An Evening With Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss walks the runway inside my mind as one of the most inspirational women it could think of. I've followed her modeling career since 2010 and I noticed that commentators would consistently observe with a tone of surprise -  how intelligent, mannerful, grateful, and lovely she was. I learned it wasn't only Karlie’s professionalism that crowned her a supermodel. It's Karlie's emotional intelligence that allows her to impact the world, and the people around her, in a meaningful way.

Karlie’s success demonstrates the value of establishing heart-centered connections and infusing our work with an authentic desire to be of service. And the modeling profession, like all careers, reminds us - it’s not enough to have the look, the education, connections, qualifications, or the measurements. You have to have the light in your eye to be lifted to the highest. 

Whenever I have to be publicly seen and heard in painfully vulnerable ways, I don't do any kind of breathing or physical exercises to prepare. I warm up by watching YouTube videos of Karlie on the runway. Which is easily the most Leo Rising thing I do on a regular basis. Her runway walk is performance art. And her Leo Sun conjunct my Leo Rising makes her confidence contagious because Karlie's work pushes me to show up and walk the runway of my own life. I've held a powerful depth of appreciation in her honor for years having realized not only her career resonance and how important it is to be kind but the positive difference in my self-esteem her runway videos make. 

The Universe works in unbelievable ways. We could never begin to imagine how it is always self-correcting and self-organizing itself to help us become the maximum expression of our self-actualization. Through seemingly unrelated experiences - and the Libra generosity of my darling Ruby - Karlie invited my other (s)hero Ophira Edut of  The AstroTwins and I to give astrology readings and a talk to the guests of her International Women’s Day Dinner. It was unfathomable. The Leo supermodel and Sagittarius astrologer I’ve admired passionately for seven years were working on either side of me. Ophi and I undertook a marathon of chart readings for 30+ guests and gave brief astrology talks. You have to understand ... I've watched Karlie on the runway from my iPhone for years whenever I was feeling vulnerable and there I was - feeling nervous again during my Jupiter in Libra talk at Karlie's dinner but this time - I was looking right at her and she smiled at me. And just like all the other times before - I wasn't nervous anymore. 

The Leo ruled lessons of this experience is to know - there is a powerful alchemy in being kind. I learned that the Universe is firmly invested in our self-actualization and will stop at nothing to make sure we get there. I learned Karlie Elizabeth Kloss is one of the greatest American supermodels in the game. Social interactions are never casual; the Universe is always paying attention to the way we experience other people. And if we proactively greet others with Namaste consciousness - the love in me salutes the love in you - that doesn't only help the tenor of their day, it strengthens our capacity for joy. And if we’re in joy, the Universe helps us stay in our joy. So make like Karlie and sit with a crown of love on the throne of your own life. And you, your loved ones, and your Kingdom will shine. 

photos by ophira edut