(Re)imagining (Re)trogrades

Albert Einstein declared, “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.” Sit with the first clause -  “...the most important decision we make…”. Einstein identifying our choosing an answer to this question as the single most important decision is a mighty strong statement. But who am I to disagree with a brilliant Pisces?! 

In trying to answer Einstein’s question, how would astrologers contextualize retrogrades? Surface level analysis unleashes widespread panic over retrogrades. Predicting all planetary bailiwicks going haywire, rampant total system shutdowns, and overwhelming social hostility. Despite my scars from retrogrades, I - Colin Bedell - still believe we live in a friendly Universe. So I don’t buy the pandemonium. And I’ll ask you to reject it, too.

In studying spiritual principle, I can gladly testify that the Universe is invested in our highest self-actualization. Despite all the earthly drama and our attachment to the three-dimensional plane, the Universe is pre-programmed to make sure you and I become the most magnificent version of ourselves. Is that my belief? No. It is my experience. I see it every day. Laying claim to that Truth in the face of retrograde pandemonium seems like flying in the face of God but having this compass of a conviction has helped me navigate the Universe’s friendly architecture in powerful ways

According to A Course in Miracles, the Universe is built on the Law of Cause and Effect; or Karma defined in Eastern spiritual traditions. Which states our consciousness (Cause) determines experience (Effect). Again, back to Einstein’s choosing of a belief system. If my consciousness as Cause proactively determines the Universe is friendly, then my retrograde experience as Effect will intersect with my consciousness to manifest my thinking by attracting friendly circumstances, situations, people, and events. The same is true for the opposite. If I decide the Universe is hostile during retrorgades, then a hostile Universe will be my Effect. It's as simple and different and complicated as that. The choice is yours. 

I find that retrogrades act like checkpoints. They unearth what I’ve ignored. They prevent low-level circumstances from passing through. They dispel illusion. They crumble false belief systems. It’s easy to blame a hostile Universe. It’s easy to blame Mercury retrograde for miscommunication, technological failure. It’s easy to blame Venus retrograde for conflict with romantic partners. But let’s dig a little deeper. We heal through a detox process, don’t we? We heal after the metaphorical light illumimates our blind spots first so we can let them go. How else will we fix our problems if we’re not fully aware of them first? That’s what retrogrades inspire: revaluation, reconsideration, readjustment, responsibility, and reimagining of where we've missed the mark in the past. In harnessing the retrograde energy appropriately, I will need to work towards completing a lesson. So the Universe can continue to align me with its highest plan for my self-actualization.

I bet if you think critically enough, any circumstance in your life that retrogrades “took” from you, were probably not yours to begin with. And while you’re in the interior space of self-reflection, I suspect that whatever difficult situation you were faced with didn’t come entirely by surprise. The Universe is trained to gently whisper to us what areas in our life need improvement but we’re not trained in listening to our intuition let alone acting from it. So retrogrades are checkpoints letting us know how distracted or focused we’ve been in our work on higher consciousness and self development. All to help us understand what we need to examine so we can become the people we’re capable of. The friendly Universe isn’t out to get us. It’s always waiting for the slightest invitation to help. And sometimes we have to learn the hard way. But it’s not to keep us stuck in shame, judgement, and fear. It’s to break out minds and hearts open to the power that we can work with. For more on how each retrograde effects us, read below:

Communication, Transportation, Technology, Consciousness
If Mercury RX affects you deeply, consider it the Universe’s divine intervention to help you think about thinking more lovingly. Consciousness determines reality, remember, so we can’t afford to not think deeply and honestly. This is also a potent time to slow down speech patterns and communication. We make the most vocal communication mistakes when our minds are moving too fast for our mouth to keep up. So lean on “I don’t know. I’ll tell you when I get there.” Mercury RX Occurs 3-4x a year for 3 week period.

Value, Love, Romance, Finances, Beauty, Connection
Venus RX is a rich journey to reconsider what and who we value and why. Are we compromising? Are we helping others feel seen and heard? Are we betraying ourselves by letting people walk all over us? Are we investing too much into the aesthetics of a relationship and not the emotional context? What biases do we have on gender norms, the divine masculine, and/or the divine feminine? Venus RX occurs every 18 months for approximately 40 days.

 Action, Masculinity, Conflict, Aggression, Sexuality, Passion, Desire, Motivation 
Action for the sake of action is not always productive. Often we can make the most forward movement in our minds. Mars RX zaps the gasoline from our tank so we have an appropriate reason to slow down and exercise impulse control. Mars RX occurs every 24 months for about 2 months.

 Abundance, Prosperity, Success, Optimism, High-Minded Psychology
 We often look for external wisdom and outside resources to make sense of our lives. Jupiter RX is a recalibration to remember to look within and listen to the small still voice that is guiding you to make the most loving decisions. It also encourages us to focus on what we have in the moment rather than reaching for what we want to have later. Leaning into gratitude would prove valuable. Jupiter RX occurs every 13 months for 4 months. 

Discipline, Accountability, Boundaries, Integrity, Authenticity, Structure, Foundation
Social worker Dr. Brene Brown says our ability to rise strong is one of the greatest determiners of meaningful wellbeing and success. Saturn RX inspires us to flesh out what are our problem-solving ideas to stay in integrity so we can rise strong when we’re inevitably met with disappointment or failure. It can be cruel to be kind but remember - the Universe is not out to get you. Saturn RX occurs every 12.5 months for 4.5 months

 Innovation, Change, Liberation, Freedom, Equality, Disruption
One of the biggest lies we could believe is that we do not have the capacity to consciously change. Uranus RX gives us the plan to implement/execute whatever personal changes would best serve our lives. It will also ask to consider how we experience surprise circumstances. Do we adapt or we do cling to the past? Let go of what no longer serves the present moment. Uranus RX occurs every 12 months for 6 months.

Spirituality, Creativity, Fantasy, Unconditional Love, Emotionality, + Imagination
A Course in Miracles tells us the voice of spirit is small and still within. So Neptune RX offers us the time to tune in to the quiet voice without all the external distraction. An efficient time to develop your finely tuned intuitional instrument  Pay attention to what ideas, words, sounds, and visions come to you during this time. Neptune RX occurs every 12 months for 4 months

Intensity, Power, Focus, Endings, Rebirth, Subconscious
We are all imbued with divine power. It is in us but not of us. But since we’re raised in upside down, mortal worldly thinking - we don’t know how to use it or where to put it. Pluto RX asks us to consider where our power goes, who has power over us, and when/why we lose it. Where do we focus our attention/energy? And what can we do to adjust to the power dynamic shifts. Pluto RX occurs every 12 months for 5 months.