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March 21st -- April 20th
Modality: Cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra + Capricorn)
Element: Fire (Aries, Leo + Sagittarius)
Ruling Planet: Mars

I am the most well-known homosexual in the world
— Elton John (Born March 25th, 1947)

In the beginning, there was fire...and there was Aries. Quickly blossoming after the bold and beautiful Spring Equinox, Aries season warms up the earth’s hemisphere and our hearts to the first children of Mars’ … the sons and daughters of Aries. Not only the zodiac’s very first sign, Aries is the first and only cardinal fire sign. High-minded Aries energy make strong project initiators for they are emotionally and mentally perpetually onward. Forever in motion, progressive, self-motivated, ambitious and yielding brilliantly powerful leadership capabilities, Aries is the one.

As the first cardinal sign in our calendar, think of the Aries as the commander in chief of an invincible army of all twelve signs. While in command, they’re well-meaning (though sometimes a little tactless) but these firebenders come alive when they’re leading a group towards a common outcome. Their confidence and disarming sense of humor, loyalty, bravery, spontaneity and passion make rams formidable opponents and beautiful lovers.  Their token animal as the ram blesses Aries energy with the focused, headstrong energy to charge ahead and not linger on past mistakes. But remember - a ram is a still a little lamb. And sweet Aries energy can be cuddly, kind, and secretly sensitive - even though they'll die before admitting it. Aries energy has the gift of beginner’s luck. They haven’t collected any data under the file of  “All The Ways This Can Go Wrong” in their mind with their exemplary childlike innocence, so the Universe rewards them with some of the highest, most favorable outcomes. It might seem unfair to those in awe of their fire, but Aries energy demonstrates how important it is to stay moving, to stay charging ahead. Give these self-directed souls the space to burn their fire and they’ll pull you right in so you can shine beautifully, too. Their self-love is contagious. When the Aries is on, everyone is on.  Every redeemed Aries battles a few shadowy enemies that manifest themselves in characteristics like: bratty, selfish, ego-driven, demanding, domineering, aggressive, and unrelenting. Another important blind-spot for the Aries energy to remember is not everyone possesses the same amount of self-starting, motivated, confrontational, and confident energy they do so the Aries would be very wise not to take it personally when interpersonal relations don’t unfold exactly the way Aries thinks they should because their partners battle self-esteem issues. To combat this, Aries energy can be a powerful space of becoming. They'd be smart to be a space where they invite others to rise to their creative possibility through words of affirmation and action. 

In our community, the Queer Aries has no issue ruffling feathers and disrupting the heteronormative status quo. Which is why need them. It’s sexy and terrifying. The last to be guilty of people-pleasing, the rainbow wearing Aries will march right up to the Westboro Baptist Church and American Family Association, spill the honest-tea, and speak their Mars ruled mind. Every queer activist group would benefit from the outspoken Aries on their side. Aries can show up to the party in all their Mars glory.  Like a panoramic firework show in the night sky, Aries energy is hard to miss and beautiful to watch. 

Queer Aries + Allies: Lady GaGa, Ewan McGregor, Celine Dion, Emma Watson, Jessie J, Diana Ross, Adam Lambert, and Mariah Carey.