All Hail The Queen: 5 Intention Prompts For The Leo New Moon

Happy Leo New Moon! For those new to lunar ritual, astrology is a system that allows its participants to work on alignment with the cosmically ordered Universe through mediation and ritual on moon cycles, transits, eclipses, etc. New Moons are prime opportunity periods for intention setting because the tradition holds that while no lunar light is in the night sky - because it a new moon phase - the Universe is most receptive to receive our highest visions and will work to manifest the intention six months later when the corresponding full moon in Leo shines among the Aquarius stars.

For today's Leo New Moon, we are called to declare high minded intentions on topics ruled by the Leo Kingdom like; our glory, divine power, personal responsibility, confidence, courage, self-love, and worthiness. 

For guidance, try writing/meditating on your answers to these 5 questions as today's affirmative intentions:

1) What loving aspects of my personality structure are seeking expression so that I might be the light onto the world?

-- I will call forth XYZ within me so that I may empower .... and change XYZ because ...

2) What insecurities and fears do I need to surrender so I may accept love more securely?

-- I release XYZ so that I may hear and embrace.... My insecurities are an armor protecting me from the love I'm deserving of. I surrender them now.

3) Where should I show up in glory so that I may be of service to the people who lean on me?

-- I vow to show up in glory at XYZ  because I hope to empower XYZ.

4) What is the story of my whole heart and who's the  person that needs to hear its words?

-- My heart's story is XYZ and it's dedicated to (name).

5) How might I make the conviction that I am worthy of love and belonging?

-- I am worthy of love and belonging because....

Now you can either place your intentions someplace where you'll see them regularly of if you like the drama, you can burn them and imagine them seeking fruition in the flame. There's no wrong way to do this! Trust your intuition.


 Leo New Moon Blessings to YOU!