many but while Venus is in easy, breezy, beautiful Gemini, make like the most high-minded Geminis and practice the art of emotional surrender. A bit of mystery will drive your partners wild. For more on detached love, read my tome on Geminis.

3) Love Letters: Gemini rules detailed communication, so if the Goddess of Love is joined in consciousness with them , then let’s write detailed love letters to our heart’s safekeeper! With words, paint a picture about why you love them. Write your reflection of how your first met. Shine a light on those seemingly small, powerful moments of trust building when they honored you exactly how you would've wanted. Was it the way they reached for your hand? Or remembered a detail? Social code is too tolerant of withholding affirmative emotional communication in “defense” of rationing its power? That’s complete bullshit. Speak the words of your heart to expand their power and bring forth more of what you adore about your partners.

 4) Learn Love: How interesting that in romance - the area of our lives where we desperately want to get it right the most - we miss the mark the most. Yet there’s no dearth of literature or resources for learning the art of love. My personal favorite is A Return To Love by Marianne Williamson - which fundamentally transformed my thinking on life and love. Watch a TedTalk on romance or just stroll through the Relationship section of your bookstore for expert advice. We don’t need to stay so confused in love especially when we want to get it right so deeply and there's an abundance of resources for us to learn how. 

5) Intellectual Date Night: Every Gemini knows their biggest erogenous zone is the brain. You want one to stick around? Impress them with your intellectual quota. Take your beloved to a museum, a lecture, a reading, a documentary screening - anything to get the mind moving. Try listening to a podcast together too and compare your interpretations. You’ll rediscover your partner in an intellectual way and deepen the context of intimacy while your minds are joined.