Bow Down, B*tches : 5 Tips For Mars in Leo

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

On Thursday July 20th, Mars (the God of War) - the astrological ruler of our deepest motivation(s), philosophies on conflict, behavior, action, demonstration, and sexuality  - leaves the oceanic depths of Cancer and invades the Kingdom of Leo for the next six weeks. 

Remember the twelve signs of the zodiac are a chronological inquiry into the evolution of the soul. Until now, we were called to swim deeply in Cancer's emotion ocean. To get curious about our internal dialogue on emotional intelligence and emotional security; the why, how, and when we feel what we feel and with who. Now that Mars is in Leo, we're drying off from the watery depths of  "I feel..." and we're charging into the flames of the summer sun with "I will...".

After developing heart-centered intuition from Mars in Cancer since June 4th, the lessons of Mars in Leo will center on aligning our newly understood internal emotional intelligence into the reality of our external experience. To help with this process, here are 5 Strategies for Mars in Leo. 

1. Be Righteous: The age of data collection is over. For the vast majority of us, we know by now what we need to do to be healthier, more moralistic, upstanding people. We have the answers in our hands but what we do instead? We shove our personal-growth to the back of the closet. Is that something a high-minded King or Queen would do? Nope! Righteous means: right use. Be righteous with your thoughts. Righteous with your emotions. Righteous with your words. Righteous with your behavior. Get started on whatever uncomfortable conversation, task, goal, and/or positive life change that's been whispering to you and put it to right use. No excuses. Start today. The Universe takes people seriously who take their lives seriously.

2. Be Extra: What I love about Leo energy is how they dare greatly. Their confidence gives them the conviction to wear the loud number, say the joke, sing the song, dance the dance, write the book, or speak the truth - albeit imperfectly. They're EXTRA af and I love it. It's beautiful because because their brave demonstration shows us the gap between ourselves and perhaps where we're not showing up in glory. Follow Leo lead this transit. Show up with a crown on your head to your OWN life and express your intrinsic, magnificent power to the world. F*ck the haters and critics. Lions don't lose sleep over the opinions of sheep, anyway.

3. Be Royal: I was in a very crowded metaphysical store with my Virgo Sister Gala (Natal Venus & Mars in Leo) so Gala asked an associate what the wait was and he answered "There is none". ??? I jokingly brought it up to her and Gala said, "I walk into every space like I'm the MVP and I'm usually treated that way." Her highness reminded that if I walk into every space proactively with the expectation that I'll be treated like a King, I probably will. And so will you! Nothing wrong with assuming the best. This transit is about unlearning the ways we play it small for fear of upsetting anyone or, maybe even more insidiously  - we play it small to be less of an open target for criticism. Like Marianne Williamson famously reminds us, "...there is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people will feel less insecure around you." Your confidence and royal demeanor is not circumstance dependent . It's nobody's business to judge. So let your royal light shine.

4. Be Empowering: Leos walk with the brightest sunlight. And one of the most practical choices they can make is generously sharing their sunlight through words of encouragement and affirmation to the heart. Empowering others to be the best version of themselves through uplifting communication uplifts us all. The entire world is blessed by the presence of healed people. In doing so, one of the most high minded Leo expressions is the energy they stir in the confidence of others. They're not necessarily people who do so much but they're people whom things get done when they're around. Their achievement lays in all the momentum they catalyze in others. By touching their own depth, they touch the depths within others. Be that force for people you love and adore; help them see and lay claim to their power.

5. Be Courageous: The Latin definition for courage is telling the story of your whole heart. My favorite Leo virtue is their unapologetic emotional expression. Which is why the Lion's heart is the brightest star in the Leo constellation because their power lies in telling their heart's story. So often we withhold. If you're anything like me, you'd rather chain yourself to a cinder block and fling yourself into the Hudson River than tell the person who needs to hear it the most how much you love him. But there's alchemy in speaking love. I had a Lunar Leo tell me once, "So what a part of me will always love you. Judge me if you want. I don't care." I was so impressed by his defenselessness. I was inspired to reconsider my own silence. If there's someone who needs to hear the words of your own heart, don't delay - speak now.