The Gemini Witch Hunts

I’m afraid the existential cause for the Gemini Witch Hunt is deeper than the #AlternativeFacts spread on Tumblr. Though it takes many millennial forms like tweets, vines, and memes, the deeper motivation fueling the Gemini Witch Hunters predates even MySpace and potentially poses hazardous consequences in our romantic relationships.

Two torture chambers of the human experiences that we will inevitably be thrown into are uncertainty and change. Especially when we imagine them in relationship with our relationships. Every astrological sign has specific functionality the Universe would have them fulfill within the collection mission of the zodiac. Ideas in the highest Gemini frequency are the electricity that inspires transformation/change and alternative possibility/uncertainty. This demonstrates radical self-transformation is possible. When considering Gemini’s function in the face of dominant social code, is it any wonder why their personality structures spiral people into emotional muscle spasms? Especially when the self-indulgent bemoan, “People never change.”?

Gemini’s quicksilver identity confronts us with the immorality of jailing people in idea, circumstances, and relationships that no longer serve them and that we cannot make the uncertain certain.This is the deeper existential cause of the Gemini Witch Hunt. Rather than preparing for the inevitable exposure to uncertainty and change, the Witch Hunters go looking for evidence that substantiate Gemini’s character assassination. Because if there is one sign who hardly succumbs to ego driven demands of control, certainty, possession and static in relationship -  it’s Gemini.

As my AstroTwin Chartruse understands, Gemini’s cornerstone romantic philosophy is detached love. And that’s not an oxymoron. Buddha’s second noble truth is “The root of all suffering is attachment”. Yet attachment is the reflex of the undisciplined mind when it begins falling in love. When we fall in love unconsciously, we attach the tenor of our days to whether or not we get our emotional needs meet; or a text, call, eye-contact, socialization, or even a “like”. We give away all our power. Thereby we suffer because we are attached unconsciously.

Now because the Gemini’s romantic expression is detached, they hold a different orientation in their minds that create an alternative reality in relationships. Whereby Gemini’s confront their partners with their limitations in extending freedom to them because they’d rather control and possess. Now I ask you - when was the last time grasping and fear-based attachment ever turned up the heat in your relationship? That’s what I thought. Now I know dominant social theory tells you these thought forms are "normal" but take a simple look around you to know the world is not dominated by common sense. These values do not protect relationship -  they destroy it. But because we don’t know what we don’t know, and our egos want us to deflect responsibility for our experiences, we repeat the same thinking and we repeat the same mistakes. Show me on Tumblr where they contextualize Gemini with that?

I’ve read esoteric astrologers analyze Gemini energy as the twins who mirror. They twin their partners and they reflect their surroundings. So of course if you proactively interact Gemini with low-level thinking on romance, you’ll see it in your relationship’s reflection quickly. If you proactively interact with Gemini holding higher thoughts on romance, you’ll see that reflection too. A Course in Miracles tells us everything we do is infused with the consciousness with which we do it. So many of us are hungry for romantic love but the consciousness we infuse our romance with is dangerously untrained so we make many mistakes in the one area of our life we want to get it right the most.

Isn’t that basically the Castor/Pollux [Mythological Twins of Gemini] paradigm? I’ll give my life so we both can live one more day?
— Laurence Joseph Thomas (Born June 5th)

Again, if Gemini mirrors the blind spots of unconscious people, they'll listen to the ego mind the most extensively when it tries to say “It’s him.” or “ It’s her. It’s not you. Can you believe that they had the audacity to change their mind? Who do they think they are?!” We don’t own our lovers, remember. You must emotionally let them go every single morning. Or you will suffer. Period.  If we begin detangling love from attachment and ownership, we can begin to find the alternative possibilities, the miracle mindedness that can connect us more deeply to the people we love. If we extend acceptance to the Gemini energy in our life - which they will feel because all of us subconsciously intercept when people are accepting and affirming us - then you will be given acceptance too. In the material world, we lose what we give away. In the spiritual world, we keep what we give away. If you extend radical acceptance to your Gemini partners, embracing the uncertainty and possibility for change, you will find a loyal partner who is committed to building an intellectual, romantic sanctuary with you. If you show up (not just in Gemini relationship) but without agenda, expectation, or plan to control - you’re giving the Universe permission to uplift the romantic circumstances to celestial order whose only purpose is to increase maximal soul growth opportunity for all parties involved.

I’m not arguing that Geminis are prodigiously experts in meaningful connection.  Their consciousness is born in partnership yes - hello, twins! - but they fumble big time too. Their mouths move too fast from their mind, they say what they don’t mean because they haven’t pondered long enough to successfully articulate their value system,  and they annoyingly overcommit.  I understand how frustrating that is; especially to the fixed signs in the room. You’re welcome to hold them accountable and suggest a simple “I don’t know” from them instead of a bonafide yes or no.

But  I think the Gemini Witch Hunts is dangerous because it’s an effect of a more insidiously covert cause. Gemini’s very spiritual identity represents uncomfortable but necessary truths of life - change and uncertainty - especially in relationship and we’re too busy on the hunt to burn them at the stake than to reckon with the reality of the message the Universe is calling them to share